Suluklu Lake

Although Sülüklü Lake is not as well known as the other lakes in Bolu, it is one of the hidden paradises that has remained untouched until today because it is rarely visited. You should definitely see Sülüklü Lake, which attracts us with its fascinating view in spring, summer and autumn seasons except winter. Since Istanbul is close to Ankara, Eskişehir, Bursa and Düzce, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of visitors in recent years.Bolu Sülüklü Lake is a natural wonder. Glamping Modern Tent offers accommodation. It is very close to Istanbul, Düzce, Ankara and Eskişehir.

Suluklu Lake
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Suluklu Lake (Leeches) Nature Park, located within the borders of Bolu Mudurnu district, consists of a natural tectonic lake and unlimited forest area under the protection of the Ministry of Forestry. It is a great natural spot for nature lovers and especially Campers.

It is a place you can choose for a day picnic, to escape from the noise and stress of the city. Picnics are only allowed in open areas close to the lake and where there are no trees.

In the past, there were many leeches in the lake. This is where the name of the lake comes from. However, over time, the trout released and produced in the lake within the scope of aquaculture practice have consumed the leeches.

General Information About Sülüklü Lake

Since the Sülüklügöl road is quite bumpy and has plenty of ramps, a difficult journey awaits us. For this reason, it is not a frequented place on the road. In fact, this is considered a plus for you. Because the density of people and to put it bluntly, it is very rare to come across picnickers every step of the way compared to other places.

In this way, you will be satisfied with the calm and quiet lake view. It will be a wonderful experience to walk by the lake and in the forest, or even to get lost in the still waters of the lake for hours. The healing and reparative aspect of this feeling in the human body should never be overlooked.

Sülüklü Göl Ormanı
Sülüklü Lake Forest Landscape

Where is Sülüklü Göl Nature Park?

Sülüklü Lake National Park is located in a volcanic mountainous region on the border of Bolu and Sakarya. It is a natural wonder, which is located in Bolu exactly and is not known as much as Abant or Yedigöller, but is very hidden.

In fact, it is a place frequented by campers, adventure seekers and picnickers. You can reach Sülüklügöl when you climb with your car to the summit, about 9 km from Tavşansuyu village of Mudurnu district of Bolu.

Although it seems like a short road of 9 km, it takes some effort to go to Sülüklügöl. Because some parts of the road are very bad and extremely narrow. But believe me, a beautiful view is waiting for you at the summit, which is worth your patience and effort.

Sülüklü Göl Yolu
Sülüklü Lake road.

How to go to Lake Sülüklü in Bolu?

Sülüklü Lake Nature Park, which is approximately 200 km from Istanbul, is also close to Ankara, Sakarya, Düzce and Izmit.

For short directions, take the Mudurnu exit on the Ankara-Istanbul highway or take the Akyazı exit on the Ankara-Istanbul D100 highway and turn onto the Adapazarı-Mudurnu (D140) road. After continuing 40 km on this road, take the Tavsansuyu road. The last settlement where you can meet your food and beverage needs is Tavşansuyu town.

From here you will not find any market. At the end of Tavşansuyu town, the road will split into two and you will see the Mudurnu Sülüklügöl sign. When you come to the end of this road, which is about 16 km long and mostly consists of a damaged surface, you will see the wooden building belonging to the Ministry of Forestry.

Sülüklü Lake Map:

How much is the Sülüklü Lake Entrance Fee?

Bolu Sülüklü Lake Nature Park entrance fees:

Vehicle typeFee
Person (Pedestrian and Bicycle)1.00 $
ATV and Motorcycle3.00 $
Car5.00 $
Minibus10.00 $
Midibus20.00 $
Bus40.00 $
Camp Fee (Per person per night)15.00 $
Caravan (Vehicle fee per night)20.00 $
Sülüklü Lake 2021-2022 Entrance Fees –

During busy periods, you are not allowed to enter the national park with your car. You are requested to park your vehicle on the roadside immediately at the entrance of the national park. Afterwards, you enter the Sülüklü Lake National Park on foot.

However, the vehicles of the visitors who come for camping and accommodation are taken to the parking lot inside. There is such an application in busy days. Sülüklügöl camp fee is calculated per night.

After paying the fee and entering the Sülüklü Göl National Park, you will see two separate roads leading to both sides of the lake. You can reach the lake shore by choosing one of these roads.

Sülüklü Göl Giriş Kapısı
Sülüklü Lake National Park Entrance

National Park Visiting Hours

– What hours is Sülüklü Göl, located in the Mudurnu district of Bolu, open?

Sülüklü Lake Working Hours

Open: 09:00 am.
Close: 19:00 pm.

*There is no time limit for visits for camping and accommodation purposes.

Sülüklü Lake Distance Information

How far is it from Istanbul to Sülüklügöl?

The distance between Sülüklü Göl and İstanbul is 215 km. It is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

How far is it from Eskişehir to Sülüklü Göl?

There are 2 different routes from Eskişehir to Sülüklü Göl. 170 km from Bilecik. 241 km by using the D650 highway.

How far is Sülüklü Göl Bolu?

3 different routes can be used between Sülüklü Göl and Bolu. It is 85 km from Abant, 150 km from the highway and 100 km from the D160 highway.

How far is it from Sülüklü Göl to Düzce?

There are 2 different routes to go from Düzce to Sülüklü Lake. It is 110 km away from Sülüklü Lake via the highway, and 141 km away by the D 160 highway.

How far is it from Sülüklü Göl to Yedigöller?

There are 3 different routes between Bolu Yedigöller and Sülüklügöl. The shortest route is on the D140 highway, 121 km away and approximately 3 hours away.

How far is it from Gölcük to Sülüklü Göl?

You can reach Sülüklü Lake, which is approximately 101 km away, in 2 hours by using the D160 highway from Gölcük Nature Park.

How Was the Lake Formed?

The lake, with a maximum depth of 35 meters, was formed a few centuries ago as a result of natural landslides caused by tectonic movements. As a result of the landslide barrier blocking the Hongurdak stream, this natural wonder lake started to form.

One of the unknown mysterious aspects of Sülüklü Lake is the 180 standing pine trees in the lake that have survived to the present day without decaying. As a result of the decrease in the water level in the summer and autumn seasons, the top and even the trunk parts of a few of these trees can be seen.

Sülüklü Göl Batık Ağaçlar
Trees in Sülüklü Lake.

Is Fishing Possible in Sülüklü Lake?

Fishing with a fishing line in the lake is subject to special permission. Also, you cannot hunt in all seasons. For this, you can get information from Bolu Forestry Directorate and you can see warnings in this direction at the entrance of the national park. In October, when I visited Lake Sülüklü, there was a “No Fishing” sign at the entrance.

If you are going to camp during the hunting season, I would definitely recommend bringing your fishing rod with you. Although you are allowed to have barbecues or small fires in the dirt areas by the lake, large-scale campfires are not allowed. From time to time, officials and the Gendarmerie can inspect.

Except for fishing, all other types of hunting are prohibited. Fishing is allowed only at certain times of the year.

Geographical Features of Suluklu Lake

At an altitude of approximately 1200 meters, Sülüklü Göl and its surroundings have climatic characteristics characteristic of the Black Sea and Marmara regions. In addition, the lake water can be seen in different colors seasonally.

Accommodation and Hotel Information in Suluklu Lake

Since the National Park and its immediate surroundings are located within the “Natural Protected Area”, no construction is allowed. Until recently, there was no accommodation facility in Sülüklü Göl other than tents and caravans.

1. Ala Glamping (Modern Camping Tent) Rooms

A different accommodation experience is offered with the newly opened Sülüklü Göl Glamping (Modern Camping Tent) within the national park. It emerges with an awning stretched over the triangular aluminum laths.

Since some parts of the awning are designed as transparent, it offers a panoramic window. All of the awning is covered with wooden blocks, except for the transparent part inside.

Sülüklü Göl Glamping Odaları
Sülüklü Lake Nature Park Ala Glamping Accommodation

What’s inside the glamping tent?

  • 1 double bed
  • 1 glass-covered cast iron fireplace stove
  • 2 folding wooden chaise lounge chairs
  • 2 wooden authentic coffee tables
  • electrical plug
  • 1 hanger
  • 1 mini cabinet

2. Bungalows

Unfortunately, accommodation opportunities in Sülüklügöl are somewhat limited. For this reason, it does not offer us bungalow type accommodation for now. However, you can have a different experience by choosing Glamping tents, which are very similar to bungalow rooms.

Glamping Çadır İç Kısmı
Sülüklügöl is a modern camping glamping type accommodation.

3. Camping or Tent

Except for the winter season, camping tents can be set up in Sülüklü Göl in all seasons. However, the best season for camping with tents is Spring and Summer. At this time of the year, you can witness the awakening of the lake and nature very closely. If you are lucky, you can observe the stars very closely on a cloudless night and even hold them with your hand.

4. Caravan

There is accommodation opportunity in Sülüklü Lake with average-sized caravans. I do not recommend it for large motorhomes due to both the unevenness of the Sülüklü Göl road and the parking problem. However, you can have an adventurous stay with standard size caravans, shuttle caravans and caravans.

In Sülüklü Göl National Park, there is no other form of accommodation other than glamping rooms, tents and caravans. There is no hotel or hostel type accommodation.

Places to See in Suluklu Lake

If you want to take pictures with the theme of Lake Sülüklü, the best place is where the huge log is. This log is actually one of the remaining trees in the lake and is almost the same age as the lake. It is estimated to be around 300 years old. You can take insatiable photos with the magnificent view of Sülüklügöl on this log.

You can do long or short trekking around the lake. You can even go further and walk the 9 km rough road, not with your car. This will be a walk that requires some conditioning. If you are confident in yourself, you can experience such an adventure.

Sülüklügöl Büyük Kütükler
Sülüklügöl 300 Year Old Log

The remains of dozens of old pine trees that appear in the middle of the lake in the middle of the lake with the decrease in the water level in the lake in summer and autumn are definitely a sight worth seeing. The summer season is ideal to see this rare sight. You may not be able to see the trees in the lake during the spring months when rainy weather and snow melts.

Weekend package tours are organized to Sülüklügöl from Ankara and Istanbul. These tours are advantageous in terms of price and timing. Get away from the busy pace of the city and surrender your body and soul to the peaceful environment of Sülüklü Göl Nature Park. You will definitely feel its regenerative effect on you.

Sülüklü Lake Hiking Tours (Trekking)

There are daily tours and tour organizations covering the lake and 11 plateaus and 4 lakes in its vicinity. If you are confident in your fitness, high-tempo hiking trails are waiting for you.

Nature tours that start at 10:00 in the morning and end at 19:00 in the evening after dozens of adventurous activities have been frequently preferred in recent years. The Sülüklü Göl Nature Tour includes hiking trails, ATVs, bicycles and even 4×4 terrain vehicles.

In addition to walking in nature, a breakfast full of local flavor culture and the pleasure of barbecue at lunch attract people. Be sure to try this great adventure.

In which season to go to Sülüklü Lake?

In which season should we go to Bolu Sülüklü Lake, where you can enjoy the greenery and nature to the fullest, especially in spring and summer?

You can go in any season except winter. Going in winter is almost impossible due to road conditions. However, in other seasons, it is possible to go out with almost all vehicle types.

The lake road, which is quite bad even in summer, can only be reached by 4×4 off-road vehicles in winter. Apart from this, going to Sülüklügöl in winter will not be more than a dream for most of us, as it will be difficult to find a suitable way to go with your car.

I watched it in a television documentary a few years ago, two adventurous people were going to Lake Sülüklü on an adrenaline-filled journey with four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles. As far as I remember from that documentary, the edges of the lake were frozen during the winter season. Moreover, it was strong enough to walk on it. If I own an off-road vehicle in the future, one of the first places I will see will be the winter view of the lake.

In spring and autumn, Sülüklü Lake is truly a sight to behold. If you have time and opportunity, I recommend you to go both in autumn and spring.

Sülüklü Lake Nature Park Contact

The lake, which has the status of a National Park, is under the control of the Bolu Regional Directorate of Forestry. For this reason, you can contact the phone number below for questions, opinions and information. Especially if you are going to visit outside of the summer season, you should definitely ask about the weather conditions and whether the facility is active before you come.

+90 (374) 215 37 40 

Other Sülüklü Lakes in Turkey

There are many lakes and ponds known as Sülüklü Göl in our country. Although there are places known as Sülüklü Lake in Adıyaman, Bursa, Gaziantep Sülüklü Lake, Elazığ, Ordu and İstanbul Şile, the only lake in Turkey officially called “Sülülük Göl” is in Bolu Mudurnu.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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