Safranbolu Places to Visit

The Travel Guide we prepared for Safranbolu, which takes its name from the plant called Safran. Historical Safranbolu Houses, Cinci Han, Cinci Bath, Safranbolu Canyon, İzzetpaşa Mosque, İncekaya Aqueduct and Great Safranbolu Bazaar, which are World Cultural Heritage and taken under protection by UNESCO, constitute the historical layer. In addition to this, Safranbolu also has modern places to visit. New venues such as the Glass Terrace, Dereköy Mill, Coffee Museum and Safranbolu Zipline also add a different atmosphere to Safranbolu.

Safranbolu Places to Visit
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Safranbolu Travel Guide, which has taken its place in the minds with Safranbolu Houses, which have managed to reach the present day in their almost untouched state. We definitely recommend you to visit and see this distinguished district, which has been inherited from our ancestors for centuries.

Let’s create a List of Places to Visit in Safranbolu and then start traveling without wasting time.

Safranbolu Kültür Evi
Historical Safranbolu Houses

Where is Safranbolu?

Safranbolu is frequented by tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors every season. You can reach Istanbul and Ankara by air and then by road. Safranbolu is 4 hours from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and approximately 3 hours from Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

Safranbolu Gezilecek Yerler Haritası
Safranbolu Places to Visit Map

Located in the Western Black Sea region, Karabük is very close to our city. If there is time left after the Safranbolu trip, we definitely recommend you to visit Karabük.

How to go?

If you have a vehicle of your own, you can easily navigate with the help of navigation by clicking the link below.

If you do not have a car, you can get a ticket from the Istanbul and Ankara Intercity Bus Terminals by taking the buses going towards Karabük. The bus leaves almost every half hour. When you get off in Karabük, the bus company you travel with takes you to the center of Safranbolu free of charge.

Apart from these options, there is another transportation method. Safranbolu Tours organized daily or with accommodation. You can go with Safranbolu routes departing from Istanbul or Ankara. If you are going for the first time, going to Safranbolu with a tour organization will be the right way.

Safranbolu Places to Visit

  1. Safranbolu Houses (Mansions)
  2. Cinci Inn
  3. Cinci Hammam
  4. Old Safranbolu Bazaar
  5. Crystal Glass Terrace
  6. Tokatlı Canyon
  7. İncekaya Aqueduct
  8. Safranbolu Clock Tower
  9. Bulak Mencilis Cave
  10. Hıdırlık Hills
  11. Safranbolu City Museum (Old Government House)
  12. Coffee Museum
  13. Turkish Delight and Saffron Museum
  14. Leather Bazaar
  15. District Governors House
  16. Derekoy Mill House
  17. Saracoglu Coffee House
  18. Izzetpasa Mosque
  19. Safranbolu Zipline
  20. Safranbolu Forest

1. Historical Safranbolu Mansions (Houses)

Safranbolu Houses, known by a wide audience both in Turkey and abroad, is the main theme of this trip. At the same time, the historical Safranbolu Mansions, which were included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994, are concentrated in the district center.

In fact, we have seen many houses, mansions and inns that are very similar to Safranbolu Houses in terms of characteristic architecture, on a trip to Beypazarı and even Bolu Göynük. But you can see much more here. Frankly, whichever way you turn your head, you will definitely see a historical mansion or building. While visiting the mansions and houses to visit, you will find yourself in a time machine.

Safranbolu Tarihi Konakları
Safranbolu House

The district, which has a deep-rooted historical background, has hosted many civilizations. The list, led by the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydia, Persians and Romans, is quite long. It came under Ottoman rule in the 14th century and has been under the rule of Turks since then.

During the Ottoman period, it was a stop for trade caravans from Anatolia to Istanbul. For this reason, the number of caravanserais, inns and baths in Safranbolu is quite high. Almost all of today’s historical buildings were built during the Ottoman Empire period. It is known that these structures, which bear the lines of Ottoman architecture, are quite robust because of the use of eggs and milk in their mortar. In fact, this is the reason why they have withstood great earthquakes throughout history.

Safranbolu Houses are used as hotels, hostels, museums, restaurants or cafes as well as being used for residence purposes today. Nearly 90% of them are white in color. In addition, the most important feature of Safranbolu Mansions is that they are positioned in such a way that none of them obscures the facade and view of the other. It was done with this understanding in the houses in Istanbul during the Ottoman period.

2. Cinci Han (Inn) and Bath

If you can get enough of visiting Safranbolu Mansions, let’s come to the second place of our list of places to visit. I recommend that you find the Cinci Han in the old bazaar and visit it. Today, you can enter and tour the inn, which is run by a hotel and cafe. The entrance is free, but a tour fee is required to go to the upper floors.

• Safranbolu Places to Visit
Historical Cinci Han entrance gate

There is also a fountain with a fountain in the middle of the courtyard in the Cinci inn. It was built in the 17th century by Karabaşzade Hüseyin Bey, nicknamed Cinci Hoca, one of the former Ottoman rulers. It is known that the caravans passing through Safranbolu on the Silk Road rested and camped here. It was designed and implemented by Koca Architect Kazım Efendi.

Although it was used as a warehouse and animal barn in the early 1900s, it was restored and returned to its essence. There is even a Coffee Museum on the upper floor, which deals with the historical development of Turkish Coffee.

Safranbolu Old Bazaar (Grand Bazaar)

It consists of shops and stores with traditional Safranbolu architecture, located left and right in small narrow stone streets connected to each other. You can get lost for hours in the Great Safranbolu Bazaar and go on a journey in history. You can spend almost a full day in the historical bazaar.

Tarihi Safranbolu Çarşısı
Safranbolu Old Bazaar

What is sold in the old Safranbolu Bazaar?

  1. Saffron
  2. Spice shops.
  3. Shops Selling Saffron Turkish Delight
  4. Gift Shops
  5. Leather Bag, wallet and clothing store.
  6. Traditional Tableware and Headscarf Stores
  7. Shops selling black mulberry and soft drinks.
  8. Lighting and ornaments made from seashells.
  9. Shops selling herbal products and soaps.
  10. Handmade macrame products.
  11. Shops selling traditional Turkish Coffee, Ottoman and Dibek Coffee.
  12. Shops that sell rosaries from Andız core.

4. Crystal Glass Terrace

It overlooks the Tokatlı Canyon, located in the north of Karabük, and has been hosting many visitors in recent years. Safranbolu Glass Terrace, as the name suggests, is a safe business made of toughened unbreakable glass. You can enter the Glass Terrace by paying an entrance fee of 15 ₺.

A great place to see for those seeking adventure and fun. Here, visitors can take souvenir photos with a view of the Glass Terrace and the Canyon.

5. Tokatli Canyon

It is one of the natural landscapes that visitors want to visit the most when they come to Safranbolu. Those who come with the glass terrace and zipline installed on it have a very enjoyable time. If you want to see the Tokatlı canyon, which is naturally formed as a result of the erosion of the stream, with a drone, you can watch youtube videos.

Tokatlı Kanyonu
Zipline and terrace businesses on the canyon

The places known as Safranbolu Hidden Canyon is actually Tokatlı Canyon. A place worth seeing and visiting.

6. İncekaya Aqueduct

It is a historical arch bridge over the İncekaya canyon. It has a wonderful natural view both above and below it. You should definitely write the İncekaya aqueduct on the list of places to visit in Safranbolu.

İncekaya Köprüsü

7. Safranbolu Clock Tower

It was built in 1797 by the Grand Vizier of Safranbolu, İzzet Mehmet Pasha. The clock tower placed in Safranbolu Castle is designed as a square and is 20 meters long. The mechanical watch part imported from London works without a mainspring.

At the same time, the clock tower, which you can visit inside, holds the title of the oldest working clock tower in Turkey. It is located right next to the District Gendarmerie Command. There are also miniature clock towers in the garden section.

Safranbolu Saat Kulesi
Clock tower

8. Bulak Mencilis Cave

It is Turkey’s 5th largest cave in length. Its measurable length is about 6 kilometers. It consists of 3 floors inside. It contains an underground stream. In fact, some of the drinking water to the district is provided from this source.

It also has a valley-like landform. It is possible to descend into this valley with almost 150 steps of stairs. There are several ponds and siphons in the inner area where stalactites and stalagmites are located. Since it contains high humidity, visitors with shortness of breath and asthma should be extremely careful.

Safranbolu Mağara
Mencilis Cave

9. Hıdırlık Hills

It is known in history as the place where Turks settled when they first came to Safranbolu. Every year, the arrival of spring is celebrated by gathering here at the time of hidrellez. There is a mausoleum, a prayer place and a mausoleum in this area.

10. Safranbolu City Museum

It was built at the beginning of the 20th century on the place known as the castle. As a result of a fire that broke out in the 70s, it was badly damaged and became unusable. Later, with the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was restored in accordance with its original form in 2005 and gained the status of a museum.

Periodic exhibitions are held in it. In addition, historical and cultural items belonging to Safranbolu Region are exhibited in the museum environment. There are historical documents and belongings on the first floor of the 3-storey building. On the 2nd floor, there are works that shed light on the Ottoman and early Republican years. On the top floor, there are traditional products and handicrafts.

In different historical periods; Kalaycı, Shoemaker, Coppersmith, Wooden artifacts, Turkish Delight, Yemenici, Semerci, Saraçhane, Blacksmith, Coffeemaker and products related to medicinal plants are on display.

11. Coffee Museum

Safranbolu Coffee Museum is actually not a different place. It is a fairly new museum located in the Cinci Han. The museum, which is operated by the private sector, is located on the upper floor of the Caravanserai. Entry is paid. The entrance fee for the Coffee Museum is 15₺. However, this fee is not charged to hotel customers.

Kahve Müzesi
Historical Safranbolu coffee museum

12. Saffron Museum (Turkish Delight Gallery)

It is the newest museum of Safranbolu. In the Saffron Museum, which was opened in 2022, the historical process of the saffron plant, which is very valuable and also healing, is handled as a theme. In addition to saffron, historical items showing how traditional Turkish Delight with Saffron is made are also included. Be sure to visit the museum, which is opened to introduce saffron to the visitors in the best way.

Safran Bitkisi satışı

13. Leather Shop and Leather Museum

You can find wonderful handcrafted products in Dericiler Bazaar (Leather Shop), which is located in the central part of Safranbolu big bazaar. Leather products such as leather bags, backpacks, handbags, wallets, children’s bags, waist bags will dazzle your eyes. You should also visit the “tannery – tabakhane” museum, which means leather in the old language.

Deri Müzesi Safranbolu
Tannery (Leather) Museum

14. District Governors House (Government House)

The real name of the place known as Kaymakamlar Evi is the Old Government House. It is also known as the City Museum.

15. Derekoy Mill House (Cafe Restaurant)

Located in the south of Safranbolu and built on a small stream, the historical mill is still active today. It is sold by producing wholemeal, normal and einkorn flour with traditional methods.

If you are lucky, you can find the opportunity to watch the production live at the mill. You can go down to the mill house by using the path in the garden or by using the elevator tower.

Ahead of the mill, the stream becomes stagnant and a natural formation such as a pool occurs. In this section, there is Değirmen Restaurant where you can meet your food and beverage needs. Although the service is quite slow and the prices are high compared to the surrounding area, this is the restaurant with the most beautiful view.

There is a fairy tale house below the restaurant section. Here you can take photos accompanied by the wonderful natural scenery.

16. Saracoglu Roasted Turkish Coffee

When you want to drink something hot or cold in Safranbolu, I recommend you to go to Saraçoğlu Cafe in Büyük Çarşı. I especially recommend you to taste Turkish Coffee, which is prepared with a copper pot in wood embers and served with sherbet.

Saraçoğlu Kahve

The interior of the cafe is designed like a coffee museum. It features old coffee mills, antique ornaments and a cultural theme.

17. Historical İzzet Pasha Mosque

İzzetpaşa Mosque is located in the old bazaar. In terms of location, we can say that it is right in the center of the bazaar. The historical Safranbolu mosque, which has a large courtyard, was built in 1796 by the Grand Vizier İzzet Mehmet Pasha. It is almost a small example of the Nur-u Osmaniye Mosque in Istanbul. Both architecturally and visually they are exactly the same. The reason for this is that the birthplace of the Grand Vizier is Istanbul.

İzzetpaşa Camii
Historical İzzet Pasha Mosque

At the same time, there is the tughra of Selim III, the Sultan of the period. The interior of the sanctuary is square, unlike traditional rectangular designs. Two fountains, a fountain, a few shops, a complex and a library are also parts of the mosque.

18. Safranbolu Zipline

If you are tired of visiting historical places, Zipline is for you. Zipline is a frequent destination for those seeking adventure and excitement. You can cross the canyon over the steel rope installed on the Tokatlı Canyon. Run by a fully professional team, Zipline is a very safe activity.

Zipline Safranbolu
Safranbolu Outdoor Sports

Visitors from many age groups, young and old, experience this adventure. There are 2 steel Zipline lines just to the left of the Glass Terrace. You can experience this adventure without waiting in line. The zipline fee is quite reasonable.

19. Safranbolu Forest

When you come to Safranbolu, if you want to have a picnic or do nature activities in your spare time, go to the City Forest. In the city forest, outdoor sports, picnic and hiking activities are also allowed, as well as camping. Operated by the General Directorate of Forestry, but later transferred to the district municipality, this area includes playgrounds, pond, hiking trails, camping area (with charge), picnic area.

20. Other Places to Visit in Safranbolu

When you come to Safranbolu, which is full of history and natural riches, if you want to see other places after visiting the above places, we have prepared the list below for you.

  • Köprülü Mehmet Pasha Mosque
  • Lütfiye Mosque
  • Kazdagli Mosque
  • Central Mosque
  • Grand Mosque
  • Goztepe Tumulus
  • Sircali Canyon Wildlife Protection Area
Merkez Camii Avlusu Panoramik
Central Mosque Courtyard Panoramic

What to Eat in Safranbolu? What to Drink

We wandered around Safranbolu, an Anatolian town famous for its historical mansions, and we were very hungry. Where to eat? More importantly, what to eat in Safranbolu? Let’s talk about local specialties and famous dishes here. But let me warn you first. If you are at home and hungry, skip this part without reading. 🙂

There are a few doner shops and meatball shops in the historical Grand Bazaar. But if you want to discover the famous dishes of Safranbolu and at the same time fill your stomach, then let us take you outside the district center a little bit.

There is a restaurant built on the historical water mill 1.5 km south of the historical bazaar. Here, traditional dishes are served on traditional copper plates. It is a beautiful and peaceful place by the water. My favorite dish here was “Peruhi“, which is similar to ravioli.

Famous Dishes of Safranbolu

  1. Peruhi (Local Ravioli)
  2. Spread with Walnut and Kesh Cheese
  3. Well Kebab
  4. Tile Meatballs
  5. Pakla Fresh Beans with Butter
  6. Leaf Wrapping
  7. Gobu (Oily Flatbread, Baked)
  8. Local Bagels With & Without Bagels (Without Sesame Bagel)
  9. Bending Pita
  10. Walnut Donut
  11. Saffron Zerda Dessert
  12. Safranbolu Baklava
  13. Ottoman Force Paste
  14. Saffron Turkish Delight
Peruhi Mantısı
Safranbolu Ravioli (Peruhi)

Local Safranbolu Drinks

  1. Cranberry Sorbet (Kiren)
  2. Herbal Saffron Tea
  3. Famous Bağlar Soda
  4. Oily Butter Ayran
  5. Roasted Turkish Coffee

Safranbolu Hotels

1. Historical Konak Pensions

There are many different accommodation possibilities in Safranbolu. Visitors can make accommodation according to their personal tastes and preferences. For example, you can stay in a historical mansion. Historical Konaklar works as half board and full board. It is mostly located in the old bazaar and its surroundings. However, there are restored mansion hostels in other neighborhoods.

2. Hotels and Pensions

If you wish, there are 3 and 4 star hotels located a little outside of the historical bazaar but still within the boundaries of the district. These hotels are designed in a newer and modern way, unlike traditional mansions.

3. Camping & Caravan

You can find tent camps and caravan parks in the Tokatlı Canyon, Glass Terrace and Urban Forest area. Accompanied by the natural canyon and forest views, this must be the most beautiful form of accommodation. There are also businesses that provide Camping and Caravan Park services.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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