Golcuk Nature Park

Bolu Gölcük, located very close to weekends, especially for those living in cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, is a great getaway to relax. You can do picnic, trekking, hiking, camping and dozens of nature activities under plenty of oxygen in Gölcük National Park, which welcomes thousands of visitors every season.

Golcuk Nature Park
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Golcuk, Bolu

Golcuk National Park is a great getaway for those looking for an escape route from the stressful environment of metropolitan cities, especially due to its proximity to cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir and Sakarya. Daily tours can be made, or with package Bolu tours, besides Gölcük, you can stay for 1 night and visit Yedigöller and Abant.

The favorite Bolu route of the travelers is Yedigöller on the first day and Abant and Gölcük on the second day. In fact, if the season is winter, Kartalkaya can be added to this route. Let’s move on to the most important and most curious subjects about Gölcük.

Gölcük lake is an artificial lake built by the Forestry Administration using the dam method of the streams and streams in the region. In fact, we would not be wrong if we say that it is a small copy of Abant Lake.

Gölcük Özçekim İskelesi
Golcuk Pier

Where is Bolu Golcuk, How to Go?

It is located in the south-west of Bolu, approximately 15 km from the city center of Bolu. Those who will go by private vehicle can reach Gölcük by using the Karacasu road from the city center. There is a divided road up to where the thermal hotels are located, and then a single-lane but high-quality forest road.

There is an average speed limit application on the Karacasu road. For this reason, cars have to go at a maximum speed of 70 Km/h and other vehicles at 60 Km/h. If you exceed the speed limit, EDS cameras automatically issue a Traffic Fine.

Those who do not have a private vehicle can go by purchasing tickets from the ticket sales office of the Golcuk buses, where the old multi-storey car park is located. In addition to the shuttle vehicles, it is possible to go to Golcuk National Park with the municipal buses numbered 23 belonging to the Municipality of Bolu.

Bolu Municipality Public Transportation Golcuk Bus Schedules

Gölcük Nature Park Entrance Fee

Although the National Park is under the control of the Forestry Administration, the parking lot is operated by the Bolu Belediyespor Club. The parking and Gölcük entrance fees requested from the visitors are as follows for 2021 and 2022;

VehicleEntrance fee
Motorcycle22.00 ₺
Car33.00 ₺
Minibus125.00 ₺
Little Bus165.00 ₺
Big Bus330.00 ₺
Person11.00 ₺
Gölcük National Park 2022 Entrance Fees (Updated: 08-18-2022)

Gölcük Lake Places to Visit List

We have prepared a list of places to see and activities to do in Bolu, Golcuk, which has the status of a National Park. I didn’t see it, it doesn’t mean I didn’t hear it.

1. Picnic area

After paying your fee at the national park entrance, park your vehicle in a suitable place and proceed towards the pedestrian entrance. The area where there are restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops will welcome you first. When you continue from this area, the road splits into two.

When you go from the road that continues, not the road that goes to the right, there are custom-made barbecue picnic areas in the area on your left. When it is forbidden to make fires and barbecues due to forest fires, it is only allowed to light a fire in this special picnic area.

You can have a picnic on the benches, picnic tables and camellias in other parts of the park, but you cannot light a fire. By fire, we mean barbecue, samovar, campfire, etc. all inclusive.

2. Golcuk Lake House

In general, Abant and Golcuk are very confused. Even in many national tourism sites, there is a wooden chalet in Abant. In fact, this house has a similar one in Abant, but it is persistently mixed with each other.

Gölcük Göl Evi
Golcuk State Guesthouse

The house you see in the picture above is not in Abant, but in Bolu Gölcük. This house, which is almost identified with Bolu, is actually used as a State Guesthouse. Heads of state of foreign countries are hosted here. I went maybe 10-15 times, but I never saw that the guesthouse was full. I don’t think it’s a common place.

Since Golcuk State Guesthouse is not a public area, its interior is not open to visitors. But since it is one of the iconic places of the lake, you can take great photos from different places.

3. Golcuk Trekking and Walking Trails

There are 3 hiking trails with short, medium and long lengths. Walking around the lake is a trekking activity in itself. Try to make the most of every minute you spend in the national park. Thanks to plenty of oxygen, you can continue your activities at full throttle without getting tired.

4. Pier

It is below the cafe in a position that can be counted just at the entrance side of the lake. If there’s a crowd at the pier, find a way and try to take selfies when it’s secluded. It’s important to take pictures as well as selfies. Because the most beautiful Gölcük Lake View can be seen from here.

Göl İskelesi
Golcuk Observation Pier

5. Natural Sebil Fountains

The water flowing from the fountains located almost everywhere around the lake is of very high quality. There is nothing like drinking ice-cold natural forest water in the summer. In fact, this is the source of the waters flowing from the fountains called “Kökez” in the center of Bolu.

6. Golcuk Gol Restaurant & Cafe

You can have something to eat and drink while you relax in the meat restaurant and cafe located at the entrance of the nature park. It’s a good idea to take a break if you’re not ready for a picnic or if you’re tired of traveling. Eating a meal with a lake view or sipping a drink will be good for your soul.

Göl Restoran & Kafe
Golcuk Restaurant and cafe

7. Golcuk Souvenirs & Gift Shop

You can buy souvenirs and souvenirs from the souvenir shop, where products specific to the local culture of Bolu are kept at the forefront. Wooden Lake House themed key chains, magnets and models are the most purchased souvenirs. In these stores, picnic materials (barbecue, samovar, windbreaker, charcoal and even a tube) are sold as well as souvenirs.

8. Gölcük Bungalows and Camping

Accommodation opportunities in Gölcük are limited. Bungalow-style pensions located on the right side of the mosque of the National Park are very popular. It will be an interesting experience for you to stay in the Gölcük Bungalow Pension, which is designed entirely from wooden logs.

Except for the bungalows, there is no accommodation in the national park. If you are going to camp in a caravan or tent, you need to get special permission from the National Park administration and make a notification.

9. Golcuk Hotels and Other Accommodation Opportunities

The closest 5-star hotels to Gölcük Lake are in Karacasu district. You can stay in hotels such as Gazella Resort and Thermal Hotel. At Gazella Hotels, prices per person per night are between 1,000 TL and 2,500 TL, depending on the season.

When to go to Golcuk Nature Park?

Compared to other national parks in Bolu, it can be visited every day of the year during 4 seasons. The access road is available for driving even in winter conditions.

Annual Average Weather in Gölcük

In winter, you can rarely see above 0 (zero) degrees. In autumn and spring, the average air temperature in Gölcük National Park is between 15-25 degrees. It is 1-2 degrees cooler than the city center of Bolu in the summer months when there is the most visits.

Can you go to Gölcük in winter?

If you have the opportunity, I would recommend you to go to Gölcük for 4 seasons instead of wondering how it is in summer and winter. In winter, the lake is completely frozen and the snow falling on it forms a separate layer. As a result, an image resembling a white desert emerges.

Buz Tutmuş Göl Manzarası
Icy Golcuk Lake

As you can see in the picture, visitors who ignore the sign “IT IS DANGEROUS AND PROHIBITED TO GO ON THE FROZEN LAKE SURFACE” enjoy the breathtaking view. I stopped for half an hour at the place where I took the photo and 4 people sank into the water up to waist level due to the broken ice and got out with the help of their friends. What shall we say, will you laugh or cry?

Gölcük Nature Park in Spring

Would you like to witness the awakening and rebirth of nature in spring? If your answer is yes, you do not want to miss this historical moment that happens every year in Gölcük National Park. The sounds of frogs, the chirping of birds and the trees awaken from their deep sleep in the spring season, this place reminds us of paradise.

Panoramik Gölcük Parkı
Panoramic Gölcük Spring Photo

Golcuk Lake View in Summer

Gölcük is an escape point for those who are tired of the heat and humidity in the summer. Those who want to cool off to the fullest in these days when the picnic season opens, take their breath in the national parks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golcuk Nature Park

Is Gölcük Lake artificial?

Yes, Gölcük was formed by rehabilitating streams and streams and keeping water with dams. It has the status of an artificial pond made by man.

Is Gölcük National Park Free?

When entering Gölcük, it is subject to a fee, whether by foot or by car. For detailed information about the entrance prices, please see the Gölcük Entrance Fee Table.

What are the working hours of Gölcük Nature Park?

It is open to visitors from 06:00 in the morning until 22:00 in the evening.

Is it forbidden to make barbecue and fire in Gölcük?

Due to forest fires, it is prohibited to light fires in forest areas throughout Bolu. However, barbecues are allowed in the Gölcük National Park Picnic area.

Who owns the famous Lake House?

Golcuk Dag Evi, which is identified with Bolu, is located on the opposite shore of the lake. This house actually has the status of a State Guesthouse. Visitors are not allowed inside. It is reserved for the use of the President and foreign Heads of State only.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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