Spain Cities and Places to Visit

The historical artifacts and architectural works built during the Roman Empire to Andalusia Umayyads after the Gothic and Baroque Period and the peak of Cubism fascinate those who see it. Spain Travel Routes and travel guide that we discovered on the great Spain tour.

Spain Cities and Places to Visit
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The Kingdom of Spain, now known as Spain, is located on the Iberian Peninsula in the southwestern part of the European Continent. The neighboring countries of Spain, which borders the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, are Andorra, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom by sea. Unlike Europe, it has a growing young population of 47 million.

Although it is known for bullfighting in our country, bullfighting is officially banned in regions such as Catalonia and Basque.

• Spain Cities and Places to Visit
Plaza de Espana

We have included what you need to know before traveling to Spain in our article titled “What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Spain“. We recommend that you read this article before your trip. Now let’s move on to our long-term Spain Tour Travel Notes and discover together what places to visit in Spain.

General Information About Spain

Political and Administrative Management

Spain is a powerful country that has been standing in the south of Europe for centuries and has written its name in history books in gold letters in the world, especially when geographical discoveries are considered. Today, especially Catalans and Spaniards in the Basque Country strongly reject and oppose the Kingdom, that is, the Monarchic regime, demanding the arrival of a Democratic Republic regime.

In 2017, Catalans declared their autonomous regions with their peaceful popular protests and even elected their own presidents through illegal independent elections, which was halted by both the Kingdom of Spain and the European Union in order to ensure peace. The elected President of Catalonia has now taken refuge in a European country other than Spain. In the days we wrote this article, news that Catalans would open representative offices in 7 countries was on the world agenda. Now we leave the turbulent Spanish politics aside and start the Great Spain Tour, where we will tour the historical and modern cities.

• Spain Cities and Places to Visit
  • Population: 47 million
  • Capital City Madrid
  • Money: Euro €
  • Time Zone: +1
  • Phone Code +34

Great Spain Tour

Our plane, which took off from Istanbul very early in the morning, landed in Lisbon, Portugal, 5 hours after a long journey, and our Great Spanish Tour started from Lisbon. After a full day of city tour in Lisbon, we crossed the Tejo river with the 25th April Bridge, known as the Salazar Bridge, and crossed to Spain. The Tejo river, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal, continues for 1100 kilometers to the north of Spain. Even the Spaniards call it the Taho River.

We have established with one of Turkey’s leading tour company in Portugal – Tour of Spain experiences we have lived in Spain in the sights feet and we share our observations with you in this blog post in general. We have prepared the places to visit in Spain, the land of explorers, separately in the following articles. We guess that you will read the articles of cities and towns we visited in the Andalusia region with interest.

Where is Spain?

How to get to Spain? Turkish Airlines has seasonal flights to Spain throughout the year and other airlines. There are reciprocal flights with THY from Istanbul to the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga. There are connecting flights from Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and other cities.

You can learn about passport and visa information from Spanish Visa Conditions article.


Places to Visit and Wondering Questions

We have created a list of places that should be visited on your travels for holiday or tour purposes. There is no need to limit ourselves to 3 places, 5 places or 10 places to visit in Spain.

Andalusia Attractions

1. Sevilla and Alcazar Palace
2. Cordoba and Cordoba Cathedral (Cordoba Mosque)
3. Granada ve Alhambra Palace
4. Malaga.

• Spain Cities and Places to Visit

Places to visit in modern cities

1. Madrid –
2. Valencia –
3. Bilbao –
4. Barcelona (El Born, Gothic Town, Park Guel and La Sagrada Familia).

Historical and Other Tourist Attractions

1. Toledo –
2. Zaragoza –
3. Girona –
4. Figueres (Salvador Dali Museum).

Al Hamra Palace in Andalusia and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona were undoubtedly what attracted us the most during the Tour of Spain. In addition to these, the flamenco culture of the south and the modern baroque architecture of the north are also very impressive. It is possible to come across examples of Baroque Architecture that we saw in Cologne during the Benelux tour.

Famous People and Masterpieces of Spain

Let’s briefly get to know the most important historical figures of Spain, who brought many important people from science to art to the world. But first, let’s take a look at the explorers.

◯ Although born in Italy, Amerigo Vespuci made discoveries for the Spaniards and discovered South America. Today, his tomb is in Seville, Spain.
Christophe Colomb is also a Spanish of Italian origin. He explored India and found America by mistake. Magellan had already discovered it before him. 🙂 Today his tomb is in a cathedral in the city of Seville.
James Cook is the Famous British Sailor and also explored the Australian continent.
◯ The famous literary figure of the Spanish, Don Juan. Personality with spiritual distortions called “womanizer”.
Juan Sebastian and the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan, with the support of the Spaniards, explored the seas and at this time put forward the theory that the earth was round for the first time.

Of course, there are not only explorers in there. It has also created famous names in the field of Art and Architecture.

◯ World Famous Painter Picasso lived in Malaga.
◯ Painter Goya
Gaudi (Architect)
Salvador Dali (Painter) Cubism style.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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