Abant Lake National Park

Abant Lake Nature Park with its green meadows scented with thyme, large forests covered with great pine trees and clear water like glass decorated with water lily flowers, Places to Visit, Accommodation and Activities

Abant Lake National Park
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Bolu within the boundaries of Turkey’s most visited National Park in the first 3 at the Lake Abant list of hundreds of thousands of tourists are guests every year. How to go to Abant, which is frequently preferred by people from almost every country, especially in Europe and the Arabian Peninsula?

Abant Lake Videos

Abant Lake in Bolu
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How To Get To Abant?

The city of Bolu, which has a population of approximately 500 thousand people, is in a position with a variety and convenience of transportation, since it is located almost in the middle between Ankara and Istanbul.

Abant Gölü Panoramik Fotoğraf
Abant Lake Panoramic Photo

Turkey’s fingers can be shown, one of nature’s great if you want Abant D-100 state highway (free), if you want to get faster as E-80 (Jul – paid) can use the highway. Whether you depart from Ankara or Istanbul, you can reach Abant Lake, which is about 35-40 km away, after leaving the exit known as Abant Junction – Abant Turnout and following the signs by taking the Abant Road in the direction of Mudurnu.

If you do not have a vehicle, there is a shuttle service from Bolu Center and Bolu Coach Station to Abant every hour. It is necessary to pay attention to the departure times, as the service hours are arranged more in summer but less in winter.

Abant Video

Abant Lake Entrance Fees

Abant Lake Nature Park current entrance fees and price are as follows;

VehicleEntrance fee
Per Person:8.00 ₺ (1$)
Motorcycle:16.00 ₺ ($2)
Car:24.00 ₺ ($3)
Shuttle:72.00 ₺ ($9)
Midibus:120.00 ₺ ($15)
Bus:240.00 ₺ ($25)
Abant Lake Entrance Fees for 2021-2022

You can enter Abant quickly without waiting in line by paying the entrance fees in cash from the ticket booth or by using the automatic toll booth if you have an HGS-OGS.

• Abant Lake National Park
Natioanal Park Enterance Ticket

There is no fixed fee for wedding photography or special shots in Abant. For this reason, you can get a special price by contacting the “National Park Administration“.

Within the framework of the Covid-19 Pandemic measures, as of 2020, a number of rules were brought to the visitors at the National Park Entrance. In order to enter Abant Lake, you are allowed to log in with the appointment system and the Hes code check.

Abant' ta fayton ile tur atmanın keyfi bambaşka.
Abant Carriage Trip

How Was Abant Lake Created?

The altitude of Abant Lake, which is located on the Abant Mountains on the border of Düzce in the South West part of Bolu and formed by the waters accumulated in the region that collapsed as a result of tectonic movements, is approximately 1300 meters. For this reason, it has typical highland climate characteristics. Although the area of the lake varies according to seasonal conditions, it fills an area of approximately 120 hectares. The entire National Park has an area of 1200 hectares.

Abant gölü üzerinde hemen her mevsim göreceğiniz nilüfer çiçeklerinin göl ile mükemmel uyumu bizleri büyülüyor.
Lotus Flowers

Summer and winter can be visited in almost every season. He even greets us with beautiful dresses he wears in every season. Abant Lake, which contains various fresh water plants and animals in the lake, also hosts many bird species and plant diversity.

Hotels, Bungalow Chalets and Fireplace Hotels to Stay in Abant

Achieving the National Park status by the Ministry of Forestry in 1988, Abant has two 5-star hotels as well as accommodation facilities such as apartments, bungalows and pensions.

  • Taksim International Palace & Köşk Hotel
  • Büyük Abant Oteli (Online Rezervasyon)
  • Abant Lake House
  • Bungalow Hotels
  • Abant Road Green Houses
  • Abant Fireplace Hotels
  • Abant Yolu Apart Pension, Boutique Hotels and Village Rooms for Rent.
Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı abant-milli-park-girisi-1030x682.jpg
Abant Entery

Camping in Abant: Tent and Caravan Accommodation

It is useful to stay away from these parts, as the reed-shaped close regions of the lake near the lake are made up of marshes. Apart from the places designated as a picnic area and children’s playground, there are places where you can stay with your camping tent.

Abant Panoramik Manzara Fotoğrafı
Panoramic Lake View from the South of Abant Lake

You can experience an unforgettable camping adventure by looking at the lake from above on the slopes and shallow forest land on the eastern part of the lake. It is useful to be prepared for the low temperatures caused by the highland climate at night in all seasons. Although it is possible to stay with a caravan, the National Park Administration does not welcome long-term and collective group accommodation.

Gendarmerie Teams are responsible for the entire Abant National Park and take all kinds of security and safety measures. In addition, we can say that it is the only authority that has the authority to control prohibited hunting, misdemeanor law and other administrative matters.

Activities that can be done in Abant

It is a place to say that there is almost no limit to the activities that can be done in the Abant Nature Park campus.

What activities are held in Abant Lake?

– Trekking around the lake (6-7 km)
– Abant Tour with Carriage or Horse (Carriage: 75.00 ₺ – $20 Horse: 30.00 ₺ – $5)
– Electric or Pedal Bicycle Rental
– Abant Tour with ATV
– Fishing with Fishing Rod (Season restriction)
– Paragliding in Abant (as long as wind conditions permit)
– Abant Local Products Market and Promotion Museum
– Picnic, Barbecue, Grill (only in picnic areas)

Abant' ta at binme aktivitesi
Abant Equestrian Activity

Abant Attractions

Some of the main attractions of Abant Lake; Çepni Plateau, Abant View Terrace, Abant Guesthouse, Abant Lake Restaurant, Abant Welness SPA Center, Abant Fireplace Hotel, Abant Fairy Tale House, On-road accommodation and snack buffets.

What to Eat in Abant? What to drink?

When you come to Abant, you have almost no chance of going hungry. After leaving the D-100 highway towards Abant, you can fill your stomach at the resting places and restaurants on the road, as well as at the restaurants and cafes around Abant Lake and its surroundings.

Let’s come to the answer to the question of what are Abant’s famous foods and drinks.

What is Abant famous for?

— Grilled and Steamed Fresh Trout
— Local production of sausage bread
— Grilled Meatballs and Meat Types
— Open buffet and mixed village breakfast in Abant
— Abant Kapama
— Abant Style Chicken
— Bolu Style Canned Chicken

Picnic Area and Playgrounds

Some of the visitors who come to Abant come for sightseeing, while others come to have a picnic in Abant Promenade areas. Wooden picnic tables and barbecue stoves, specially designed a few years ago, are available free of charge. However, it is not allowed to have a picnic or barbecue fire anywhere other than the areas reserved for picnics.

Abant' ta piknik yapılacak alanlar
Abant Picnic Area

Little visitors can have fun in the playground while you enjoy the picnic. Children enjoy the wooden themed playgrounds in Abant.

Abant Landscape Photos

We go to Abant Lake many times every year, but every time we go, we travel with excitement and pleasure as if it was the first time. We photographed this fun Abant trip for you. We hope that you will take a look at the photos of Abant Lake in 2019-2020.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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