Things to Have in the Suitcase When Going Abroad

Yurt dışı seyahatleriniz bavul hazırlama rehberi. Yurt dışı gittiniz. Peki her şeyi tamamladığınızdan emin misiniz? İş amaçlı seyahatler ve yurtdışı seyahat seyahatlerinde Valizinizde eksik kalmasın. Uçağa binmeden önce çantada olması gerekenler.

Things to Have in the Suitcase When Going Abroad

What should and should not be in the suitcase when going abroad? With a different discourse, we have included “Suitcase Preparation Techniques” and life-saving tips in this article. We previously gave general information about the subject in our article “What to Do Before Going Abroad“. After reading our article, you will have no question marks about Suitcase Preparation. You may also want to take a look at our article on “Havaist Bus Route and Expeditions” used in Istanbul Airport transportation.

Bavul Hazırlama Püf Noktalar
Tips for Preparing a Suitcase Before Traveling

Luggage, Luggage or Bag Choice

If you have not traveled abroad or domestically by plane before, this section is very important for you. Because the size, weight, strength and quality of the suitcases and luggage you will use in airline transportation will be decisive in this context. In road or rail transportation, your luggage is placed under your control. However, when you travel by plane, the situation will be different than expected.

Because there is a completely different transportation system in air transportation. This system has standards and is binding on both the passenger and the airline companies. It does not differ much whether it is a domestic or an international flight. You should use durable luggage not only for air travel, but also for airport transportation and transfers.

bavulda olması gerekenler

What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying A Suitcase?

It is possible to find suitcases of many brands, models and prices in stores or on websites. When you want to buy a suitcase, the criteria to be sought should be as follows;

  1. Must have certification stating that it complies with international standards. (size, weight etc.)
  2. The fabrics and even the zippers of the luggage or bag must be made of robust material. Hard plastic polymer-based suitcases or bags should be preferred, as they are resistant to water and other liquids.
  3. There must be an encrypted or keyed security lock in the zipper section against possible theft incidents. Airline passenger insurances may not pay your loss for the theft of luggage without security lock.
  4. There must be a ring or transparent label on which the ownership certificate will be placed. It saves lives in lost luggage without barcodes.
  5. The wheels of your luggage must be durable and capable of rotating 360 degrees independently. It will be very useful for you during long walks in the airport.
  6. The pulling and dragging strap and the handle should be sturdy. All material must be resistant to impacts, scratches and deformation.
  7. The color and model should be the type that can be easily remembered. In other words, the fact that it is not one of the most sold suitcase models in the market will allow you to easily recognize your own luggage on the luggage band.

You have purchased a suitcase that fits the standards, your taste, and more importantly, your budget. Congratulations! Because you have left one of the difficult stages behind. Now it’s time to fill the travel suitcase. There are must and don’ts in the suitcase. So What Should We Take With Us?

Suitcase Requirements for Traveling Abroad

You can examine what should be in the luggage during your travels, frequently asked questions and answers. Let’s talk about the subtleties of the art of luggage preparation and the recommended bag preparation methods.

1. Is There Food and Drinks in the Suitcase on Airplane Travel?

You may find it difficult to find food or drink suitable for your taste and religion, especially in foreign countries where you will stay on your trips abroad. For this reason, you can take food and drink from your home country for a few days. However, in doing so, the list of “must have in the suitcase” must be in accordance with the customs laws of the country you will be visiting.

In most hotels (half board), breakfast buffet is included in the accommodation fee. You have the opportunity to find eggs, milk, cheese, chocolate, jam, honey, croissant and various types of bread for breakfast. If you are consuming Halal Food, stay away from variety meat and sausage as much as possible. Lunch and dinner remain. You can eat them either in the hotel restaurant or in the restaurants in the city you are in, in places that suit your taste.

Yurt Dışı Otel Kahvaltısı
Overseas Hotel Breakfast Table

Let’s make a list of what should and should not be in the luggage of food and drinks that you can take with you on international flights.

  • If you cannot drink mains water, you can keep water in a 1.5 lt plastic bottle per person per day. In European cities, half a liter plastic bottle of water is sold for an average price of 1-1.5 €. Therefore, water in plastic bottles can take luggage when going on holiday abroad from Turkey. However, it is useful to be careful as it will affect the luggage weight too much. I personally think that if you are going to developed countries, the water flowing from the fountain will be of potable quality, so the water may be unnecessary weight for you. For example, in all cities of Spain, tap water can be drunk, and even fountains with fountains can be found in different parts of the city. We leave the decision on water to you. It is worth noting that the baggage allowance per person varies between 20-30 kg in airline companies.
  • In your luggage, you can store nuts such as hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, dates, apricots that contain lots of energy, chocolate, candy, biscuits, pretzels, cakes, etc. Make sure you have it. When your energy level drops, it will come to your rescue wherever you are.
  • You can take tuna fish or canned food with you. A can of tin or tuna can help you skip a meal.
  • You can take fresh vegetables or fruits, but I leave the decision up to you, as you can easily find almost any variety abroad and there is also the risk of spoiling on the road.
  • For energy drink, cola, fruit juice, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, it will also vary according to the country you are going to. But I guess there is no country where there is no coke, ice tea or energy drinks. Again, the decision is yours.

2. Is there any electronic and electrical devices in the suitcase?

We continue the list of things to have in the suitcase when going on vacation or travel abroad. Can any electronic or electrical equipment be carried in the suitcase? It would be more logical to answer this question in two steps. Some electronic devices may be a problem to carry with you in the cabin, ie on the plane. However, you can carry many electrically operated electronic devices in the suitcase or luggage you have placed under the plane. 

Uçakta elektronik Aletlerin taşınması.

Electronic items you can take with you on flights may vary according to the laws of the country you are traveling to. In the past, it was forbidden to keep a laptop computer with passengers on some flights with US and UK locations. Likewise, due to the increase of fires caused by electronic cigarettes, both electronic cigarettes and some batteries were not allowed to be carried in the cabin or under the aircraft.

You can learn the most healthy and up-to-date information about this from the airline company you will be traveling to or from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country you will travel to.

Let’s take a look at whether uncomplicated electronic devices can be accepted on board. Which items can not be boarded with?

3. Electronic Items Accepted and Not Accepted on Board:

What electronic items can I take with me while on a plane?

◯ Hair dryer,
◯ Hair straightener,
◯ Hair removal device,
◯ Rechargeable shaver,
◯ Rechargeable toothbrush,
◯ You can carry electronic personal care products such as power banks on your travels. If you want to be guaranteed, it is useful to give it to the under-plane baggage during check-in. After all, it won’t do you any good in the cabin. At the airport entrance, the X-ray screening officer may ask you to open your luggage. No panic. He may want to manually or visually check an item he sees on the monitor that may pose a risk. This does not mean that there is a prohibited item.

Are small household appliances accepted on board?

There is also no obstacle for carrying small household appliances such as kettle, mini coffee machine under the luggage. In fact, my personal advice is that if you are a tea drinker, you should definitely take a kettle with you. You will never find brewed tea, especially in European hotels. Think about it, we were able to drink brewed tea at a Turkish restaurant in Amsterdam only once during the 8-day Benelux European Tour. There was no taste in him. On our next trips to Europe, we definitely kept a kettle and tea with us.

Can you board the plane with a computer, notebook or tablet?

You can leave system hardware such as computer case, Notebook and Server in the luggage compartment under the aircraft. As long as it is not a new product, Customs Officers will not cause any problems. If the computer being transported is new (packaged and gelatinous) be sure to have the invoice with you. Both customs officials in the country you have traveled in Turkey and may ask you to submit the bill. You can also keep your phone, laptop or any device charger in your cabin or in your baggage.

Can liquid be transported on the plane? Permissible liquid transport limits:

You can carry all your liquid items, including all liquid drinks, shampoo, perfume, alcohol and even drinking water over 100 mL, in a sealed plastic bag in your under-plane baggage. If the liquid amount is below 100 mL and it is not flammable, you can take it with you in the aircraft cabin. It is recommended that liquid materials to be transported under the plane are placed in a sealed, transparent and sealed bag (vacuumed if possible). You cannot get on the plane with more than half a liter of water per person. For commercial liquid products such as alcohol and perfume, I recommend that they do not exceed 2 per passenger, as Customs Control can be done at the airport you land.

For other items that can be carried on the plane;

If you want to carry an electronic item other than these, be sure to ask the airline’s customer service for confirmation before the flight. Otherwise, you may encounter unwanted surprises when you land in the country you are traveling to. 

Bagaj Bandı

4. Must-Have Items While Preparing Luggage Abroad (Very Important!)

Undoubtedly, this is the most important and last part of our article. This section has been prepared entirely based on the personal experiences we have gained during our international travels.

  • Light and handy slippers. A list slippers 🙂 We started in Turkey have also stayed in many hotels from 5 star to 3 stars, but we’ve never seen no room slippers. However, it is interesting that most of the hotels abroad do not have such a service. When we requested a pair of slippers from the housekeeper of the hotel we were staying in Paris, “Why ???” he snapped. Anyway, you should have slippers with you to avoid this situation.
  • If you like brewed tea, the thing you will miss most abroad will be traditional brewed tea. Because the understanding of tea in hotels and restaurants is shaking: (Therefore, you may want to bring a mini kettle (kettle) and some tea in the suitcase.
  • All hotels have both liquid hand soap and shampoo. However, if you have a special product that you use and cannot give up, you can take it in your luggage to the luggage of the plane.
  • Make sure to keep combs, make-up and all other personal care products in the luggage as well.
  • As you know, we cannot be separated from our phones and it would be wise to have at least one high capacity Power Bank in case of charging problem.
  • You should also make room in your luggage for complementary clothes such as clothes, umbrellas and hats suitable for the seasonal conditions of the country / countries you will be traveling to.

5. Are Pets Carried on the Plane?

If you want to travel by plane with your pet, the airline rules set by the airline company and international authorities (ICAO) must be followed. Some airlines may not be allowed to carry pets in the cabin. Instead, the airline may request a sheltered and protected animal transport cage from you. Or they can provide this service for a certain fee.

When going abroad by plane, you are allowed to carry 2 pets and 10 aquarium fish in the suitcase for each passenger. If you are above this number, you can get stuck in Customs control for taxation.

When purchasing a flight ticket, be sure to ask for pet transportation services. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, call customer service. In this direction, you can take our lovely friends safely by planning a flight. The airline company, customs and health control officers can request the vaccination card for your pet in the destination country. In a sense, the vaccination card will serve as a “pet passport” for our little friends. If you do not take it with you, you can be deported in the country.

Kedi Taşıma Çantası


Another point to be considered when carrying pets on your international air travels will be the Customs Control of your destination country. Before traveling, request information about the “Pet Flight Regulations” from the representative office of the country you want to go to. Your animals such as cats, dogs and birds must have their preventive vaccinations. During the flight, be sure to bring the necessary cards and documents of these vaccines with you to be presented to the staff.

Being in Need of luggage on an airplane travels to Turkey

If we list the items and materials that are not accepted on board in international air travels under two main headings;

uçakta taşınması yasak olan bagaj ve eşyalar.
Flight Safety Rules

Items Not Accepted in Cabin or Hand Luggage

The main items that you cannot take with you in the cabin while preparing your luggage before the air travels by plane are;

  • Liquid Materials
    More than half a liter of water and 100 ml of gel or liquid materials per person are also not allowed in the cabin. Liquid material, each in a 100 milliliter container, is allowed to enter the cabinet with a sealed transparent bag. In addition, it is forbidden to keep pressure food products and canned food in the cabin. Especially if the lids of canned food are considered to be cutting edge.
  • Spray and Gas Materials
    Pressurized spray tubes with flammable and stimulating effect other than hair sprays and deodorants are not allowed in hand or cabin baggage.
  • Items with cutting and piercing contents
    It is strictly forbidden to carry items such as knives, forks, skewers, utility knives, razors, razors, can openers, scissors, knives, toy knives, knives, needles, syringes or swords in the aircraft cabin.
  • Pressure or Weapons
    Havalı tabanca/tüfek, kuru sıkı tabanca, oyuncak tabanca, silah veya mermi şeklinde çakmak veya süs eşyaları, patlangaç, torpil, havai fişek, yivli veya yivsiz av tüfeği, piyade tüfeği, tabanca ile her türlü basınçla veya barut ateşi ile çalışan silah ve bunlara ait mühimmatın uçak kabininde taşınması, bulundurulması yasaktır. Eğer taşıma ruhsatlı tabanca yada tüfeğiniz bulunuyor ise sadece İç Hatlar uçuşları için geçerli olmak üzere Havalimanı Polisi aracılığıyla uçağın özel bölümünde taşınabilir. Yurt dışı uçuşlarda ise ateşli silahların uçağa kabul edilebilmesi için karşı ülke onaylı izin-yetki belgesi gerekmektedir. Yurtdışı diplomatik misyonlarda çalışan konsolosluk koruma görevlileri ve askeri ateşeler ile Nato emrindeki askeri personel ilgili belgelerini ibraz etmek koşuluyla silahlarını uçağa kabul edilir ancak İç hatlarda olduğu gibi havalimanı polisine teslim edilerek uçağın özel bölümüne kabul edilir.
  • Flammable, Combustible and Combustible Materials
    Lighters working with compressed gas under pressure are not allowed to be carried on you or in your cabin baggage. However, even if you can carry lighters known as safety matches and zippo lighters on you, it is forbidden to carry them in cabin baggage. In addition, it is forbidden to keep all kinds of chemical paint, thinner, acid, solvent, petrol and by-products, pepper spray, tear spray in the cabin and luggage of the aircraft.
  • Medical Products and Drugs
    Under any circumstances, you cannot carry medicines that do not have a prescription, packaging or report in your hand luggage, especially on international flights. If you have a medical device or equipment that you are using, you must have a doctor-approved usage report with you. It is forbidden to carry wheelchairs and cordless disabled vehicles in the cabin. It can be carried under the aircraft as checked baggage. Disabled passengers are advised to notify the airline staff of their situation and request physical assistance at check-in at the latest.
  • Sports Equipment and Equipment
    It is forbidden to carry sportive items such as golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis rackets, pressure balls, ice skates and roller skates, skis and snowboards in the cabin. Provided that you declare at check-in, you can give it under the plane.
  • Musical Instruments and Equipment
    All kinds of musical instruments, auxiliary instruments, tools and equipment used by musicians or artists are allowed to be carried only in aircraft luggage with a special carrying box. It is forbidden to carry musical instruments in the cabin.
  • Battery, Battery and Chargers
    There are restricted limits rather than prohibitions in this regard. Periodic cautionary decisions can be taken, especially in lithium-based batteries. It is forbidden to carry devices such as electric shock device, electronic cigarette and batteries in the cabin or under the aircraft. Passengers on batteries are subject to restrictions. Batteries with a power of 100 Watt / hour can be carried both in the cabin and under the aircraft, provided that they are attached to the device it is connected to. However, it is forbidden to keep batteries with a power of 100-160 W / h under aircraft. It can only be kept connected to the device in the cabin. It is forbidden for batteries and batteries above 160 W / h to be transported in aircraft under any circumstances.
  • Other Items That Cannot Be Carried In The Cabin:
    Pointed umbrella, chemicals, small hardware tools (drill, screwdriver, pliers, soldering iron, solder etc.)

Right and Left Luggage Weight Limits for Aircraft Travels in Turkey

The number of suitcases, bags you can carry on the plane and the total baggage weight per passenger are restricted when traveling by air in Turkey or abroad. No matter what the total limit is, one piece of suitcase weight cannot exceed 32 kilograms. There are 3 criteria that determine the baggage allowance you can carry on the plane.

  1. Baggage allowance on domestic and international flights
  2. Baggage allowance for Economy, Business or First Class passengers
  3. Baggage allowance limits according to airlines.
uçak altı bagaj ve kabin boy bagajlar

Baggage Allowance

1. Baggage Allowance on Domestic Flights

What is the weight of suitcases, bags and suitcases according to airline companies in domestic air travel? Domestic baggage allowances of all domestic airline companies are as follows;

Turkish Airlines Domestic Luggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
THY Business Class30 Kg8 Kg
THY Economy Class EcoFly15 Kg8 Kg
THY Economy Class ExtraFly20 Kg8 Kg
THY Economy Class PrimeFly25 Kg8 Kg
THY Extra Baggage Fee12 TL/KgMaks.10Kg
Thy Luggage Account – Domestic Flights


Pegasus Airlines Domestic Luggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
Pegasus Super Eco Pack0 Kg0 Kg
Pegasus Eco Pack15 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Advantage Pack20 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Business Flex Pack15 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Baggage Account – Domestic Flights


Sun Express Airlines Domestic Luggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
SunExpress SunEco Pack15 Kg8 Kg
SunExpress SunClassic Pack20 Kg8 Kg
SunExpress SunPremium Pack20 Kg8 Kg
SunExpress Free Baby Baggage15 Kg
SunExpress Extra Baggage Fee10 TL/Kg
SunExpress Baggage Account – Domestic Flights


Onur Air Domestic Terminal Baggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
Onur Air Simple Pack15 Kg8 Kg
Onur Air Standart Pack20 Kg8 Kg
Onur Air PremiumFlex Pack25 Kg8 Kg
Onur Air Free Baby Package10 Kg
Onur Air Excess Baggage Fee8 TL/KgMaks.40 Kg
Onur Air Baggage Account – Domestic Flights


2. Baggage Allowance on International Flights

The passenger baggage allowance allowed on international flights is slightly higher than on domestic flights. Baggage allowance fees for international flights may not be determined in Turkish Lira. Calculated in US dollars or Euros depending on the destination country. When traveling to European Union countries, the maximum weight of a single bag should not exceed 32 kilograms.

Turkish Airlines International Flights Baggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
THY Business Class40 Kg8 Kg
THY Ekonomi Class30 Kg8 Kg
THY ClassicPlus Card+10 Kg
THY Elite Extra+20 Kg8 Kg
THY Elite Plus Extra+25 Kg
Thy Luggage Account – International Flights

Pegasus Airlines International Flights Baggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
Pegasus Super Eco Pack0 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Eco Pack20 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Advatage Pack20 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Business Flex Pack20 Kg8 Kg
Pegasus Baggage Account – International Flights

SunExpress Airlines International Flights Baggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
SunExpress SunEco Pack30 Kg8 Kg
SunExpress SunClassic Pack35 Kg8 Kg
SunExpress SunPremium Pack40 Kg8 Kg
SunExpress Free Baby Baggage20 Kg
SunExpress Excess Baggage Fee10 €/Kg
SunExpress Baggage Account – International Flights

Onur Air Airlines International Flights Baggage Allowance

PASSENGER CLASSESChecked Baggage AllowanceCabin Luggage
Onur Air Simple Pack20 Kg8 Kg
Onur Air Standart Pack25 Kg8 Kg
Onur Air PremiumFlex Pack30 Kg8 Kg
Onur Air Free Baby Package10 Kg
Onur Air Excess Baggage Fee7 €/Kg
Onur Air Baggage Account – International Flights

Baggage weight limits of their domestic airline companies operating in Turkey in this way. The size of the luggage, bag or item you provide while boarding the plane is also subject to some restrictions.

In Turkey, the plane Accepted Luggage, Bags & Luggage Dimensions

There are a number of restrictions regarding the size of your luggage and belongings that are delivered in the cabin or during the check-in process and accepted under the plane. It is absolutely necessary to comply with the luggage size limits, which are in the International Airline Standards and for flight safety reasons.

On flights with Turkish Airlines:
It must be Width + Length + Height = 158 cm.
Cabinet Length Standard:
Width x Length x Height = 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

On Pegasus Airlines Flights
Cabinet Length Standard:
Width, Length, Height = 55, 40, 20 cm

On Sun Express Airlines Flights
Cabinet Length Standard:
Width x Length x Height = 55 x 40 x 23 cm

On Onur Air Flights
Cabinet Length Standard:
Width, Length, Height = 55, 40, 22 cm

If you are going to travel by air for the first time, all these articles will make you nervous. But you don’t have to worry about it and stress. Because, regardless of the airline company, the majority of the personnel working consists of very polite and helpful people. This is the case in many parts of the world and Turkey. You rarely have problems with airline travel. As long as you follow the rules, you will reach where you want to go in a short time without any problems. Have a good flight, everyone.

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