Sazak Bay

You will definitely ask yourself this question when you witness one of Turkey’s unique bays, Sazak Bay, and its untouched landscape that makes the heavens jealous. Where am I? You can witness this wonderful view closely with the daily tour boats in Adrasan town of Kumluca district of Antalya.

Sazak Bay
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Sazak Bay is close to Adrasan Town, which is in the middle of Antalya’s Kemer districts in the east and Kumluca districts in the west. You can visit this natural wonder bay with daily yacht and boat tours, which have increased in popularity in recent years.

With its glass-clear sea water of the Mediterranean, its beach consisting of a mixture of sand and pebbles, it offers us a visual feast. Moreover, the forest area in the background is also his effort.

Information About Lovers (Sazak) Bay

Another known name of Sazak Bay in this region is Lovers Bay. It is known that this name was given because in ancient times, couples in love came here to escape from the crowd and spend time.

The story of this bay being called “Sazak” is the blueberry trees in the inner parts of the bay. Since these trees that grow blueberries are called Sazak Tree in the region, the name of the sheep has been determined as Sazak Cove.

Keşif Rotamız Adrasan

Adrasan Travel Guide

How to go to Sazak Bay?

There are 1 and a half ways to go to Sazak Bay. It may sound silly, but that’s exactly how it is. Almost all of those who go to Sazak can go by sea. If you have a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle, you can also try the forest road. The forest road is not suitable for normal vehicles. I tried to go with the normal vehicle and it cost me 4 tires.

This wonderful cove, which is 12 km away from Adrasan by bird flight, can be reached in approximately 40 minutes by boat. The bay is also very close to Cirali – Olympos beach.

Phaselis Antik Tiyatro

Places to Visit in Phaselis

There are dozens of daily tour boats departing from Adrasan pier between 09:00 and 10:30 in the morning. If you wish, you can make a reservation for these boats and go to Sazak Bay with the Bays Route tour. Or you can reach Sazak beach by private yachts and boats for families or groups that can be rented daily.

Sazak Bay Maps
Sazak Cove

Sazak Bay Maps:

What to do in Sazak Bay?

When you look at the comments about Sazak Bay on social media and on the internet, your chance of encountering negative content is very low. If you see a negative thought, it may be about tour boats, not Sazak Bay.

Sazak Koyu Panoramik Fotoğraf
Panoramic Sazak Bay Beach

What to do in Sazak Bay, which has 4.4/5 stars with the rating made by Google users? Where to Visit?

  1. You can swim with pleasure by jumping into the sea from the tour boats anchored very close to the Sazak Beach. The tiny waves caused by the boats will massage you. Close your eyes, count to 3 and then open them. Convince yourself that you are in heaven. Feel the completely natural therapy effect.
  2. If you came to Sazak with a daily tour boat from Adrasan, you do not have a chance to have a picnic. Because the meals and appetizers on the boat are sufficient. However, if you came by private boat, you can take a picnic break here.
  3. Even though it is stated on the travel sites that it is possible to have a mud bath in Sazak Bay, do not mind it. Because the only place where mud bath can be done is Youth Mud in Porto Ceneviz Bay.
  4. You can come across blueberry trees when you move from the beach to the interior, that is, towards the forest.
  5. Daily boats stop for lunch in this bay.

Leaving Lovers Bay, which has a fascinating and extremely calm atmosphere, we move on to the next bay.

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