Coban Harbor

Çoban Harbor offers us a wonderful natural atmosphere with its clear sea, green and calm nature, approximately 100-120 meters wide. It is the second stop on the Adrasan Bays Tour. There is no beach or beach where you can set your feet. The coast is rocky and the sea is quite deep. Because it resembles a giant pool, swimmers can enjoy the sea for hours here. If you are lucky, you can be visited by the Caretta Caretta Turtles.

Coban Harbor

Information About Shepherd Harbor

Coban Harbor is the closest bay to Adrasan on the Bays Route. However, tour boats mostly stop by this bay on their way back. No one knows why it is called Çoban Harbor or Çoban Bay. I couldn’t even find any solid information on the internet.

I asked the captain of our tour boat. I only learned the most consistent information from him for now. According to what the captain said, it was that people who were engaged in animal husbandry and shepherd in the region used this place as a shelter. Unfortunately, for now, I can only share this information.

Çoban Limanı Panoramik
Coban Harbor Panoramic Entrance

Another opinion is that the other name of Çoban Harbor is Korsan Bay. There is so much wrong information here that I don’t want to misinform you. Another bay known as Pirate Bay in Adrasan is Porto Ceneviz Bay.

However, the real Korsan Bay is located between the Gelidonya Lighthouse and Karaöz Beach, which is located in the Kumluca district and very close to Adrasan.

Where is Coban Harbor? How to go?

Bays Like other locations on our route, it is almost impossible to go to Çoban Harbor by road. There is a forest road, but as far as I know, it was closed to civilian entrances after the last Adrasan forest fire.

When you set off from Adrasan in the direction of the bays, it is just behind Taşlıkburnu in the southeast. Before it is Akseki Bay and after it is Sazak Bay.

You can come by sea by sea vehicles such as tour boats or private yachts. There is no beach or beach where you can step down from the sea vehicle and step on it.

Porto Ceneviz Koyu Haritası
Coban Harbor Map

Shepherd Harbor Map:

Activities in Shepherd Harbor

The only stop on the Adrasan Bays Route that does not have a beach is Çoban Port. It is almost like a giant natural pool. The sea is very deep here. Therefore, it is not suitable for amateur swimmers. But amateur swimmers can also enjoy it under the supervision of a life buoy or a good swimmer.

If you are lucky, Çoban Harbor is one of the places frequented by Caretta Caretta sea turtles. Since our tour boat started the Bays route from the opposite direction, we were almost the only ones in this beautiful bay and we were lucky. Caretta Caretta turtles came up to our boat. We even fed them with bread and watermelon.

Surprise Guest at Shepherd Harbor: Caretta Caretta

Having lunch or dinner on the boat and having a drink will be a unique experience for you. After we eat our captain, we enjoy the bay with Turkish and foreign songs from the sound system of the boat.

I recommend you to swim in Çoban Limani by wearing snorkels or goggles. It has a magic reminiscent of an aquarium. Since this section is very deep, do not try to dive without a tube and without training.

Çoban Limanı Caretta
Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle in Shepherd Harbor

In the harbor, which was frequently used by sea traders in the past, ruins can be found even today. Çoban Harbor offers us a wonderful natural atmosphere with its clear sea, green and calm nature, approximately 100-120 meters wide.

Çoban Harbor Camping and Hotel

There are no hotels, pensions, buffets, markets, showers, WCs or any facilities in Çoban Port. After getting in and out of the sea, we meet all of our shower, wc and other needs on our tour boat.

If you want to camp with your tent, you need to get permission from the Adrasan District Governor’s Office. However, since this part consists of steep cliffs, there is no suitable place to set up a tent anyway.

Coban Harbor Photographs

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