Suluklu Lake

Although Bolu Sülüklü Lake is not known as Abant or Yedigöller, it is one of the hidden paradises that have remained untouched until today due to the few visits. Since it is close to Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir, Bursa and Düzce, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of visitors in recent years.

Suluklu Lake

Where is “Sülüklü Göl” Nature Park?

Sülüklü Lake National Park is a natural wonder that is hidden in the provincial borders of Bolu and unknown as Abant or Yedigöller. It is actually a place frequented by campers, adventure seekers and picnickers. You can reach Sülüklügöl when you climb to the summit about 9 km from Tavşansuyu village of Bolu Mudurnu district. Although it seems like a 9 km short road, some effort is required to go to Sülüklügöl. Because some parts of the road are very rough and extremely narrow. But believe me, a beautiful place worth your patience awaits you at the summit.

Sülüklü Göl Genel Manzarası
Sülüklü Göl, BOLU

About Sülüklü Lake 

Sülüklügöl Nature Park, located within the borders of Mudurnu district of Bolu, consists of a natural lake under the protection of the Ministry of Forestry and an unlimited forest area. It is a great natural place for nature lovers and especially campers. It can be preferred for a daily picnic and to escape the noise and stress of the city. Picnics are only permitted in areas near the lake and without trees.

In the past, there were many leeches in the lake. The name of the lake comes from here. However, in time, the trout that were left to the lake and produced within the scope of aquaculture practice consumed the leeches.

Since the road to Sülüklügöl is a bit hilly and has plenty of ramps, it is not a haunted place that can be visited by everyone. Actually, this is a plus for you. Because of the density of people and to be honest, it is difficult to come across step-by-step picnics. For this reason, you will be satisfied with the calm and quiet lake view. It is a wonderful feeling to walk by the lake and in the forest or even get lost in the still, mirror-like waters of the lake for hours. One should never overlook the healing and repairing side of this in the human body.

How To Get To Sülüklü Lake?

Sülüklü Lake Nature Park, which is about 200 km from Istanbul, is also close to Ankara, Sakarya, Düzce and İzmit. Take the Mudurnu exit on the Ankara-Istanbul highway or the Akyazı exit on the Ankara-Istanbul D100 highway and turn to Adapazarı-Mudurnu (D140). After 40 km on this road, turn to Tavşansuyu road. Tavşansuyu town is the last place where you can meet your food and beverage needs.

You will not find any grocery stores after that. At the end of Tavşansuyu town, the road will divide into two and you will see the sign of Mudurnu Sülüklügöl. When you come to the end of this road, which is about 16 km and most of which is made up of rough surfaces, you will see the wooden building belonging to the Ministry of Forestry.

Sülüklü Göl Map:

How much is Sülüklü Göl entrance fee?

Here you can meet your toilet needs. You will see two separate roads leading to both sides of the lake. You can reach the lake shore by choosing one of these ways. There is no entrance fee in Sülüklü Lake Nature Park. In fact, there is an entrance fee to enter Sülüklü Göle, but since the number of visitors is very low, there is no application or official to collect this fee. It is also useful to warn again, unfortunately, there are no businesses such as hotels, buffets, cafes, restaurants, restaurants or pensions in Sülüklügöl and its surroundings.

Sülüklü Göl Distance

How many kilometers from Istanbul to Sülüklü Göl?

The distance between Sülüklü Göl and Istanbul is 215 km. It is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How many km from Eskişehir Sülüklü Göl?

There are 2 different routes from Eskişehir to Sülüklü Lake. When you go through Bilecik, 170 km. Using the D650 highway, 241 km.

How far is Sülüklü Göl Bolu?

3 different routes can be used between Sülüklü Lake and Bolu. It is 85 km from Abant, 150 km by highway and 100 km by D160 highway.

Distance from Sülüklü Göl Düzce?

There are 2 different routes to go from Düzce to Sülüklü Lake. It is 110 km away from Sülüklü Lake on the highway and 141 km on the D 160 highway.

How was the Lake Created?

With a maximum depth of 35 meters, the lake was formed a few centuries ago as a result of natural landslides caused by tectonic movements. As a result of the emerging landslide barrier blocking the Hongurdak stream, this natural wonder lake started to form. 

One of the unknown aspects of Sülüklü Göl is the 180 planted pine trees that have survived until today without rotting in the lake. The top or trunk parts of a few of these trees can be seen as a result of the decrease in the water level of the lake during the summer season.

Sülüklü Göl Batık Ağaçlar
Trees in Sülüklü Göl.

Is it possible to fish in Sülüklü Lake?

You can catch trout in the lake. Especially if you are going to camp with a tent, definitely bring your fishing line with you. Large-scale campfires are not allowed, although barbecues or small fires are allowed in the lakeside land areas. From time to time, Ministry of Forestry officials and the Gendarmerie may inspect. Other types of fishing are prohibited except fishing. Fishing is only allowed at certain times of the year.

Sülüklü Lake Altitude and Other Geographical Features

The lake and its surroundings, which have an altitude of approximately 1200 meters, have climatic characteristics characteristic of the Black Sea and Marmara regions. In addition, the lake water can be seen in different colors seasonally.

Sülüklü Göl Camping and Hotel Information

Since Sülüklü Lake and its immediate surroundings are located within the “Natural Protected Area“, no construction is allowed. For this reason, there is no hotel, hostel or facility to stay nearby. The only opportunity to stay in Sülüklügöl seems to be possible with a camping tent or caravan (think again, it is almost impossible to reach here with a caravan). The only building near the lake is the liaison office of the Forestry Directorate and public toilets at the entrance. Other than that, you cannot find any other facility. 

The closest place to eat are the facilities in Tavşansuyu town, which is 9-10 km away. You can find restaurants, markets and pensions in the town.

Camping or Tent

Camping tents can be set up in all seasons except winter. However, the best season for camping is Spring. You can witness the awakening of the lake and nature very closely at this time of the year. If you are lucky, you can observe or even hold the stars on a cloudless night. 🙂

Places to See in Sülüklü Lake

Finally, it is useful to share the following information. The best place to take a lake-themed photo is where the giant log is. This log is one of the trees in the lake and is almost as old as the lake. It is estimated to be about 300 years old. You can take insatiable photos with the magnificent view of Sülüklügöl on this log. You can do long or short trekking around the lake. You can even go further and climb the broken road, which takes 9 km, on foot rather than with your car. This will be a walk that requires some conditioning. You can have such an adventure if you are confident in yourself.

Sülüklügöl Büyük Kütükler
Sülüklügöl 300-year-old log

The remains of dozens of old pine trees that appear in the middle of the lake with the decrease in the water level in the lake in summer and autumn are definitely a sight worth seeing. Summer is ideal to see this rare sight. You may not see the trees in the lake in the spring when rainy weather and snow waters melt.

Weekend package tours are organized to Sülüklügöl from Ankara and Istanbul. These tours are advantageous in terms of price and timing. Get away from the busy pace of the city and deliver your body and soul to the peaceful environment of Sülüklü Göl Nature Park. You will definitely feel its regenerative effect on you.

Can you go to Sülüklü Lake in winter?

Is it possible to go to Bolu Sülüklü Göle in winter, where you can enjoy the green and nature, especially in spring and summer? I regret to say that the answer to this question would be more correct if we say “near impossible“. Even in summer, the lake road, which is quite rough, can be reached only by 4×4 off-road vehicles in winter. Apart from that, it will be difficult to find a suitable way to go with your car, so going to Sülüklü Lake in winter will not go beyond a dream for most of us.

I watched it in a television documentary a few years ago, when two adventurous people were taking an adrenaline-filled journey to Lake Sülüklü in four-wheel drive off-road vehicles. As far as I remember from that documentary, the edges of Sülüklügöl were frozen in winter. Moreover, it was strong enough to walk on it. If I buy an off-road vehicle in the future, one of the first places I will see will be the winter view of Sülüklü Lake.

Other Places Known as Sülüklü Lake

There are many lakes and ponds known as Sülüklü Lake in our country. Adiyaman, Bursa, Gaziantep Sülüklügöl, Elazig, the Istanbul Sile also known as the Sülüklü Lake and although the official name of Turkey as “the Leech Lake“, is the only lake in Bolu Mudurnu.

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