Things to Do Before Going to Italy

What preparations should you make before going on a trip to Italy, where you can clearly see the lines of the Renaissance period that saved Europe from the darkness of the Middle Ages? Details to go fully prepared for your Italy trip are in our article content.

Things to Do Before Going to Italy

Before Going to Italy

After reading this article, in which we list the things you need to know before going to Italy, the world country that pioneered the Renaissance, you are ready for a trip to Italy. There is a preparation phase similar to your travels to other European countries.

Before your trip to Italy, we will prepare you for this legendary renaissance journey in detail. We believe that you will find answers to questions you may have, item by item.

What Documents Are Required Before Traveling to Italy?

Our priority document, in fact, is a must, of course, a valid Passport issued in your name. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity as of your return date from Italy before travelling. This is one of the most important steps to check before your trip to Italy.

Depending on your passport type, you may need a visa. For touristic trips, Italy requires visas for our country’s Ordinary (Maroon) Passports. If you have a burgundy passport, you must apply to the Italian Foreign Representatives in our country to apply for a visa.

You cannot enter Italy directly with a Schengen Visa from another EU country. However, you can enter from that country first and then go to Italy by land.

Italy Travel with Green Passport

If you have a Service (Green) Passport, you will be granted a temporary residence permit for 3 months within 6 months for your touristic visits to Italy. Green Passport holders do not have to obtain a Schengen Visa to travel to Italy. If you have a green passport, you can enter Italy without a visa. In addition, since Turkey is not included in the ETIAS application applied by EU countries, you do not need to pay a separate application or fee.

Italian Schengen Application for Ordinary Passport

Since Italy has accepted the Schengen Agreement (Free Movement), you can travel to other Schengen countries with Italian Schengen after entering the country. However, with this visa, your first entry point must be any city in Italy.

For your Italy Schengen Visa Applications, an intermediary company called IDATA monitors the application and subsequent processes on your behalf. Individual applications cannot be made to the Italian Consulate. If you are going to travel with a tour agency, your agency can follow up the application process on your behalf through IDATA. This is the safest way for those who will go on tours abroad. Since the tour agency will make the necessary notifications, you are more likely to receive a positive result for your application.

before going to Italy
Santa Maria Cathedral

Packing Preparation Before Going to Italy?

In fact, no matter which country you go to in the world, not just Italy, you should have almost similar items in your suitcase. This article about packing a suitcase before going abroad will help you in this regard.

However, I can still give you a few important recommendations for suitcase and bag preparation before your trip to Italy. Travel history is very important in this regard. Because Italy is a Mediterranean country. Climate conditions and air temperature are similar to Türkiye. However, as you approach the north of the country, that is, the Swiss Alps, the air temperature begins to decrease. For this reason, you need to adjust your clothing choice for your Italy trip accordingly.

Even in the summer season, temperatures drop to 18-22 degrees, so you should have warm clothes with you.

How to Buy the Most Affordable Italy Flight Ticket?

Another preparation before going to Italy is to find the most suitable flight ticket. I recommend using the Google Flight app to find discounted Italy flights. This way, you can find affordable Italy flight tickets for your travel date. Direct or connecting flights are listed on a per-person basis for the location you specify between the dates you select. You can proceed to the purchasing stage by choosing the flight ticket that best suits you here.

Which of the Italy Tours Should I Prefer?

If you have never been anywhere in Italy before and this will be your first trip to Italy, it would be advantageous to go with a tour. I recommend that you examine the plans of tour agencies before going to Italy.

It is possible to go to Italy by road, air, sea and even rail, thanks to Interrail tours.

Italy Tours:

  1. Great Italy and Balkan Tours (Road or Air)
  2. Grand Italy Tours (Airline)
  3. European Tours by Inter Rail Train
  4. Italy Tours with luxury ships (Sea route)

You can travel to Italy with the means of transportation that is suitable for you. Those who will go to Italy for the first time can plan a much more satisfying trip with a tour guide. However, if you have gone with a tour before, I would definitely recommend you to go and tour on your own for the second time.

Food & Beverage

It is also necessary to plan food and beverages before going to Italy. Pork or its additives can be found in almost every meal. It is very difficult to find halal certified food. Pizza comes to our rescue. Another food is pasta and risotto. You can eat as much salad as you want.

Margherita pizza and a side of coke are the perfect combination. Moreover, it is a type of food that you can easily access in all cities of Italy.

Margherita Pizza contains:

  1. Pastry
  2. Tomato sauce
  3. mozzarella cheese
  4. Basil and spices

Italian Time Zone

Türkiye and Italy are in different time zones. Since Italy is in the UTC+2 time zone, the clocks are 1 hour behind us. So, when the time shows 14:00 in Istanbul, it is 13:00 in Italy. You should definitely arrange your time before going to Italy.

Opening the Phone to International Roaming in Italy

We recommend that you take a look at our article on phone and internet use abroad. If you forgot to turn your phone on to international roaming before going to Italy, purchase the voice and internet package that suits you by entering the mobile application of the operator you use in a place with free wifi.

Afterwards, set Cellular Roaming: On on your phone’s settings screen and when you dial *#151# and register for free roaming, your phone will be available abroad.

Use of Money in Italy

Italy used to use Lire as its currency. With its entry into the European Union, it switched to the common currency, the Euro. Euro is the official currency in all cities.

I recommend you buy as many Euros as you need before going to Italy. In addition, leading credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX can be easily used. Foreign Exchange offices in Italy demand very high commissions, such as 30%. Besides the Euro currency, the Dollar can also be widely used.

This is briefly the steps and preparations you need to make before going to Italy. If you have any questions, you can send them to our Social Media accounts and the Comments section right below this content.

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