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Since 2010, we have prepared this blog that we think you will have a pleasant time by combining the memories that are remembered on our planned / unplanned discovery route with the unforgettable images attached to our lens. In addition to the Blog on Bizyineyollarda, you can also follow the current travel news with the simultaneous posts we make from the social media accounts we open in Bizyineyollarda.

Our travelers record almost every detail on the discovery route in their travels and trips with tools such as diary, blog or even logbook. In the modern era we live in, the travel art has been replaced by “Bloggers“. It makes use of their own blogs or social media and makes its followers feel like they are there. We leave you alone with our planned discovery trips. Have a good time.

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Who is about the Bizyineyollarda?

We plan, explore, travel, photograph and share with you with my wife until 2010-2014 and with the participation of the new member of the team since 2014, as a team of 3 people.

West to east, north of the South to visit worth every kilometer paradise of a homeland in Turkey and in the world we eat, we drink, we convey to you our blog everything we see, and hear. While writing articles on the blog, we did not think only for travel purposes. Economic tour and vacation planning, quality hotels, restaurants and venues and pros and cons, in short, we evaluate the places we visit in many ways. The list of cheap air ticket purchases, Early Booking Advantages in European Tours, Tour Companies, the list goes on and on.

In the articles we publish, we use a pure and fluent language, not just overwhelming with text and text, and frequently place images and videos, and we make a lot of effort to make our followers feel like they are really there. We estimate that you will spend a lot of time in the Picture and Video gallery. We wish you a good time in advance.

About the Logo

• About Us

We are creating content day and night, at work, at school, on holiday or even on the subway, in order to move the travel site, which we started in 2010 with the slogan “To Travel is Very Nice“, one step further.

If we mean the logo, the human silhouettes on the left represent our core staff. The color of our hearts and the same color in the word “Bizyineyollarda” symbolizes the initials of our names.

When we first started writing a travel blog, we were working with this core staff. Today, 10 bloggers, all experienced and adventurous, are strengthening our strength with professional travel articles.

For your questions, opinions, suggestions, criticisms and contributions, you can reach us from our social media accounts or e-mail address.
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