How to Travel After Coronavirus?

After the Coronavirus Pandemic, in which serious restrictions and measures were taken in almost every aspect of our daily life, what are the rules to be followed before domestic or international travel for business, travel or vacation? What you need to know about travel and travel in the “New Normal” process where almost nothing will ever be the same.

How to Travel After Coronavirus?
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It seems that nothing will be the same for a certain period of time due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak that emerged at the beginning of 2020 and affected the whole world. It is said that we are approaching the end of a period in which isolation between countries was applied at a higher level than ever before. Therefore, the issue of domestic and international travel can be done on a knife-edge, so to speak, due to coronavirus measures.

Although it is limited, it is possible to travel at home and abroad for now. However, I am sure that you, like me, dream of the days when you can travel freely and without limitation. According to the statements of the experts, the difficult days are over. Very soon, we will continue our trips and travels, step by step, as before.

The faster we can adapt to the measures taken in this process, the faster we can transition to our normal life. Some of the questions frequently asked by people trying to get information on the subject on the internet are;

  • Is it on holiday in 2021?
  • How will the holiday be after corona?
  • Traveling in the pandemic.
  • What are the corona measures taken in international travels?

What to Know Before Traveling During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Process

Fundamental changes have occurred in our lives due to the Covid-19 virus, which was first detected in Wuhan province of the People’s Republic of China last year and spread throughout the world in a few months. Due to the virus that seriously threatens human life, travel and trade between countries has almost come to a halt.

First, we produced Covid-19 test kits, and travels and commercial activities began, albeit partially. Afterwards, successful vaccine production was made by countries led by China and Germany. Thus, we had to accept and implement a standard of living that we call the “New Normal“.

So much so that we pass even to the New Normal, we count where we are. The pandemic is almost 2 years old. But even in big metropolises such as Istanbul, such as Paris, it still has not reached the desired level. For this reason, experts insist on implementing new measures.

Covid-19 Virüs Görseli
Covid-19 Virus

The main applications that started to take place in our lives with the New Normal;

  • Working from home was encouraged, reducing daily contact and circulation.
  • By adopting Online Education and Training, we have literally jumped in this field.
  • Holidays and Travels were restricted and sometimes even blocked.
  • We provided social isolation with curfews.
  • We have adopted new rules in all areas from health to transportation, from education to business life.
  • The concept of Social Distance and masks have become indispensable for our lives.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness has become more important than ever.

Corona Measures in Domestic Travels

Republic of Turkey within the limits of inter-city transportation completely hampered initially returned to its normal course as well controlled after a while. HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) application was used to prevent coronavirus patients while traveling from one city to another. Thanks to this database created by the Ministry of Health, people with a positive Covid-19 test result can be detected.

With the HES application, which can be installed as an application on smart mobile phones, HES code control has become mandatory in shopping malls, cinemas, public institutions and organizations, banks, public transportation, intercity transportation, travel by plane and almost all collective activities.

Hayat Eve Sığar Uygulaması

Pre-Flight HES Code Check in Domestic Flights

During Boarding, you are asked for the HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code before the domestic flights from the Domestic Departments of the airports. With the Hes code check, if you do not have any quarantine measures or positive results about you, your flight is allowed.

You can get your HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code via the mobile application of the Ministry of Health or via SMS. This code must be presented at the time of ticketing. Thus, your ticket and HES code are matched and you are allowed to travel. You can download HES – Hayat Eve Sığar Application to your smartphone by using the following buttons.

If your Covid-19 test was positive in the previous dates, this does not prevent your flight. As of the new flight date, you should not be a positive case.

Let’s say, if it is detected that you have corona disease in the controls made before your flight at the airport, how does the process work?

If it is detected that you do not comply with the quarantine conditions, you will be transferred to the nearest Quarantine Dormitory with the 112 (911) Vehicle. You may need to stay here for up to 14 days. After your quarantine period is completed, you are allowed to leave the dormitory if the PCR test is negative.

In addition, an administrative fine of 3.469 TL will be imposed for violating the Coronavirus Quarantine Isolation. In addition, during your stay in the Quarantine Center, an invoice is issued at prices ranging from 70-100 TL per night. It is necessary to comply with the Quarantine rules unconditionally for both your own health and public health.

Koronavirüs Seyahat Tedbirleri
How is Covid-19 Virus Transmitted from Person to Human?

In addition, the luggage class, known as cabin baggage, is now limited. You may not be allowed to take your cabin-sized luggage with you, except for a handbag or backpack. Please consult the airline company from which you purchased the ticket about this issue before the flight.

HEPP Code Control at Provincial Entrances and Exits

A strict isolation measure is applied by the Police at the entrance and exit of almost all cities. For example, when a passenger departing from Istanbul travels with his personal vehicle or bus, he goes through the HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code control at 2 different points. In other words, you cannot pass without your HEPP (Hayat Eve Sığar) code at the Police Checkpoints at Istanbul Çamlıca Toll Booths and Ankara West Toll Booths.

In addition to intercity travel with motor vehicles, measures were also taken in intercity travels by Train and High Speed Train. Before boarding the train, your ticket and HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code are checked and you are allowed to get on the train. In addition, the seating arrangements in the train were changed and the seats that could be seated facing were corrected in one direction.

Hygiene conditions have been maximized in intercity buses, trains, high-speed trains and airplanes. Vehicles that are routinely taken into cleaning maintenance after each trip are thus ready for the new expedition, free of viruses. At the same time, temperature measurements are taken from the forehead or wrist while getting on the vehicles before traveling. Coronavirus travel rules consist of a series of measures that start a few days before the trip and end when you arrive at your destination.

Coronavirus Measures Taken When Traveling Abroad

Coronavirus travel measures taken in overseas travels consist of more serious and highly sanctioning rules compared to domestic ones. High-level measures have come, especially for flights to Europe, America and Far East countries. In international flights, you are not allowed to fly without the HES (Hayat Eve Fit) code as well as the International PCR (Covid-19) Test Result.

I would like to remind you that the HES code is not valid in foreign countries. Life code generated through the home favorite applications is effective only within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey. For Covid-19 control abroad, an approved PCR Test Result Document issued with international validity is required.

Coronavirus Measures at the International Terminal

When you land at the airport and enter the passport control to enter many countries, you are asked to have an internationally valid Negative PCR test result. This test result should be up to date. In other words, you must have it on the day of your flight or the day before at the latest. Otherwise, the authorities will not allow you to enter the country.

Internationally Valid PCR Test is carried out at our airports for a fee so that the citizens of our country do not encounter such problems abroad. Turkey are requested to check in at a negative PCR in the same way the citizens of other countries.

In addition, with the Infrared Thermal Cameras in the airport, your instant body temperature is measured and goes to the control center. If you have a high temperature, you will be immediately taken to the isolated area by the medical response team.

Sosyal Mesafe Etiketi
Airport Social Distance Alert

In addition, passengers coming from countries with high Covid-19 Risk Factors can also be included in quarantine, depending on the situation. Likewise, in some countries such as the UK, you can quarantine whatever your test result is at the airport entrance.

Coronavirus Travel Precautions To Be Followed In Airplanes

Even when you get on a plane to travel abroad, corona measures continue. You are not allowed to take off your mask in any way. If you insist on not wearing a mask on the plane, there is a high probability that your journey will turn into a nightmare. A passenger on an emergency landing plane in Texas, USA, last year was therefore unloaded.

Many airline companies took additional measures in order to provide a hygienic environment inside the aircraft. For example, food and beverage services served during the flight have been removed. In addition, it is temporarily not given in newspapers, magazines or brochures distributed on aircraft seats.

The aircraft cabin is cleaned with special disinfectants by professional cleaning experts and prepared for the next time.

It turns out that we will continue to live, travel or vacation under the New Normal conditions for a while. During this period, it seems that we will continue to add new rules day by day.

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