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The routes have been wondering in the World and Turkey, with plenty of action destinations, adventurous travels and many more attractions we have prepared carefully in directory format Travel Site content from some of our titles.

Traveling in Paris
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We are the only travel blog that publishes detailed photographs of the places they visit, not their selfies. This is perhaps the most important feature that separates us from other trips and travel blogs in Turkey. As Bizyineyollarda.com travel blogger and writer full of written, visual, up-to-date and original content without copies, our slogan is “Show Your Travel, Write Your Adventure“.

What difference does it make to be on the road or not?” Sometimes on a plane in the air, sometimes on a ship, train or bus, and most of the time, we traveled to the base without a road under our feet.

Will the traveler have a route?” We said and got lost in the city for days. From time to time, we traveled freely without confining ourselves on a fixed route. But we have never deviated from our path and principles.

We don’t contradict our culture and we are home to anyone!” We did not say. While we were exploring the world, there was always someone to represent us.

We said, “I saw it, but I don’t share it with anyone, it’s all mine” During our travels, we write not only the places we visit, but also our experiences.

..And we did not pursue such a dry dream. We focused on visiting the attractions that people are curious about and the most sought after places on the internet.

Eyfel Kulesi Sen Nehri

Eiffel Tower

How was the Eiffel tower built? Who did it?

Actions To Be Taken Before Going Abroad

We’ve created a list of places that must be visited from Turkey and the world. We have prepared this travel guide that can be useful to you by categorizing these trips to countries, states, cities and even districts. This adventure, which we started as 3 travel bloggers, has grown into a team consisting of 14 Bloggers today. This work team has one goal. To publish useful and original content for travel lovers without personalizing the trips.

Popular Articles

A certain part of the shopping you have made during your trips abroad is tax-free. How is "TAX FREE", which is valid in almost all countries, ie tax refund calculated and how to get a refund? We answered the frequently asked questions about tax refunds ..
Yurtdışı seyahatleriniz esnasında yapmış olduğunuz alışverişlerin belirli bir kısmı vergiden muaftır. Neredeyse bütün ülkelerde geçerli olan "TAX FREE" yani vergi iadesi nasıl hesaplanır ve nasıl iade alınır? Yurtdışı alışverişlerde vergi iadesi hakkında merak edilen ve sıkça sorulan soruları cevapladık. Nedir Tax Free? ..
Kelebek Bahçesi
It is a natural park that appeals to children of all ages and adults who can stay a child. Where is Butterfly Farm located in Beykoz in Istanbul and how to get there? What are the activities that can be done in the Butterfly Farm? ..
Kelebek Bahçesi
Özellikle her yaştan çocuğa ve çocuk kalmayı başarabilen yetişkinlere hitap eden bir doğal park. İstanbul Anadolu yakası Beykoz'da bulunan Kelebek Çiftliği nerede ve nasıl gidilir? Kelebek Çiftliği içerisinde yapılabilecek aktiviteler nelerdir? Giriş ücreti ne kadar? Araştırdık ve bu önemli bilgileri sizlerle paylaştık. ..
The Alhambra Palace, which is the masterpiece of Andalusian Civilization that gives life to water, and its story that will be the subject of a Thousand and One Nights tales. Parts of the Alhambra Palace to visit, its architecture, life stories, legends and historical change. ..
Suya hayat veren Endülüs Medeniyetinin şaheseri konumundaki El Hamra Sarayı ve Bin Bir Gece masallarına konu olacak hikayesi. El Hamra Sarayının gezilecek bölümleri, mimarisi, yaşanmış hayat hikayeleri, efsaneler ve tarihsel değişimi. Ayrıca El Hamra Sarayına kolayca bilet nasıl alınır? Bilet tüyoları, güncel bilet ücretleri ve ..
Named the market where the gentlemen (the rich of the period) used to trade in ancient times, Beypazarı district stands out with its historical houses in 100 km North West of the capital Ankara. It has caves, historical buildings similar to Safranbolu houses and a ..
Would you like a travel advice for those who are overwhelmed by today's boring city life? Wait, it is not such a close place, but the peace you are looking for is not far away. The town of Giethoorn (Carob), also known as the Hobbit ..
Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanik Park
Istanbul Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Park welcomes us with its café, picnic camellias and arboretums, as well as being a park where children can have a good time. Especially for those living on the Anatolian side, it is located very close to the border of Ümraniye ..
Pandemi Sonrası Seyahat
After the Coronavirus Pandemic, in which serious restrictions and measures were taken in almost every aspect of our daily life, what are the rules to be followed before domestic or international travel for business, travel or vacation? What you need to know about travel and ..

Surprise Taste Stops on the Route

During a planned trip, eating and drinking events that occur instantly while unaccounted for. For example, we found ourselves in front of a Waffle shop when we followed the mystical smells coming to our noses while visiting the Painters Hill during our Paris trip. Whether the account you eat or drink is ours, wouldn’t it be okay if we didn’t share this event with you on the travel blog?

Similarly, when we visited Picasso’s house in Spain, the smell of Baked Bakalao Fish coming from Fish Restaurant must have attracted us so much that we got the breath at the closest Fish Restaurant. While everyone was visiting the house of the famous painter Picasso, which was turned into a museum, we had a short Taste Break and were busy feeding our stomach.

Finally, while we were waiting in line in front of the Maritime Museum in Lisbon, Portugal, those who were waiting in the queue in front of a historical pastry shop to buy Belem Cake should not have escaped from our attention that I suddenly found myself in the queue. We wouldn’t have left this Taste Stop to taste the famous Belem Pie of Portugal.

Travel Guide

Our readers have always been our first priority during our travels on the routes we planned. How can we be useful to our readers who will use the same route as us? we thought. As a result, our blog appeared as a Travel Guide.

Live Support Line

We did something that has never been done before among travel blog sites. We provide online live support via WhatsApp to our visitors who access our site from the web or mobile. Based on our experience, we provide the necessary assistance to travelers who set out or will set out when our language returns, as much as we can during the day.