Beypazari Tour

Named the market where the gentlemen (the rich of the period) used to trade in ancient times, Beypazarı district stands out with its historical houses in 100 km North West of the capital Ankara. It has caves, historical buildings similar to Safranbolu houses and a spirit that fascinates visitors with its Suluhan Bazaar. We have prepared a detailed travel guide, especially things to do, things to eat and drink, and places to visit in Beypazarı.

Beypazari Tour
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It is known that Beypazari dates back to the Ottoman period, from there to the Byzantine and Roman civilization and even to the early ages. For this reason, Beypazari, which has a population of 48 thousand, has many places in approximately half of them. Beypazari Tour begins with its nostalgic Ottoman architecture.

Historical Information

It is one of the places where the “Tımarlı Sipahi” (sipahi means soldier) project, which is the soldier training system of the Ottoman Empire, was implemented. Thanks to this project based on Economy-Agriculture-Defense. Later, the word “beg (bey means gentilman)” given to rich people was combined with the word “market”, which means “like-bazaar”, in other words, Beypazari with its current name.

Tarihi Konaklar ve sokaklar
Streets without Beypazari Sidewalk

It hosted other civilizations before the Ottoman Empire. For example, caves carved into soft rocks offer solid evidence that there was a life here even in the first ages of history. For this reason, it was recently added to Unesco’s World Heritage List.

How to go?

Beypazari district, which is 100 km northwest of the capital Ankara, can be easily reached from Istanbul, Bolu, Eskişehir and other surrounding provinces. It is possible to reach even with an easy directions.

Where will you come to Beypazari?DistanceTime
İstanbul340 Km4 hours 30 min.
Ankara101 Km1 hours 10 min
Eskişehir158 Km2 hours 30 min
Bolu (Kıbrıscık roads)114 Km1 hour 10 min
Bolu (on Highway)157 Km1 hour 30 min
Bursa322 Km4 hours 10 min
İzmir662 Km7 hours 30 min
Beypazari Distances


Access to this location and associated facilities are subject to a number of rules due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It is not possible to enter without the HES (Life is Home) code. It also has a maximum number of visitors.

I went on the Beypazari trip after the Winter Vacation in Bolu Abant. I used both routes for Bolu-Beypazari. I have two recommendations about transportation to visitors from Bolu and Istanbul.

-Firstly, if you are coming to Beypazarı in the summer, you should definitely use the Kıbrıscık road. Because many natural scenery, including canyons, accompany you along the way.

As the second route, you can reach Beypazarı via Güdül by leaving the Kızılcahamam toll booths on the highway.

Transportation by Public Transport

If you want to come here by using public transportation, the Beypazarı Bus (15 ₺) leaves every half hour from the bus station in Ankara. You can also use EGO Municipal Buses with line number 548 (Fee: 9.25₺) from Fatih Metro station at certain intervals.

Beypazarı Weather

So far, I had the opportunity to see Beypazari once in summer, once in autumn and finally in winter. I’ve seen it in almost four seasons. The most beautiful time is definitely the summer months. Although it generally has similar climatic conditions with Ankara, it also experiences the typical Western Black Sea climate with it.

Air temperatures between -5 and -10 in the winter months rise up to 30-35 degrees in the summer. As precipitation, heavy snowfall is seen at high altitudes in winter, while light snowfall is observed in the district center.

Places to Visit in Beypazari

It reminds me of Safranbolu with its unique historical mansions and stone buildings. However, it has a completely different atmosphere, a different attractive side. It makes you feel this even while walking in the historical bazaar.

1- Historical Beypazari Houses and Adobe (Kerpiç) Mansions

You can see a large number of historical houses built using clay adobe on wooden skeletons. Beypazari Houses, which are architecturally similar to the nearby region, are designed to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Thanks to the wood, soil and stone materials used, an excellent natural insulation is provided.

Tarihi Konak ve Evler
Haci Yusuf Tabak Mansion

Today, all historical mansions are protected as they are considered as protected areas. In addition, as you can see in the picture of Hacı Yusuf Tabak Mansion, the upper floors can be used as a hostel / hotel, and the entrance section can be used as a shop, store or restaurant.

Where are Beypazari Houses?

The place where you can see the best examples of traditional architecture houses will undoubtedly be the area where the Historical Bazaar is located. We come across these wonderful houses, which are on the Unesco Conservation Assets list, sometimes as a hotel, sometimes as a shop or museum.

In particular, you can see wooden windows, partitioned exterior walls and unique roofs made of handmade tiles that you can see when you look from a high point. Just looking at his outer appearance may not be enough. You should definitely try to get into it.

Almost everything in the interior of historical houses is made of wood. Wooden sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets and just about anything you can think of is wood. Even water glasses are made of handmade wood.

2- Old Bazaar

The stores operated by Beypazari people, who have been using trade effectively from past to present, have managed to reach today without losing their originality. While visiting the Historical Bazaar, where people who come to the district shop intensely, you go on a historical tour accompanied by the sounds of the hammer of the coppersmiths, the delicious smells coming from the bakeries selling dried Beypazari and the treats of the baklava shops.

How to get to the old Beypazari Bazaar? Let me give an easy directions immediately to those who ask. Turn towards the district center from the traffic lights on the ring road. When you continue on this road, you will first see modern buildings, banks and shops. Afterwards, if you look north from the historical junction where the Carrot Statue is located, you will see the entrance to the historical bazaar.

Local foods, drinks and goods specific to Beypazarı are sold in the bazaar. Some of the products you can find in the old bazaar;

beypazarı reçel ve meyve özleri
  • Dry fruits and vegetables (eggplant, okra, apple, pepper, etc.)
  • Aktar and Spice Dealers (spice, thyme, etc.)
  • Natural clay-based beauty and care products and cleaning materials (soap, lotion, etc.)
  • Famous Beypazari Baklava with Walnut (homemade baklava)
  • Carrot juice, turnip juice, pomegranate syrup, cranberry extract, blackberry extract, blueberry extract, cold-pressed carob extract, black mulberry extract
  • Milk jam, Carrot jam, Quince jam, Fig jam
  • Handmade wrought copper items, filigree jewelry, silver jewelry, natural stone jewelry.
  • Blacksmith products working with traditional methods
  • Handmade sheet metal and aluminum kitchenware
  • Bakeries making Beypazari dried nuts and simit (no limit in catering)
  • Yemeni and local clothes
Beypazarı kurutulmuş patlıcan ve biber
Dried Eggplant and Pepper

The bazaar and its streets are closed to vehicle traffic in order to preserve the original architecture, and only pedestrian and disabled vehicles are allowed. In the time-lapse video, you navigate the historical bazaar from one end to the other in about 8 seconds. In reality, you should spend at least 4-5 hours here.

3- Suluhan Caravanserai (Nasuh Pasha Palace)

The Suluhan Caravanserai, about 400 years old, is located at the top of the Beypazari Old Bazaar. The walls of the inn, whose restoration was completed in the past years, have been strengthened in accordance with the original and some repairs have been made on the interior. However, the plaster application and colorful LED lighting on the arch ceiling of the entrance section at the entrance of the inn seem not to be very stylish. Unfortunately, the historical inn has taken away from its essence.

Beypazarı Turunda Suluhan Gezisi
Suluhan Palace

Although Suluhan has two different entrances, only the entrance on the bazaar side can be used today. Inside, there is a market that sells local products, food and beverages. The historical inn and its architecture are very beautiful, but I don’t know whether it is the way it is used or not.

Built by Nasuh Pasha, one of the former Ottoman grand viziers, in the early 1600s, Suluhan has recently been restored to its first-day glory. It is also painful that the entrance of the inn was used as a truck parking lot before the restoration.

Beypazari Fountain of love

It is the name of the historical fountain in the middle of the courtyard in Sulu Han. The taps on the sides are still active today. In addition, the wish money thrown into the fountain has created an interesting sight.

• Beypazari Tour
Fountain of Love

I do not know if the “Fountain of Love“, which was written on a log sign on the fountain probably during the restoration, is the real name of this place or if such an article was written later. However, it is certain that this work in the middle of the courtyard of the Han will make a nice impression for the guests sitting there.

Let’s explore the places outside of Beypazarı district center, which is one of the limited places to visit in Ankara and, I think, at the top of the list of the best places I have visited in the capital so far.

4- Inözü Valley

The valley, located on the Bolu Kıbrıscık road just north of Beypazarı, has taken its present form by the İnözü stream. The caves and caves in the high parts have been used throughout history. These caves, which were used as living spaces in ancient times, were later used as cemeteries and warehouses.

In ancient times, people stored food materials in caves and caves on the northern slope of Inözü Valley, while they stored unprotected products in caves on the southern slope. In fact, according to rumors, it is said that they hid valuable jewelery in the caves on the southern slope. However, since no archaeological work has been done until today, it was left with the looting of the treasure hunters.

Beypazarı İnözü Vadisi Mağaraların bulunduğu kayalıklar.
Beypazarı İnözü Valley

These caves, which are easily excavated due to the fact that they consist of limestone-based rocks, are mostly located in higher places, but there are caves and cavities that can be reached by walking. It is possible to see these types of caves in the region where Yediler Tomb is located.

Moreover, Turkey’s most famous soda water (mineral water) Beypazari Mineral Water is one of the businesses located in the valley and its production again in İnözü here.

5- Yediler (Seven) Tomb

The dervish lodge, which was founded by a group of scholars and clergymen who were thought to have come from Khorasan, the homeland of Sufism, is now open to visitors as a mausoleum. There are boutique shops selling souvenirs to visitors in a small social area within the tomb located on the dominant part of the İnözü valley.

6- Beypazari Festival and Fair Area

With the festival held in the first weeks of June every year, Beypazarı culture and unique products are introduced. During this period, many visitors come to the district, especially from Ankara and neighboring cities. As a result, the festival not only contributes economically to the district but also increases its awareness.

The festival, in which Beypazarı Houses and carrot are the main theme, lasts about 1 week and attracts great attention.

7- Karagöl National Park (Bolu) and Mountain Houses

Contrary to popular belief, it is not to mention the Karagöl National Park, which is located on the Beypazari – Kıbrıscık road and is within the borders of Bolu, not Ankara. You should see the camping area and mountain houses in the national park located close to Beypazari. You can even stay overnight if you have time.

Karagöl Milli Parkı
Bolu – Karagöl National Park

I especially recommend you to see the winter landscape of Karagöl. There is no entrance fee for the National Park, which is open in summer and winter. Overnight accommodation fee is requested only from those who will stay. It is good to have a picnic against the lake view. You can also spend a good time in front of the fireplace in the chalets.

8- Hıdırlık Hill

It is located in a castle-like position where you can enjoy the view of Beypazari from a high hill. You can go to Hıdırlık Hill on foot or with your vehicle. Bird’s eye view from the dominant hill If you want to watch the Beypazari houses-themed landscape in all its glory, go to Hıdırlı Hill and take your best selfie photos.

9- Beypazarı Museums

If you want to learn about the history of the district closely, I can recommend a few museums as an example. In addition, entrance to the museum is generally free, and the museums displaying historical artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations are;

  • Beypazarı City History Museum
  • History and Culture Museum
  • Beypazarı Living Museum
  • Turkish Bath Museum
  • Art House

Beypazarı Famous Food and Drinks

We visited the old bazaar, İnözü Valley, Karagöl, and we were tired. Where and what to eat in Beypazari? What to drink I researched for you.

1- Walnut Baklava

I strongly suggest you to taste the handmade forty-storey, walnut baklava. You can find the best examples of Beypazari baklava, which you can taste as “Burma” and layered baklava, in the old bazaar. All the baklava shops in the bazaar are lining up to serve you. Be sure to discover the taste of handmade forty-layered walnut baklava with a kilogram price of 40-60 TL.

kırkı katlı beypazarı baklavası
Famous Beypazari Baklava

2- Beypazarı Dried

The most known and sought after local product of Beypazari after carrots is undoubtedly dry. Beypazari Dried means exactly what croissant is for Paris. It is sold in almost all bakeries here. In fact, its reputation exceeds its limits and is sold in chain markets. However, it is still not as tasty as the original.

You can get dry Beypazari from the bakeries in the old bazaar. I say do not refuse the dry that is served to you here. All of them taste great. As you can see in the picture below, do not come without tasting Beypazari dried dries that have just come out of the oven and smell like they are crispy.

Beypazari dried is sold in kilograms and the price of 1 kg of dried is around 20 TL. Since its humidity is very low, dried Beypazari can be stored for a long time (about a year in the refrigerator). Therefore, it is useful to gain a few pounds.

Beypazarı kurusu
Famous Dried Beypazari

How to Make Dried Beypazarı?

It is produced by baking the dough prepared with flour, milk, butter, yeast, salt and cinnamon and sometimes even mahaleb in a high temperature stone oven in a tray. It can be consumed as a snack or eaten as a treat or with tea. In addition, dried Beypazarı has a lower calorie value compared to other bakery products, although it is a pastry.

3- Beypazarı Carrot

You can also drink Carrot juice before tasting the Beypazari Carrot, which is produced from completely local seeds that has not lost its originality for years. In addition to carrot juice, jam and marmalade are also offered for sale.

4- Casserole and Noodles

Experience the handmade noodle (pasta) dish of women from Beypazari and the meat casserole dish cooked in local earthenware casserole. I also recommend its own test kebab.

Wondering Questions About Beypazari

Questions and answers about Beypazarı coming from our Whatsapp Route Information line and our visitors to our social media accounts.

Where is Beypazarı picnic area?

Since Beypazari is located on a rocky geography, unlike the outdoor picnic areas, it is located on the forest and valley. For example, İnözü Valley or Karagöl National Park are the closest picnic places. In addition, Tekke Plateau (Teke Mountain) is one of the areas where a picnic can be made in Beypazari.

Where are souvenir sold?

In the old bazaar, there are a few craftsmen who make handmade copper items. You can find copper kerosene lamps, copper pots and pans, glasses, copper coffee cups and pots, embroidered copper vases and copper samovars. For example, you can buy copper souvenirs as a nice gift symbolizing Beypazari for a friend or relative.• Beypazari Tour

Is there a University in Beypazari?

Beypazari Vocational School of Ankara University is located here. No 4-year faculty has yet been opened

Where is Beypazarı Shopping done?

The most enjoyable shopping is done in the old bazaar among the nostalgic Beypazari Houses. It will feel good to get lost for a few hours in the streets of the Historic Bazaar, full of mystical spices and homemade local products.• Beypazari Tour

Where are the shops on silversmiths and handicrafts?

There is a Jewelers Office near the Beypazarı district’s new bazaar (on the boulevard where banks are located). However, other than this, ornaments and jewelery made of silver and indigenous stones will dazzle your eyes with their interesting beauty.Gümüş kolye ve taş satan mağaza vitrini

It’s time to say goodbye to Beypazarı, where we visit historical houses, inns, caravansaries and bazaars. We leave with the feelings of having a good day, even though our feet do not want to go. Hope to encounter completely different stories elsewhere ..

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