Porto Ceneviz Bay (Genoese Cove)

Porto Ceneviz Bay is one of the unforgettable bays on the Adrasan Bays Route. It is also known as Adrasan Pirate Bay, as sea pirates used it for shelter in ancient times.

Porto Ceneviz Bay (Genoese Cove)
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We are going to the bay of Adrasan, known as Ceneviz Bay or Porto Ceneviz Bay, with its fascinating nature view. This is one of the most preferred bays in the bays tour.

Where is Porto Genoese Bay? How to go?

Located in Antalya Kumluca district, Ceneviz Bay is impossible to reach by road just like other Adrasan Bays. You can only go by sea or by private yachts or daily boats departing from Adrasan Pier. Every day between 09:00 and 10:30 in the morning, boat tours go to the bays route, where you can have a great time all day long.

Porto Ceneviz Koyu Haritası
Porto Genoese Bay on the map

Porto Genoese Bay Map: https://goo.gl/maps/TAk2vx3u9iefJtEU8

It is often confused with the Ceneviz Bay in Düzce, Akçakoca. For this reason, the phrase Porto, which means historical port, was added to the beginning and named Adrasan Porto Ceneviz Bay.

In addition, in ancient times, sea pirates used it for hiding and defense. It is an endemic point of the Mediterranean that rarely sees waves. It is suitable for shelter regardless of weather conditions and season.

Because the pirates frequently used the Ceneviz Bay for sheltering, the ancients in Adrasan know this place as the Pirate Bay.

Transportation to Porto Ceneviz Bay with Adrasan Boat Tour

You can go to Porto Ceneviz Bay with dozens of large and small tour boats, rental yachts and boats at the Adrasan pier. In order not to leave your business to chance, I recommend you to book tour boats at least one day in advance.

With Adrasan Tour Boats, you can go to locations such as Aquarium Bay, Sazak Bay, Çoban Harbor and Taşburnu, including Porto Ceneviz Bay. All these locations are included in the Adrasan Bays Route.

Porto Ceneviz Bay
Adrasan Porto Genoese Bay

Ceneviz Bay Camping and Hotel

There is no special camping area or camping facility in Ceneviz Bay, which can only be reached from Adrasan by daily tour boats. As far as I know, camping tents can be set up with a special permission from the Gendarmerie.

Since the risk of forest fire is high, the Administrative Administration does not take kindly to camping or picnicking here. For this reason, most likely you will not be allowed to camp.

In Porto Ceneviz Bay, there are places that sell hot & cold drinks from a few huts. These mediocre businesses also disrupt the harmony in the bay and make it ugly.

Genoese Bay Mud Bath

Would you like to discover the mud bath only in the Genoese Bay, which is not found in other bays while you are on the Adrasan Bays tour? In fact, there is no mud bath waiting for you.

When you walk from the Genoese beach to the forest, you will see the dried up swamp in the reeds section. Here you have to scrape the clay that is quite hardened. For this, ask the tour boat captain for a tool such as a cut, hammer and dig with it and fill it into a bucket.

Then fill this bucket with sea water and mix it to obtain a viscous mud mortar. Here is our mud bath ready. Our Captain Ramazan Karaoğlan completed all these procedures for us and prepared a very healing mud bath for us.

Porto Ceneviz Bay Photos and Story Videos

Adrasan Ceneviz Koyu
Adrasan Genoese Bay Beach

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