Salda Lake

Turkey Maldives are known as Salda Lake quite the shining star and named frequently in recent years has become a place mentioned. We tried to answer your questions about Salda Lake.

Salda Lake
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Salda Lake is “Turkey’s Maldives” to Burdur Yeşilova is located 5 km from the town and the natural wonders of our country is not another more like a lake. It was not a well-known place in the past years, as it is not very much on the road and is not a frequent place. However, as a result of the development of technology and the spread of channels such as Social Media, many local and foreign people now know Salda Lake. While we were going to Antalya with our own vehicle for summer vacation in 2018 and 2020, we also said let’s see these “Domestic Maldives“. Indeed, what is written on the internet and even the blog post you are currently reading will never be enough to describe this magnificent view. The places you must see with the eyes of the world should definitely be at the top of your list.

Salda Gölü
Salda Lake, BURDUR

About Salda Lake

Burdur ‘s about 70 km south west, located 5-6 km from the town of Salda Lake Yeşilova Turkey’s hidden nature is one of the Wonders. It welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Salda Lake is 650 km from Istanbul, which is approximately 7.5 hours away.

It is a karstic lake formed by natural roads at an altitude of 1140 meters. Since the coasts do not have much depth, there are almost no waves on the lake surface. However, the depth is high in the central part. It reflects the sky and the silhouette of the surrounding mountains almost like a mirror on days when there is no wind in summer. Its water is extremely salty and deep, so it is not suitable for swimming. However, we saw dozens of people swimming without paying attention to this. If we have already said swimming, you have to sail 50-60 meters from the beach. Even at this distance, your feet touch the lake floor. There are hidden swamp places in some places. Swimming is a little dangerous.

How to get to Salda Lake?

You set out from Istanbul or the city you live in and I assume you have come to Burdur Denizli road. You are very close to Salda as soon as the sign that I will share the picture of you now appears. That’s how easy it is to get to Salda Lake. 🙂

Salda Göl Yolu
Salda Lake Highway

General Information on Transportation and Tours

Actually, I mentioned at the beginning of our article, it was not a well-known place until recently. Until the last few years, it was a place where motorcycle groups and caravans camped to stay. However, when Social Media got involved, people started to wonder about this heavenly place and there was a noticeable increase in the number of visitors. Salda Lake turned out to be one of our favorite tourism centers when it provided food and beverage and basic needs (such as toilet, shower and parking lot) in a few facilities established by the lake.

These facilities around the lake that I mentioned only demand a payment between 25 and 30 TL under the name of entrance fee for 2020. This fee includes services such as parking, open and closed showers, WC. However, the entire lake and beach are open to the public and no charge is required.

If you are currently reading this article, be sure to add it to your upcoming travel plans. Culture and Nature Tours that include Burdur and Isparta regions and even Denizli are also organized. Turkey’s leading brands in the round, just as they organize day tours to the Maldives a few of our own. Whatever you do with your tour, vehicle, caravan or motor, you should definitely come to it. Frankly, we did a good advertisement.

How Was Salda Lake Created?

Although the shallow parts near the beach in Salda Lake though Turkey is one of the most deep lake. The deepest point that can be measured is approximately 180 meters. It is formed as a result of a completely natural process. It is not an artificial lake or pond. It is not possible for fish, algae or any other living thing to survive due to the intense oxygen originating from the depth. Therefore, it has a very clear appearance. The main reason for this is the high oxygen density and the absence of plant life such as algae.

Salda Gölü
Salda Gölü

Although there is no living habitat in the lake, the close vicinity of the lake and the forested area are home to many bird species, winged insects (wait, don’t be afraid, insects like butterflies).

White stones on the edge and shores of the lake contain high-density magnesium. For this reason, it is not possible to see algae or underwater plants. In fact, when you look at these white stones for a long time, it will have an eye-illusion effect. You will see things like foam at the edges of the lake, where it meets the beach. But this is all illusion. When you bend over and look closely, you will see that it is the color of the magnesium stone that causes this. Salda Lake is one of Turkey’s cleanest lake. You cannot see foaming, contamination and waste. In the picture below, you can see the photo of the magnesium stones I mentioned covered with water on the shore. It looks as if there is no water, but there is a 5-6 cm thick layer of water on it.

Salda Göl Suyu
Salda Gölü Beach

Activities that can be done in Salda Lake

1. Camping

If we talk about a few of the activities that can be done in Salda Lake, priorities can be camping with a caravan and camping tent by the lake. There is a wooded area, there is a camping area by the lake. There are sinks and showers here, but it is not very hygienic.

A little further behind the camping area, that is, it falls on the east coast of the lake, there is a more decent place than the camping area. You pay 25-30 TL entrance fee with a vehicle. There is a restaurant, shower, WC and a boarding house. Since we do not eat here, I cannot give information about the taste and prices. However, it is generally a clean and decent facility.

Salda Gölü
Salda Lakeside

There is also a facility in the South corner of Salda Lake. However, I cannot give information for now because I do not use this facility. But I promise we will check in to this facility on my next visit. It is not possible to visit the northern and western parts of the lake as they are closed areas. The fact that there are very few facilities around the lake is due to its status as a Natural Site. In the meantime, it was decided to turn Salda Lake into a “National Garden (Millet Bahçesi)” with new information. I hope the lake will benefit and the fate of the lake is not like the Black Sea plateaus.

2. Walk by the Lake

In fact, the best activity to be done in “Salda gölü” will be walking on the beach by rubbing your feet into the water. You can walk around the lake and forest areas. However, the point you need to pay attention to, do not stare at the water by the lake for a long time, you may be dizzy. Also avoid long walks at noon.

Salda Göl Manzarası
Salda Seaside

Another activity that can be done by the lake, if you have one, is to take a tour around the lake with your vehicle. Although we wanted to enter the northern parts of the lake with our vehicle, we were not successful. There is private property, there is a construction site such as a quarry or a mine. You are not allowed in. You can visit these parts on foot. Also, be careful here, there are dirt roads leading down from the pine area to the lake shore and you can get stuck in the swamp. Do not try to enter places where there is no vehicle track. Let’s warn:)

3. Can one swim in Salda Lake?

Can you swim in Salda Lake? The answer to the question is “No” if you are an amateur swimmer. If you are a professional swimmer, it is up to you to decide. I can’t say yes, I’m content with just saying “You Know“. There are warnings of No Swimming on the signs placed on the shore of the lake. I was on the lake shore for about 4-5 hours, and there was no person like a lifeguard. In fact, a member of our national diving athlete’s team disappeared suddenly while swimming in Salda Lake in recent years and his lifeless body was found as a result of hours of search and rescue efforts. My advice to you is just to put your feet in Salda Lake.

Salda Gölü Yüzmek
Salda Beach – It is Dangerous and Prohibited to Enter the Lake

The depth is almost constant for about 25-30 meters from the coastal areas to the center of the lake. Even the water level is not as high as the height. However, the lake can deepen in an instant and I would like to remind you that it is one of the deepest lakes in our country. For this reason, you should be very careful even if you are a professional swimmer.

4. Beach Volley

You can play beach volleyball in the volleyball court located on the beach part of the lake. There are no volleyballs here. If you are going to play, you should bring a volleyball with you. The beach is very wide, suitable for playing volleyball as well as frizby or football.

Salda Göl Sahil
Salda Kumsalı – Beach Volley

5. Skiing in Salda Lake – Winter Tourism

Salda, which hosts many visitors in the summer months, offers the opportunity to ski in the winter months. Although it has not yet been among the attractions for skiing, it is worth seeing.

6. Landscape and Bird Photography

At sunrise, at sunset, when the sun is at its peak, every minute the sun’s rays fall on the lake surface at different angles, the lake takes on a different color and a completely different mystery. It is possible to take very nice professional photos.

You should definitely go and see Salda Lake on site. You will witness much more than what is described in this blog post with your own eyes.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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