Places to visit in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges (Bruges), a Belgian City, is a city full of historical buildings and artifacts, just like a scene from Medieval Europe you see in those famous Television Series or Cinema Movies. As you walk through the streets of Bruges, surrounded by Gothic-style historical buildings, you will often feel like an actor of this movie.

Places to visit in Bruges, Belgium
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Bruges is a Belgian city that can take you on a time travel in medieval Europe with its fabulous castles and water channels in the blog post. Since the Second World War was not damaged much, historical buildings made of brick have managed to survive until today. Although the ground is a dried swamp, you will not be able to see “Dancing Houses” here because it is much stronger than the Netherlands. The secret to the city of Bruges to survive is that it has been little affected by the war and has been subjected to almost no earthquakes or other natural disasters.

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Brugge, West Flandra BELGIUM

Information About Bruges

Belgium Bruges, or Bruges in our language, is one of the legendary places that will fascinate you with its historical monuments and culture from the Middle Ages in Europe. It is also known as the Venice of the North. The historical buildings of Bruges have managed to survive until today as they were not exposed to earthquakes, floods or any natural disasters. Since Belgium was not affected much by the course of the war in the First and Second World Wars, the Belgian Provinces and cities were protected from possible large German or British bombardments.

In fact, the city of Bruges was not known worldwide until recently. The fact that the movie “Death in Bruges (Brugge, die style)” was shot here in the 1980s was enough to introduce Bruges to the world. Even today, it fascinates millions of tourists from all over the world. It is also interesting that the most visited ones are Japanese and Chinese convoys.

In 2018, the movie “In Bruges” starring Colin Farrel was filmed almost all over Bruges and met with the audience and contributed to Bruges Tourism. Be sure to watch this movie before coming to the city of Bruges.

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Bruges Carriage Trip

Where is Bruges?

How To Get To Bruges? If you ask, you can use the bus lines or the National Train network to get here. Unfortunately, there is no light rail or subway type of vehicle in urban transportation. Entering the historical city center of Bruges by vehicle requires special permission. However, you can rent a phaeton, bicycle or battery vehicle. It is also a part of the urban transportation network in Bruges Water Channels. You can reach by hourly channel tours.

Bruges Architecture and Bruges People

Bruges is the city of West Flandra, which is within the borders of the Belgian State. Although the Federal Mental Hospital welcomes you at the entrance of the city, do not generalize and get wrong thoughts by looking at the size of the hospital 🙂 Because almost the only Mental Hospital in Belgium is located here. The hospital building will provide you with preliminary information about Bruges with its architecture and splendor.

Brugge will take you on a historical journey with its water channels, medieval castles, cathedrals, church buildings, chocolate, famous Belgian beer, Belgian Houses and if you are interested, Belgian Laces.

Location and Population

There are 3 different languages that are officially spoken in Bruges, which is a port city. These are English, German and French. Dutch was also spoken when Dutch seafarers were operating in Belgium. However, the most common English language is spoken today. For this reason, you can get along very easily with the people of Bruges. They have very fluent and simple English. Another remarkable information about the history of Bruges is that the Commercial Exchange System was established here for the first time in the world in the 1200s. In other words, the foundations of the Modern Commodity Exchange were laid centuries ago in Bruges, a Belgian city.

Bruges can be very crowded during the summer, which is the holiday and tour season. For this reason, you can travel more comfortably in the spring or autumn months as there will be fewer tourists than in the summer. The choice is up to you.

What to do in Brugge?

List of Places to See in Bruges

Minnewater Lake and Begijnhof Bridge
Notre Dame Cathedral in Bruges
St. John’s Hospital
Holy Blood Basilica
Saint Salvador’s Cathedral
Bellford Bell Church (Bruges Watchtower)
Grote Markt (Market Square)
Brugge National Bank Building
Historical Post Office Building
Prague Guardian St Bridge
Beer Museum
History Museum
Train Station
Diamond Museum

What to Eat in Bruges, Belgium? What to drink?

Belgian Beer and Chocolate
Onion Soup
Fish soup

Bruges Map?

1. Minnewater Lake and Begijnhof Bridge

In fact, I do not know if the definition of national park fully meets, but after you come by car and leave your car in the open car park, you have to walk through this natural wonder for about 15 minutes to reach the historical buildings in Bruges. Although it may seem distant, the wide green area in the park, historical bridges and towers and the stagnant river will be enough to enchant you. In a part of the park, you will see wooden houses.

From time to time, you will see places where the river spreads over large areas just like a lake. One of those episodes in Minnewater. Although this part of the city is preferred by city dwellers rather than tourists, it has a view worth seeing. Historic houses made of bricks are slowly starting to appear behind the wide green areas. The high towers of churches and cathedrals can be seen in almost every sweat of the city. Leaving Minnewater, we pass the “Begijnhof Bridge“, which welcomes us with its arched design, and proceed to Bruges City Center.

2. Streets of Bruges and Medieval Houses

Let’s talk about the streets of Bruges and medieval houses gushing with history. Let’s talk about the colors of Bruges. Bruges colors; You will feel the Burgundy, Red, Brick Color, Light green and Dark green intensely. You will understand what I mean when you visit the city of Bruges. It is possible to see these colors in photos.

Dark green and burgundy colors are dominant in the window parts of the houses. Likewise, the tiles used in the brick walls and roofs of the houses contain shades of orange and brown. In street components such as fire hydrants, signs and mailboxes, red color is generally used. Finally, it is possible to see all shades of light green in green areas, trees and even water channels.

Venice of the North

They call Bruges “Venice of the North“. Although the number and length of water channels are shorter and less than those of Venice, the architecture of Bruges Buildings is more magnificent than the Venetian ones. The water channels passing under the bridges connecting the keystone streets and streets, the fire hydrants and mail boxes in the corners are also worth seeing.

When it comes to places to visit in Bruges, you can actually try to “get lost” in the lonely streets of Bruges all day long instead of visiting one by one. You will feel like you are traveling from a time tunnel to medieval Europe.

3. Town Hall and De Burg Square

In Bruges, after passing the Arched canal bridges and walking through the narrow streets, we reach De Burg square. Here, it is worth seeing that the medieval Bruges Town Hall exhibits arched and gothic architecture at the same time. Festivals, feasts, fairs, handmade products and exhibitions are held in De Burg square, which is located right in front of the Municipality Building, which is at the top of our list of places to visit in Bruges. This area hosts an activity almost every day of the year. Stage preparations were being made for the concert while we were visiting.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is still used today to coordinate the management of the Bruges Municipal Services. Regardless of the management style throughout history, Brugge was managed from here. With its fascinating architecture reminiscent of castles, it enters our Bruges Attractions List at number 3. 

4. Saint Salvator’s Cathedral

Bruj St., which we can call the list of the world’s largest cathedrals. Salvador Cathedral is the most magnificent historical building in Bruges with its high tower. M.S. It started in 900. For many years, he was appointed as the High Priest by France. Therefore, it is possible to see French traces in the interior of the cathedral. It is known that the Wall Carpets have not been changed since 1731. At the end of the 1800s, a British architect gave the cathedral its final form and its present form emerged. Visiting the public areas of the cathedral is free. However, some of its special sections can be visited with a ticket.

5. Bellfort Tower

Bellfort Bell Tower, also known as the Watchtower, is one of the iconic buildings of Bruges. It has historically been used as the national central bank and watchtower. There is a large treasure room inside. It also has a bell set consisting of 47 large and small bells. The summit of the tower is reached by 366 steps. Nearly all of the film in Bruges was shot in the bell tower and the “Grote Markt” area right in front of it.

Bruges Watchtower

You can take a 360 degree view of Bruges from the Bell Tower, which was built in the Gothic Style in the 1200s. It is about 85 meters high. It was restored 4-5 years ago. It is from the European Middle Ages. It is on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List. There is an entrance fee. The Bell Tower is one of the must-see places in Bruges.

6. Grote Markt

Grote Markt is the place known as the Great Market Square or Bruges Marketplace. De Burg is the name of the large area right in front of the Bell Tower when you continue from the Square. This area includes the “Jan Breydel Statue“, which was built in memory of the Dutch sailors, the National Post Building, Historium (History) Museum and food restaurants. If you are going to eat in Bruges, the ideal place for taste and view will undoubtedly be the Grote Markt Area. Here, just opposite the History Museum, there is Carrefour Market. You can do the grocery shopping you need here. Although it is a little small, it is a market where you can find almost every product. You can use your Visa and Master credit cards.

This square, which was completed in the early 1200s, is like the heart of the city of Bruges. Grote Markt Square has the same meaning for Bruges what Taksim Square is to Istanbul. In the 14th century, the first seeds of the rebellion against the French King were sown in this square. Although Napoleon‘s name was given to this square in the 19th century, it was later removed and returned to its old name Grote Markt, the Great Market Hall.

7. Bruges Buildings

Gothic Architecture predominates in almost all historical buildings in Bruges. Although it reflects the Gothic style of different periods, it is a great feeling to feel this harmony. We have collected important buildings and places that you should see when you come to Bruges, Belgium, under this title. Let’s start with the Historium museum.

Historium Museum

It is the City History Museum, which was renamed Historium recently. Even its full name is known as Historium Brugge. When you enter, you will first watch Bruj Introductory Film prepared in different languages. If you entered as a group or group, you even have the chance to watch it in your own language. Museum entrance is paid and there are Gift Shops where you can buy souvenirs. Also, if you wish, you can go to the cafe in the terrace section and enjoy the pleasure of looking over the Grote Markt area. Museum entrance is subject to a fee. You can check the official website, where you can learn the ticket fees of the Historium Museum and buy them with your credit card, or you can buy physical tickets from the ticket offices.

Unlike conventional museums, Historium takes you on an unforgettable medieval tour with its Virtual Reality Glasses. The Historium Museum should be on your list of places to visit in Bruges.

Historium Müzesi Tanıtım Videosu
Historium Museum

State Court

The Brugge State Court building, located right to the right of the Historium Museum, is still used as a courthouse in accordance with its original form today. It reflects a complete medieval art with its gothic castles resembling castles. While it is not welcomed by tourists to visit during working hours, try your luck.

Brugge Post Office

Bruges Post Office Building, located right next to the state court building, is the building with a sign that says “Posterjen” in gold gilding on green background. These three adjacent buildings, the Historium, the State Court and the Bruges Post Office, display Gothic Architecture from different periods.

8. St. John Hospital

It is a hospital built at the very beginning of medical science. Today, it continues its life as a museum. In addition to the old patient rooms and operating rooms, it is possible to see the medical instruments used in the treatment of patients in that period. With its Gothic architecture, You must purchase a ticket to enter St. John Hospital. We strongly recommend you to visit the St. John’s Hospital, which is on our list of places to visit in Bruges, number 8.

9. Bruges Water Channel

We are close to the end of our Bruges Attractions list. Bruges water channels have been formed by a natural process that lasts for centuries. In other words, it was not made by man like the water channels found in Netherlands cities. You can take the “Bruges Water Canal Tour” with boats and rafts on the water channels. Bruges Water Channels, which we can call Europe’s second Venice, will take you on a journey through time in the Middle Ages. You will see the castles by passing under the arched bridges. I think you will take the most photographs along the water channel. Yes, Now take your lover’s hand and go on an unforgettable romantic tour together in the Bruges Water Canal.

We traveled a lot in Bruges. You must be hungry. Let’s take a break from the list of places to visit in Bruges and fill our stomach if you wish. Meanwhile, let’s answer possible questions.

What to Eat in Bruges? What to drink?

There are restaurants and cafes in Grote Markt, that is, just opposite the Bell Tower in the Big Square. In the Central Restaurant, it is possible to find flavors of English and French cuisine as well as sandwiches, pizza, toast and salads. Snack menu can be preferred in the place called Sint Joris Restaurant. Other venues in the square are De Beurze, Da Mario, Cafe Francais and Grand Cafe.

If the menus here are a bit salty, enter the side streets from the market square. You can find much more suitable menus here. If you have seen a restaurant called Soups in the side streets, you can have a great onion soup or fish soup here. More inland, “MariaStraat“, that is, Gruuthuse Hof located on Maria Street, will be one of the places that can be preferred to spend time and drink something.

There is also a Carrefour market on the street next to Historium in the market square. Here you can find pies, pizza, bread and croissants

Where to Buy Souvenirs in Bruges?

There is a public market right next to Bruges water channels and you can shop for souvenirs from the gift shop “Brugse Boekhandel De Meesier” on the cross sidewalk.

Where Is Brugge Belgian Chocolate Sold?

You can find the best quality chocolate in Bruges in the world famous Chocolate shop named Godiva. Although expensive, one of the few shops where you can buy the famous Belgian Chocolate in Bruges will definitely be Godiva.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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