Can you go to Yedigoller in winter?

Can you go to Yedigöller in winter? don’t say Try it in winter and get full of nature, adventure and action. Before discovering this adventure, it is useful to take a look at this blog post where some warnings and precautions are reminded.

Can you go to Yedigoller in winter?

Are Yedigoller Open in Winter?

Bolu Yedigöller National Park, which you will never get enough of with its unique lake views and taste, welcomes its visitors in different colors in four seasons of the year. Although he says that there are four seasons, vehicle transportation becomes impossible during the winter months. Can you go to Yedigoller in winter? I know you asked.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, an Appointment System is applied at the entrances to Yedigöller National Park.

Yedigöller Appointment App>>

Due to the danger of heavy snow and avalanches, you can drive up to a certain point on the Yedigöller road and then walk, slide or continue on your way with a motorized snow sled, and you can reach Yedigöller in this way. However, on the road, Snow Plow teams or Forest Directorate officers may decline you. It is useful to take this risk.

Closed with Concrete Barrier

Let’s say you continued on the road without paying attention to the warning signs on the road. You are prevented from continuing due to the concrete barriers placed at the Yığılca-Yedigöller crossroads. According to the information we have obtained, between December and April of every year, Yedigöller road is closed to vehicle traffic and visitors due to winter conditions.

Yedigöller Kapalı Tabelası
Yedigöller Yolu Warning Board

How to Get to Yedigoller in Winter?

If you go from the center of Bolu to Yedigöller in the winter, your job will be a little more difficult. However, if you come to Yedigöller from Ankara, it will be easier to reach it via Mengen road in winter.

Before we started our trip to Bolu at the end of March, we planned Kartalkaya, Abant, Gölcük, Aladağ and Yedigöller tours and added them to our holiday basket. Except for Yedigöller, we were able to reach other national parks in Bolu without difficulty. We even saw that the snow melted completely in the area where Kartalkaya hotels are located. However, we could only go 28 km on the 45-kilometer Yedigöller road. Here we were greeted by the snow fighters and they said we could not continue.

Yedigöllere Kışın Gidilir mi? Yolu Kar Mücadele Ekipleri
Yedigöller Road Snow Teams –

Can Yedigöller Camping in Winter?

Although camping in Yedigöller National Park is easier except in winter, it is a little more difficult in winter. First of all, both roads coming from Bolu Center and Mengen side are closed due to snow. There are also places with high risk of avalanches on the road.

However, it is not impossible to have a pleasant camping adventure in Yedigoller in winter. Yedigöller road, which comes from Mengen side, has less ups and downs and fewer bends, so it will be more logical for camping lovers who want to come on foot or by snow sled in winter. It is recommended that you come to a safe point with your vehicle and then continue on foot or snow vehicle.

Even if you cannot reach Yedigöller National Park despite all your efforts, enjoy the snow-covered nature and take a lot of silence and listen. The endless snow landscape cleanses you from all bad feelings and stress.

Weather Information

Before planning a trip to Seven Lakes, it is useful to check the weather forecast for the National Park and its nearby region. Yedigöller can be cold and rainy in all seasons. Do not try to go to Yedigoller without learning the weather and temperature information, especially at the end of autumn, winter and early spring.

How is Yedigöller Road? Where Can I Learn From?

When it comes to weather in Yedigöller, try to reach weather reports for Yedigöller, not Bolu. If you cannot reach any information about “Yedigöller Weather Forecast Report“, the most accurate and reliable information will be conveyed to you by calling the Bolu Forestry Directorate +90 374 215 37 40 and Bolu Municipality at 444 26 58.
Bolu Directorate of Forestry Official Website.

Panoramik Yedigöller Fotoğrafı
Panoramic Yedigöller Winter Photo

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, an Appointment System is applied at the entrances to Yedigöller National Park.

Yedigöller Appointment App>>
Yedigöller Orman Müdürlüğü İrtibat Ofisi
Yedigöller Gürdek Location Forest Directorate Liaison Office

Accommodation in Winter

Unfortunately, there is no other accommodation other than camping in Yedigollar in winter. Yedigöller Bungalow hotels are in service as long as the National Park is open. However, these facilities are closed during periods of harsh winter conditions.

Instead, it would be logical to stay in one of the 5-star and three 4-star hotels in the center of Bolu in the winter and go to Yedigoller and other national parks from here.

What to Eat in Yedigöller in Winter?

Speaking of Yedigöller, the experience of barbecue sausage in the snow is wonderful. If you don’t have your own ingredients, you can eat sausage bread with hot tea at the places on the road.

Yedigöller Yol Üstü Mekanlar
Yedigöller Roadside Locations – Mandalı Lake

When to Go to Yedigöller?

Even though you can go to Yedigoller in four seasons, if you ask in which month you go:

  • Late September – Early November (Yellow and Orange and autumn colors are dominant)
  • Mid-April and Early June (Dominance of green, blue and colorful flowers)
  • Summer (The best season for cooling by the lake, sleeping in a hammock under the pine and camping in the tent)
  • End of November – Early April (Closed roads due to snow and avalanche risk)

Is There a Picnic in Yedigoller in Winter?

In all seasons and especially in the summer months, picnics and fires in the entire Yedigöller National Park and forest area are prohibited as of 2018. You can have your picnic and barbecue needs in the places on the road or in the sheltered area called “Yedigöller Picnic Area“, which was put into service in 2018 and comes right after the Ayıkaya viewing terrace.

Yedigöller Open Buffet and Spread Village Breakfast, Sausage Bread, Meatballs, Fish etc. the menu goes on and on.

Kışın Yedigöller Yol Durumu
Yedigöller Road Conditions in Winter

Yedigöller Hiking Trails and Training Grounds

Although it is covered with heavy snow and ice, of course, there are activities that can be done on the Yedigöller road in winter. For example; International Ayıkayası Avalanche Training Field and Trekking Walking Trails are some of them. Necessary information is available with signboards in these fields of activity. It is a great feeling to walk for hours in the snow in winter.

Yedigöller Ayıkayası Çığ Eğitim Sahası
Yedigöller Ayıkayası Avalanche Training Field

Yedigöller Cycling and Walking Trails

  • Ayıkaya Hiking Trail (Difficulty Degree: 2/6 – 3/6 Distance: 11-16km)
  • Çele Summit Hiking Track
  • Gurbettaşı – Dirgine Cycling Track
Ayıkaya Doğal Yürüyüş Parkuru
Ayıkaya Natural Walking Track

Bolu Yedigöller Region Amateur Radio Relay Frequency Information

Bolu Amateur Radio Frequency and Tone Values” that you can use in Emergency Situations to call a Search and Rescue Team, especially if the visitors who use the nature tracks and camp have a License to Use Amateur Radio, if they are not licensed, are as follows:

TRAC Bolu Relay – TA2KL
VHF Band : 145.725-600 Mhz SHIFT (88.5 Tone)
UHF Band: 439.150-7600 Mhz SHIFT (88.5 Tone)
Simplex: 145.500 Mhz (VHF) – 433.500 Mhz (UHF)

Latch Lake

Located on the Yedigöller road and only 10 km from the center of Bolu, Mandalı Lake is a resting place that provides a natural picnic and relaxation area for those who are lazy to go to Yedigöller or to drink a fatigue coffee on the return of Yedigöller.

Bolu Mandalı Göl
Bolu Mandalı Lake

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We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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