Actions to be Taken Before Going Abroad

If you do not want to have a nightmare during your travel abroad, be sure to check the list of things to do before your flight. Go abroad in a planned and deliberate manner and leave no question marks in your mind.

Actions to be Taken Before Going Abroad

Things To Do Before Going Abroad Trips

What are the things you need to do before going abroad and the ways to go abroad in order to have a great time on your holiday abroad? We will try to inform you in detail in this article. Imagine now as if you will fly to the country of your dreams in a very short time. Are you ready to learn life-saving tips that will be very useful for your travel abroad and during your stay?

yurt dışına çıkmadan önce yapılması gereken işlemler


In this title, we will share useful tips about “Passport Transactions”, which can be considered as the most important and even the starting point of the work and procedures that need to be done before going abroad. Tour, Travel, Business or any purpose land, air, when you want to travel out with someone abroad by sea or rail car and Turkey ‘you have at the output as well as a destination country for it to be able to enter the country must take with you, the citizens of the country that is arranged to officially name a valid Must have a passport or a valid Travel Document that can be used instead.

pasaport ve uçak bileti
Passport and Flight Tickets

Travel Document

Otherwise, you will not be allowed at the border gate when you leave or enter the country. What is meant by border crossing is an airport, sea port, land border crossing or a border crossing with railway. In fact, there are documents or documents that you should check before going abroad and that you can use instead of a passport. However, in order to be able to use them, some situations must have occurred or there must be a special permission or a regulated law.

The following are used as valid Travel Document;


Diplomatic Passport (black color – Diplomatic)
Service Passport
(gray – Service Passport)
Special Passport
(green passport – Special Passport)
Public Passport
(burgundy passport – Passport)
Haymatlos Passport
(issued for stateless persons)
pasaport ve uçak bileti

Temporary Travel Document

in case you lose your passport while you are in another country disposable leaving your country which have been issued temporary passports to the Consulate of the Republic of Turkey.

ID Cards

It is a convenience granted to the citizens of the countries clearly stated in the Visa Regime Table. Countries such as France, Germany, and Italy can enter our country with their ID cards.

Nato – Otan Travel Document

It is a document that facilitates the entry and exit of Nato member countries for persons appointed by Nato.

Temporary Travel Document

Let’s say you lost or stolen your passport in the country you are visiting. In this case, if you apply to the Foreign Representative Office of your country (Embassy or Consulate) in the foreign country you are in, only a temporary document will be issued for you to return to your country of citizenship. The name of this document is “Temporary Travel Document“. It is imperative that you have a stamped picture of you on it.

What is a Lost Passport?

Each country has its own “Temporary Travel Document” and has its own unique standards and security features. While the Travel Document of most countries is white A4 paper, a document resembling a passport consisting of a few pages in Pink as the “Temporary Travel Document” of our country is classified and delivered to the bearer. This document Turkey is disposable be ‘eating is received by Passport Police to be destroyed in your listing, stolen Amasa use someone else into your passport serial number, he wasted (loss) record is entered and entry into the country is provided in this way.

When you travel from your country of citizenship to another country, you must meet the conditions that the destination country has applied to the travel documents of the citizens of your country, more precisely to their passports, before going abroad. Each country has types of passports issued for its citizens. There are 4 types of passports issued in our country. These;

Green Passport (Special Passport):

Yeşil Pasaport Örneği
Turkish Special Passport

T.C. Green Passports can be issued temporarily, indefinitely or temporarily to real persons listed in the Rical (public institutions and organizations) list defined in the Passport Law. In addition, Civil Servants working in Public Institutions and Organizations within the scope of the Civil Servants Law No. 657, regardless of the institutions and authorities they work for, are entitled to receive a Green Passport when the Retirement Basis Degree / Level is 3rd Degree 1st Level (3-1).

With Green Passport, you can enter and exit almost 150 countries without a visa. Before going abroad, you can find out which countries you can enter with / without a visa from the Visa – Regime table on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. For this reason, we can say that it is the most dreamed and demanded Passport type in our country.

Public Passport:

Umumi pasaport
Public Passport

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey is the type that everyone can get a passport. With this Passport type, all countries can be visited to officially recognize our country. There are countries where you can go with / without a visa. The list in which these are determined is called the “Visa-Regime Table to which Turkish citizens with General Passport are subject to“. Before traveling abroad, you should definitely check the entry requirements for that country before you book a hotel or buy a flight ticket for the country you want to visit.

  • If visa exemption is applied to our country’s General Passports, you do not need to apply for a visa.
  • However, if there is no exemption, you will have to apply to the representative office of the relevant country in our country according to visa terms and preconditions.

In some cases, you can enter without exemption by obtaining a “banderol visa” provided that you pay the visa fee at the border gate of the other country. However, you should check this before going to that country. During the “Check-in” process before the flight, the airline company’s ground handling officer will not perform your check-in process unless you meet the visa requirements of the destination country.

Visas are divided into two categories as Touristic Purpose Visas and Special Purpose (Legitimate) Visas according to their types and are also divided into two as “Single Use” or “Multiple Use” according to the duration of use. We will include.

The most common type of passport used by the particular citizen of the Republic of Turkey (Green) and public (Bordeaux) are the passport. There are two more Passport Types that our country’s citizens can use under the conditions they meet the necessary conditions. These are Service (Gray) Passport and Diplomatic (Black) Passport. Diplomatic passports were in red before new types of passports were issued, but in the new edition passports red replaced black.

Grey – Service Passport

Grey Passport

The State Government, University, a private school or working in an institution representing the people of the Republic of Turkey was organized in order to go abroad. It is short-term and is generally classified as valid for 6 months for single use.

  • One-off missions,
  • Education,
  • For sports or artistic purposes,
  • Academician,
  • Bureaucrat,
  • Government Officials,
  • It can be given to students, teachers and athletes. The only condition to be sought is that you will go abroad to represent the State.

Black – Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatik pasaport
Diplomatic Passport

It is issued to holders of diplomatic missions who will serve temporarily or for a short time in our representative offices abroad. Ambassadors, consuls, embassy employees, military fires, security and intelligence fires come first.

Tour / Travel Package

If you are going abroad for the first time (for holiday and travel purposes), it is recommended to purchase a Package Tour from a professional Tour Agency before going abroad. Tour companies will offer you many destinations and options. After purchasing the package that suits your budget and taste, the whole thing is to complete the preparations as soon as possible and take your step on the plane. You won’t even realize how time will pass afterwards. You will benefit from a holiday or tour abroad for the first time, leave the stress and boredom here and get on the plane. Otherwise, you will just go abroad and come back. All that is left for you will be fatigue and, of course, an empty wallet.

Some of the Points to Consider When Buying a Tour Abroad

Let’s take a look at the golden rules to do and pay attention to when you want to go abroad with the tour. In short, before going abroad, let’s list what you need to do when you want to buy a tour. If you have been abroad for a short or long time before, or if you have an experienced friend with you, you can go on your dream abroad trip with hotel reservation, flight ticket and passport without purchasing a tour package, which can be a more economical option.

The disadvantage here is that you will not be able to visit as many places as the tour agency. I do not even take into account the knowledge and experience of the guide. Another advantage of the tour package is that you pay the price of almost every service (excluding tips 🙂 in advance, so you can finish the tour with a small amount of foreign currency for shopping and tips and enjoy a holiday full of good memories.

Tur Otobüsü
Vacation Abroad – Tour Bus

2-3 day tours covering one country and its cities, as well as several countries and cities (such as Benelux Europe Tours, Central Europe Tour, Northern Europe, Great Spain Tours, Eastern Europe Tour, Mena Region Tours, Middle East and North African Countries Tour) You can also choose one of the long-term tours. My personal opinion is for long-term tours. Because you travel to many locations more economically.

Although it seems more expensive to join the tour with tourism agencies, it is possible to agree with the city transportation, airport transfer and hotel transfers, the entrance fee to the places in the package and of course the price of the hotel accommodation, which is much lower than the price offered to you. They can offer tour options.

What should be considered when choosing a tour agency?

If you are going to travel abroad for travel purposes with a Tour Operator, the most important thing to note is that the Tour Company has proven itself. So how do we decide this? How to determine the best tour company? There are many complaints, comments, forums and blog sites on the internet. You can search for the name or services of the tour company you want to prefer on these sites.

You may see many complaints or bad comments about each tour company. Of course, an idea cannot be expected just by looking at these. People’s expectations can sometimes be very different and high, and when this expectation is not met by the company, unfortunately, it can leave bad memories and feedback.

User experiences are decisive here. You can find lots of Customer Feedback on Tour companies, Airlines and Hotels on independent tourism review sites. You can read “independent customer experiences” on online booking sites such as and Trivago.

Price + Customer Experience (Tour Company Service Quality) = Your Choice


One of the procedures to be done before going abroad is a Visa application. It is a privilege provided to you by the foreign representative (consulate) of that country in order to enter or exit any country you are foreign to or to be able to stay temporarily. When you want to travel to a country where you are not a citizen for educational, touristic or business purposes, all of the entry requirements that the country applies to your country of origin is called a visa regime. Generally, the political, commercial and common histories of the countries play an important role here. If the relations between the two countries are stable, a mutual visa exemption is likely to be applied. This is called “reciprocity” or reciprocity.

Schengen Visa

In order to have this visa, you can apply by paying a visa fee of € 90 for those under the age of 12 and € 120 for those over the age of 12. However, applying for a visa before your trip to Europe does not mean that you are entitled to a visa. If the application is evaluated positively as a result of your visa application, your passport will be requested and a Schengen Visa will be applied to an appropriate page of the passport and then delivered to you. There are multiple entry, single entry or timed entry options.

Schengen Vize Örneği
Schengen Visa Sample

You have the right of free movement between the countries that are included in the Schengen Visa Union accepted in Europe. Whichever Schengen country you have received a visa from, the first entry to Europe must be made from that country. Afterwards, you can switch to the EU Schengen country you want. Schengen Visa is mandatory for our country’s public passports. However, there is no such requirement for Diplomatic, Service and Special (Green) passports.

With the visa application, the insurance fee of 20 € per person can be paid to the contracted insurance agents. However, if you are going to Schengen countries without a Visa, that is, with a Diplomatic, Service or Green passport, this insurance fee is optional. Italy and Spain have been seeking insurance from tourists in recent years.

Green Passport holders do not have to have any preconditions, permits or registration before they go to any of their countries that are included in the Schengen Visa System in Europe. There is an ETIAS obligation that came into force a few years ago and imposed on some countries that can enter the European Union countries without a visa, ie pre-authorization – pre-registration. However Etias can go without a visa to Turkey is not among the countries included in the Green Passport system ever own citizens without obtaining permission or a pre-registration Schengen countries. In order to have more information on this subject, we recommend that you read our article about Green Passport Travel Permit.

US Visa:

It is one of the visas whose conditions and obligations are difficult but the validity period is as long. There are multiple-entry visa types valid for 5 years or 10 years and 3-6 months residence duration. In the visa application, many documents are requested from the business and occupational group you work for, up to your assets or even your bank account. Due to the political tensions in recent years and the differences in the new immigration and tourism understanding of the USA, the conditions have been made more difficult for both our country and other countries.

Green Card – US Lottery 🙂

In the world, there is only the Green Card system that America operates. Citizens of countries where this system is permitted apply online ( in October-November every year. All chance and random winners are selected from among the candidates who meet the conditions and can fill the form completely. These winners will be announced in May of the following year and you will be asked to apply to the US representative offices. When the bureaucratic procedures here are completed, you will have a Green Card, which means an indefinite residence permit in America.

What Should Be Considered When Buying A Flight Ticket?

Earning Miles and Spending Miles

Yurt dışı turistik turlar genel olarak paket tur şeklinde satışa sunulmaktadır. Bu nedenle uçak bileti üzerinde çok fazla söz sahibi olamıyorsunuz. Tur şirketleri her ne kadar uçuş mili kazanamayacağınızı söylese de itibar etmeyin. Check-in öncesinde veya elektronik bilet onayı aldığınızda Mil puanı da kazanmış oluyorsunuz. En azından THY Mil Sistemi için durum böyle. Diğer havayolu şirketlerinde geçerli olur mu? Denemek lazım. THY Mil sisteminde Tur operatörü tarafından adınıza alınmış biletten Mil kazanabilirsiniz ancak bu bilet için mil puan kullanmanıza müsade edilmez.

How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets?

In order to go abroad, you will want to buy cheap flight tickets if you are going abroad, not by booking a hotel or for touristic purposes. Our primary condition for purchasing an affordable flight ticket is time. Air ticket prices vary inversely over time.

As the flight time approaches, the price of flight tickets is expected to increase as the number of seats will decrease. In fact, 95% of flights are priced this way. Acting early and buying “Promotional” tickets cheap is the most economical method of buying air tickets. Despite the price advantage of promotional tickets, there are two important disadvantages. The first of these disadvantages is that the promotional ticket purchased cannot be refunded or postponed except under extreme conditions. Another disadvantage of the cheap promotional flight ticket is that it is only valid for Economy Class seats. Since the prices of business flight tickets are very low, no airline company will open a promotion. The only way to get a Business flight ticket for free is to use your accumulated Miles.

Every airline opens its airline tickets for sale a certain time before the flight date. This is the best time to buy the “cheapest ticket” or in other words, “promotional flight ticket“. Airline companies determine ticket prices according to the sellability of stock tickets on hand. In other words, as a ticket is sold on a plane, prices will increase in an upward direction. For this reason, the earlier you buy the plane ticket, the more profitable and economical flight will be for you.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Airline Tickets?

Air tickets are the most important stage in travel and transportation, whether domestic or international. It is a success to be able to buy cheap cheap tickets from the quality airline company. After purchasing the flight ticket, all you have to do is wait for the flight date. When the flight date arrives, Online Check-in processes begin approximately in the last 24 hours. Physical Check-in and Baggage delivery actions begin hours before the flight. You can check-in from airline agencies, airports or online via the website.

Uçak Bileti
Thy Flight Ticket

What Will Happen If I Can’t Find Flight Tickets?

Especially during holiday seasons, holidays and important days, flight tickets are sold out very early. Unfortunately, this is an important job for you, you need a domestic or international flight ticket. Right now. For this, you have to do more than go door to door and find cheap bus tickets. Keep trying patiently.

But do not turn around just because there are no tickets. Make your preparations and try to buy again from the airline’s website 5-6 hours before the flight time. You are very likely to succeed.

It has been tried to go both domestically and abroad and it is fixed with experience. Why this is so may seem counterintuitive to you. However, in the article I will write about this in a few days, I will give a broader place to this subject.

Baggage Delivery and Check-in Procedures

Another step in our list of things to do when leaving the country is admission to the flight and delivery of the baggage. At this stage, it is the stage where the process of getting rid of the baggage is carried out by coming to the counter that the airline company has allocated for that flight at the airport. At the time of baggage delivery, each airline company can make weight-size restrictions in line with its own standards. If you exceed a certain weight per passenger, the flight company may charge you an extra fee.

There are international standards and rules that must be followed when delivering luggage before your international flight. For example, it is forbidden to have liquids over 100cc in the security search after passport control. While flying to some destinations, you cannot carry some electronic items with you. It is not allowed to have laptops on flights with locations in the USA, England and Israel. During check-in, you are told to take it to the luggage. Otherwise, your flight is not allowed.

The last stage is the stage of accepting the passenger on board by checking the identity and ticket for the final check before boarding the plane called Gate. After that, all you have to do is find the seat allocated to you on the plane and sit back and enjoy the flight.

Suitcase Preparation Recommendations

After all this preparation, to prepare your remaining luggage. If you are traveling with a travel or tour organization, be sure to take practical and space-saving items with you. In fact, put your heavy items in the suitcase or bag you will put in your hand luggage. Because the important thing in hand luggage is not the weight but the dimensions are checked.

The most important issue of baggage preparation before your travel abroad, more precisely during the baggage preparation stage, is the baggage policies of the destination country, especially on international flights. For this, be sure to request information from your airline company before the flight or try to get information from the website.

Health Check Before Going Abroad

If you are going to travel to some Middle Eastern countries, African countries and Far Eastern countries, you should be vaccinated to avoid some infectious diseases (malaria, typhus, dysentery, tuberculosis, etc.). For this, you can benefit from the “Border Health Centers” affiliated to the Ministry of Health free of charge at the airports. They may even follow you when you return to the Country later and request some tests. You may be asked for a blood sample for some tests and tests on your return, as well as when you travel to countries at risk of infectious diseases.

What We Don’t Have When Traveling!


  • VISA
  • and Suitcase 🙂

In short, we tried to summarize what to do before a flight, the precautions to be taken before going abroad and how to find a cheap ticket before the flight. Since domestic air travel is mostly preferred for domestic holidays, this information in our article can be used, except for Passport and Visa issues. I hope this article will be useful before your flight. Have a nice flight, have a nice trip, have a nice holiday to all travel lovers and vacationers already ..

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