Can you go to Abant in winter?

Speaking of winter, which is one of the first cities that come to mind lakes country can be made in Turkey in Bolu four seasons resort. Snow and winter landscapes from the icy Lake Abant made us feel like we were in a fantastic movie. We spent enjoyable and unforgettable hours in snow-covered roads, people sliding wildly with sledges from 7 to 70, those who enjoy barbecue on the snow, cafes smoking from their chimneys and completely ice-filled Abant Lake.

Can you go to Abant in winter?
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Do not ask me what am I doing in Abant in winter. There was a fairy tale from far away, which we heard in our childhood, and I found myself in that fairy tale in February this year in Abant.

Good, but is Lake Abant Open in Winter? question comes to mind.

In fact, if I could get the other visitors out of the lake, I wouldn’t want to wake up from this winter tale I was diving into. Snowflakes falling one by one from the sky were making soft landings on the frozen lake surface. If I listen a little bit, maybe I can hear the sound of snowflakes meeting the lake surface.

kışın abant gölü
Abant Lake that Keeps Ice in Winter – Panoramic

Detailed information about Abant Lake Appointment Application.

Abant Lake Covered with Snow in Winter

I guess I have to tell this story from the beginning, in which I feel as happy as a child. We set off from Istanbul to Bolu, the city of snow, so that we could have a nice winter holiday, using the half term break as an opportunity.

White captivity caught us while we were climbing the Bolu Mountain on the highway with our vehicle. We entered the tunnel and when we got out, a fairy-tale world welcomed us.

How many shades of white could there be?

After driving on the highway for a while, we exited the Abant exit and continued towards the national park, which is approximately 35 km away. As the altitude increased along the road, the amount of snow increased proportionally.

Actually, I had come a few times before, but the view of Lake Abant in winter was even more beautiful. Along the way, wooden bungalows, hostels and hotels were actually giving clues about the picture that awaited us in the final.

Important Reminder

If you decide to go to Abant with your own vehicle in winter, take care to have your vehicle’s winter maintenance done and to use snow tires against heavy snowfall and icing. Otherwise, it is not even a fairy tale, it is not even sincere to live the nightmare.

Kışın Abant Manzarası
Abant Snow

Is Abant Road Open in Winter?

You can reach Abant by two different routes, the D-100 and the Mudurnu district. Even in harsh winter conditions, the teams struggling with the snow accumulated on the road make an intense effort to keep it open 24/7. As a result, Abant Road is kept open to vehicle traffic even in winter, as it is in every season.

When we reach the summit, we first enter the National Park by passing through the Abant National Park Vehicle Entrance. Don’t be alarmed when you see huge snowdrifts sweeping the road by snowplows. There may be snow and even ice on the road that goes around the lake from time to time. For this reason, we warned you to use tires suitable for seasonal conditions when coming to Abant in winter.

What to Take With You When Going to Abant in Winter

Before coming to Abant Lake National Park for a snow holiday in winter, there are things and tools that must be found.

  • Traditional snow sled. (Inflatable boat sleds are the trend this season)
  • Ski suit (Maybe not for skiing but still looks good in photos)
  • A quality snow boot.
  • Snow Goggles (if you don’t have glasses when the sun shines, you can’t see anywhere)
  • A durable pair of waterproof gloves. (Gloves compatible with touch screens should be preferred)
  • Spare socks, berets etc.
  • Spare batteries and chargers for phones. (Charge runs out very quickly in the cold)
  • ..vee, of course, a durable snow sled that we can ski at full speed.

In the areas where you picnic in the summer in Abant, you can both ski and picnic when winter comes. Enjoying a barbecue on the snow; Indefinable. Especially the children have turned every sloping area they find into a sled run. Of course, there is nothing to say about the pleasure of adults who return to their childhood by taking advantage of the opportunity by using their children as an excuse.

While some are sipping a cup of tea or coffee against the snow landscape, others are trying to break speed records with their snow sleds. As a result, a completely different joy and excitement prevails in the area.

What is the Thickness of Snow in Winter?

During the harshest winter period, the snow thickness in Abant approaches 1 meter. However, the seasonal average is in the range of 40-50 cm. Abant Lake National Park, which is usually covered with snow in the first three months of the year, turns completely white especially in February and March.

For Current Weather Forecast Data:

Abant Kar Manzarası
Abant Lake Snow Covered Wooden Bridge

One of the frequently asked questions on the travel site is; How is Abant in Winter? there is a question.

Although many things can be said in answer to this question, as in our article, there is nothing like going to Abant in winter. For this reason, we recommend Abant Winter Trip or even Winter Holiday to those who ask the question in a period of abundant snow.

Recently, 2020 was recorded as a dry year for Turkey in general. Naturally, there was not that much snow in Abant last year and the remaining time of the snow was very low. However, despite the fact that we are just at the beginning of 2021, even the snow that fell after the New Year’s Eve preserved its freshness for a long time.

Places to Visit in Abant in Winter

In fact, our adventure begins when we are on Abant Yolu. In other words, if you are going to come in winter, you should come to stay for at least 1-2 days, not one day. The taste of staying overnight in bungalow-style hotels on the road is something else. In addition, by staying here, you can plan not only Abant, but also daily trips to Yedigöller, Gölcük, Gölköy, Sülüklü Göl and Kartalkaya.

1- Bungalow Hotels on Abant Road

While their number has increased rapidly in recent years, you can stay in hostels, hotels and bungalows on the road, which have increased the quality in line with the demands and expectations. Interesting activities can be organized in some of these facilities, which are established on the stream originating from Lake Abant. At the beginning of these activities, you can do ATV, Zipline and short distance skiing in winter.

2- Carriage and Horse Riding

It is possible to come across a phaeton in the national park in the winter as in the summer, even if they are few in number. Also, for those who are interested in horse riding, you can have a very fun activity by riding a horse on the snow.

abant in winter

In order to ride a horse on snow in Abant in winter, you have to pay a fee of 30₺ for short distance activity and 50₺ for long track.

3- Picnic Areas and Camellias Used in Winter

Designed for picnic under normal seasonal conditions, the camellias are suitable for picnics even on cold winter days with their transparent plastic material to provide protection from the cold.

4- Snow Sledge Ski

You can enjoy the adventure and adrenaline-filled skiing from the sloping hills to the lake level by sledding. I saw a sled, an inflatable boat, a tray, a pot, a plastic tub, and even a grocery bag and a slide. Although it looks like a fun for kids, there is no age limit. In fact, we can say that adults who cannot control their inner child more than children are in the majority.

It is an undeniable fact that snow sled skiing is the most joyful activity in Abant National Park in winter.

There is even a toboggan run in the area with the inscription “I Love ABANT“, which was put into service in the north-east of the lake in 2020. You can have fun with the sleds made of inflatable boats for a very low price. In addition, thanks to the caravan park in this area, you can stay for a certain fee per night. You are also allowed to camp in this section during other seasons.

5- Cafe and Restaurants

There are places where you can see the frozen Abant Lake and the falling snow view best. For example, the establishment right next to Abant Guest House is a good example of this. From here, you can get lost in the unique view of nature while eating and drinking something.

Abant Kış Güneşi manzarası
Winter sun

There are similar establishments where the 5-Star Abant Hotels are located a little further away. Unfortunately, we come across businesses such as cafes, restaurants or hotels in places that see the lake most beautifully. There are some nice places that are open to the general public though. E.g; If you want to see the insatiable Abant Winter View, I recommend you to use the wooden tower on the top of the cruise.

When you turn at a point similar to this, it is the observation terrace located just before you come to Abant Hotel. It is possible to see almost the entire lake from here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abant Trip in Winter

Is it possible to go to Abant in winter? How is the road?

No matter how heavy the snowfall is in winter, it is possible to go to Abant Lake Nature Park. However, your vehicle must have tires suitable for winter conditions. Otherwise, you can be turned away from the Gendarmerie checkpoint.• Can you go to Abant in winter?

Are Hotels Open in Winter?

5-star hotels, bungalows and pensions in Abant are open every day of the year and provide uninterrupted service to their customers.

Does Lake Abant keep ice in winter? Ice Skating?

Due to the falling snow and low temperatures in winter, a partial or complete ice layer may form on the lake. However, since the ice layer is not thick, it is not suitable for walking or skating on it.

Is there a House for Rent or Daily Rental in Abant in Winter?

Unfortunately, there is no rental home or daily rental home application. On the other hand, very few of the houses on the connection road are rented and there is an application in the form of annual rental.

Are there Abant Winter Tours?

Package tours and daily tour programs from Ankara, Istanbul and surrounding cities are organized during the winter months, although not as often as in the warmer periods of the year.

Is it camping in winter?

In Bolu Abant National Park, camping is allowed only with a caravan in winter. For a certain fee, you can camp with a caravan in the area reserved for camping.

Where is the most beautiful Abant Snow View?

In fact, this is a subject that can completely differ from person to person. However, at the beginning of the places preferred by the visitors; wooden bridge, large picnic area, observation tower and Lake House.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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