Remich and Schengen

Tax Paradise Remich, the cheap shopping town of Luxembourg, and Schengen Village where the European Union Schengen Visa Agreement was signed. We hope you will read this article, which we prepared as a Remich Schengen Travel Guide, with excitement.

Remich and Schengen

Remich Schengen are the names of a town and village located in the Southeast of Luxembourg, the small but economically richest country in Europe. Remich was renamed “Remich Town” as it was officially converted into a town in 2018.

Luxembourg Remich Town

With a population of approximately 3,500 people, Remich is located on the border of Germany and France in Luxembourg, Europe’s tax haven. So much so that a sign on the bridge over the Moselle River, which passes through the Schengen Village and defines the border between Luxembourg and Germany, actually explains the situation here very well. Here is that picture;

Remich Schengen'de Almanya ve Fransa Sınır Hattı
Luxembourg, Germany and France Border Line

The territory of France is 2 km and Germany is 1 km from the place where the above picture was taken. It is possible to be in 3 countries on foot in a very short time. On the Benelux European Tour, we spent a few hours for shopping in Remich Schengen area.

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Remich Schengen Tour

In this article, where you will read curious questions and interesting information about the Remich Schengen Tour, which is one of the stops in Luxembourg of our Benelux European Tour, which covers 5 countries in total, you can learn about many subjects from shopping to accommodation, from transportation to souvenirs in Remich. We recommend you to read before going to Remich and Schengen, which is the nodal point where the lands of 3 countries come together.

Remich Schengen Visitting List

● Stars Square
● European Museum
● Shengen Stars
● Schengen Monument
● Moselle River
● Miniature Eiffel Tower
● Remich Floumoart
Remich Schengen'de Almanya ve Fransa Sınır Hattı

What to Eat in Remich and Schengen? What to drink?

It is possible to find food restaurants and cafes and pubs for drinks in Remich town. Taste Pizza, Seafood and Schengen Coffee.

Where’s Remich?

Remich Town, which has been deemed a village as of 2018, is located in the southeast of Luxembourg, right by the famous Moselle River. It is also the capital city of the Remich Canton. You can use shuttle services or rent a car to reach Remich. If you are coming from Germany, it is possible to reach by train. Apach (Moselle) train station is very close to Remich. Remich Town, which is about half an hour away from Luxembourg city center, can be reached by traveling 32 km from the E29 highway.

Remich Attractions

Apart from the few Tax Free shops in the town of Remich that sell low tax products, one of the places that can be seen is the Mini Eiffel Tower on the German side. During the Luxembourg Remich Schengen Trip, we obviously did not find much opportunity to visit due to heavy rain. However, we can say that it is a small town that can be visited in 1-2 hours on foot. For this reason, it would be a good decision to enjoy tax-free shopping in Remich and visit Schengen.

Minyatür Eyfel Kulesi
Miniature Eiffel Tower

During the Remich Schengen tour, you will change several countries in a short time. You set foot in Luxembourg, Germany and France on foot within 10 minutes. Naturally, this was an interesting experience for us. I also recommend that you sit on the benches by the Moselle River and watch the German Villages across the river from Luxembourg.

What to Do in Remich?

In Remich, one of the smallest towns of Luxembourg, the French and Germans, especially the French and Germans, do their food and beverage shopping here, as Europe’s lowest tax rates apply. The fact that fuel and alcohol are very cheap makes this place an economic attraction.

Cheap Shopping

According to statistics, although Luxembourg is seen as the country with the highest alcohol consumption in the world, do not be surprised by this Alcohol Consumption Rate. Because in Luxembourg and especially in border regions such as Remich Schengen, alcohol sales figures purchased by other countries are also included in this rate due to the reflection of low taxes on the label. As the population of Luxembourg is naturally low, they are considered to be the World Leaders in Alcohol Consumption. The words “remich alcool” and “remich alchol” were the most searched words for Remih by Europeans on Google. Alcohol is that serious for Remich. I can tell you about alcohol so far, produced 70cc like alcohol even cheaper than Turkey in Luxembourg. 🙂

We always talked about alcohol for Remich. Of course, alcohol is not the only thing cheap here. Remich is really cheap on products like Chocolate, Coffee and Tea. Products produced by the famous coffee brand in Turkey REMICH in Flohmark (floumoart Remich – Remich shopping center) is sold under the store called even at half the price. If you are going to shop for food and drinks from Europe, do it at Remich Shopping Stores. During the Benelux European Tour, we really got the cheapest food and beverage shopping and our gifts at Remich.

Remich Schengen Hotel Accommodation and Restaurant Recommendations

Since Remich is a small town, 5-star hotels do not come to mind when it comes to hotels. Boutique Remich Hotels. Overnight hotel accommodation prices in Remich are as follows;

I haven’t seen a famous dish as a meal in Remich town. However, I saw Pizza Restaurants, Soup Dish and Mussels in Remich. I remember seeing a place that makes seafood, but we had to run around due to heavy rainfall. During the Remich trip, we were able to find a Mc Donalds on the Route de I’Europe road, where the restaurants were busy, and we were fed here. The only thing I remember about eating at Remich was the intense smell of onions in restaurants. 🙂

Schengen Village

It is located on the banks of the Moselle river in Schengen Village, just like the town of Remich. Located on the border of France and Luxembourg, Schengen Village is an important place as it witnesses a historical moment for the European Union.

Lüksemburg Remich Schengen Moselle Nehri
Luxembourg Remich Schengen Moselle River

Where is Schengen?

The second stop on the Remich Schengen Tour, the Schengen Village has both a geopolitical location and a historical significance for the European Union. The Schengen village is located 10 km south of Remich.

Schengen Attractions

On June 14, 1985, the Customs and Passport control points between the 5 countries were mutually abolished and signatures were signed on a boat on the banks of the Moselle river in Schengen to create a visa-free area.

Our next stop on the Schengen Travel Guide is the Monument to the Stars of Schengen on the banks of the Moselle river. As you can see in the picture below, the star on the far left symbolizes France, the star on the far right symbolizes Germany and the star symbol in the middle symbolizes the Benelux countries. The big “E” symbol written with plants in front of the monument symbolizes Europe.

Şengen Yıldızları Anıtı Üçlü
Shengen Stars Monument

The second point in the Schengen trip is Stars Square. In the middle of this square, you will see three columns belonging to the Schengen Monument, which symbolizes the Schengen member countries and has 26 stars on it. With the participation of Liechtenstein in 2011, the number of member countries of Schengen reached 26.

Schengen Yıldızlar Meydanı
Stars Square, Schengen Monument and European Museum

Another place to visit in Schengen is the Schengen European Museum (Musée Européen Schengen – Center European) located just behind the Shengen Monument, which consists of three columns in Stars Square. When you descend from Stars Square to the Moselle River, you will see the concrete structure built in memory of the boat on which the Schengen Visa Agreement was signed in 1985.

Şengen Anlaşması İmza Atılan Tekne
Schengen Agreement Signed Boat

The last place you need to visit in the Schengen Village will be “Segment der Berliner Mauer“, namely the Berlin Wall Monument. The 45 km long wall built between East Germany and West Germany in 1961 during the cold war period is exhibited in the village of Remih Schengen in Luxembourg by carrying the original two columns from the Berlin Wall, which was called the “Wall of Shame“, which was demolished as a result of social events in 1989.

Şengen Berlin Duvarı
Remich-Schengen Berlin Wall Memorial

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We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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