Benelux European Tour

How would you like to visit Europe’s dream cities in a week? With Benelux Tours, it is possible to visit nearly 10 famous European cities in 5 countries you have dreamed of. We traveled to many cities, especially Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Luxembourg, Brussels and Bruges, in a short period of 1 week.

Benelux European Tour

Benelux Tour

The tour of the Benelux countries was a tour that passed quickly like everything beautiful, while leaving deep memories that embellish our dreams and will not be forgotten for the rest of our lives. Although it was tiring to participate in the standard and extra trips on the tour, adding new ones to the places we visited and saw took away this fatigue. We share with you our impressions of the full-length Grand European Tour that covers 5 countries in total, namely Holland-Amsterdam, Belgium-Brussels, France-Paris, Germany-Cologne and Luxembourg.

Pack Your Suitcase! Exploring Europe with Benelux Tour

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Şanzelize Caddesi
Champ Elysees Boulevard – Triumphal Arch

The Tour Begins

The tour company we bought Benelux European Tour had two tour options from Istanbul Atatürk Airport. We chose the THY flight package and after the necessary check-in procedures, Passport and Security checks were done 3 hours before the flight, we boarded the TK-1957 flight numbered Istanbul – Amsterdam at the gate number 209 and after about 3 and a half hours of flight, we set foot at Schiphol airport for 7 nights and 8 days. We have successfully completed the airline transportation, which is the first step of our tour.

Benelüks Avrupa Gezisi
Benelux Tour Before Flight Everything is ready.

After the luggage procedures of 39 people participating in the Benelux European Tour, we got on our tour bus waiting outside the terminal. As soon as we stepped out of Amsterdam Schipol Airport, we encountered a frigid weather. We did not feel cold thanks to the warning our tour guide made about the weather 1 day before departure. After meeting our Croatian bus captain Due, we moved to our seats on the bus. Since the tiny member of our group also joined the tour with us, we occupied the rear 5 seats.

uçak koltuk ekranı altitude bilgisi
..and the plane takes off

Our tour bus wheel turned and we headed for Belgium. For now, let’s give brief information about all our sightseeing points. We will have detailed articles about each destination in our next articles. The dancing houses of Amsterdam, the magnificent buildings and stone walls of Bruges, the long water channels of Paris, the Painters Hill (Montmartre) and of course the Eiffel Tower, the fabulous castles of Luxembourg, the meeting point of Germany-France and Luxembourg lands, in short Wondering what places you need to know and see about the Grand European Tour Benelux?

Day-I Brussels City Tour (Recap)

We reach Brussels city center after traveling approximately 200 km on A2 highway in the south direction towards Brussels, Belgium, which is our first stop after Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In addition to panoramic tours with the tour bus, we continue to visit the locations in the tour plan by giving short-term photo breaks.

We start our Brussels tour with Heysel Stadium. The Atomium Statue, which was built with a scientific theme for the Expo-58 fair in 1958, is undoubtedly one of the first places to visit. When you go a little further south from the Old Brussels town square from the area where the Grand Palace, City Museum, Beer Museum, Chocolate Museum, Clothing Museum and Lace workshop are located. You will see masterpieces from the Louis era, the Belgian Parliament, the famous Royal Palace with its garden, the Chinese and Japanese Pavilions.

You will see Notre Damme Cathedral and next to it the sheltered stone building belonging to the Belgian Central Bank after a panoramic tour in the newly built area of Brussels (like 4-levent in Istanbul). We wrote a lot about Brussels and Belgium in our blog post called “Places to Visit in Brussels“. We guess you will read it with curiosity.

Day – II Brussels, Bruges & Paris Journey (Summary)

After staying for 1 night in Brussels, we set off for the city of Bruges, the capital of the West Flandra Province of Belgium. Brugge, in the west of Belgium, takes you on a time journey that takes you away from the present and back centuries with works from the medieval age.

Water canals and gondolas, Public Market, the famous Market Square, Notre Dame Church, Bellfort Bell Church and Watchtower, Beer Museum are undoubtedly one of the places to visit. We have visited all of these places and we have given a large place for you in our Belgium Brugge article. Speaking of Brugge, we should not forget the famous fish soup, handmade chocolate and unique beer.

After our trip to Bruges, we set out to Paris and in the afternoon we reach Paris, the capital of France, more precisely of Love and Romanticism. After seeing the panoramic city tour, Napoleon Memorial Tomb, Concorde Square, Champs Elysees (Champs Elysees) and the glittering Eiffel tower at 22:00 at night, we move on to our hotel in Paris d’Orleans district. We shared the details of the first day we spent in Paris in our article titled The Most Popular Places to Visit in Paris. 

Symbols You Will See in the Benelux European Tour and Their Meanings:
On the historical monuments you will see during the Benelux Grand European Tour;

“LL” Double L Symbol Historical Artifacts

The double “L” symbol leaning back to back is the symbol of that work II. It shows that it was made during the Louis era.

“NN” Double N Symbols of Historical Artifacts

If you see two “N” symbols back to back, that work’s II. It means that it was made in the Napoleonic era.

Historical Artifacts with the “RF” Symbol

The “RF” symbol you will see occasionally indicates that the work was built in the Republic period.

Day III Paris Masterpieces and the Eiffel Tower (Recap)

We left the hotel we were staying in Paris d’Orleans zone and set off with our tour bus in the early hours for the Eiffel Tower and Paris Canal tour. After a short journey, we came to the Eiffel Tower. We could only reach the tower, which was covered with a glass cage, after 2 security calls. We took the elevator to the 2nd floor and from there we had the opportunity to see all parts of Paris.

Then we moved towards Montmartre hill, the only hill of Paris. We went up the hill with the Finicular and the Sacre Coeur Church greeted us first. After passing the prison and the basilicas, we came to the painters’ place in the wooded area between the restaurants. You can eat fish soup, onion soup and mussels at the restaurants here, and you can have waffles or pancakes for dessert.

Our third stop was the Benlux Shopping Centre and the area where the Paris Masterpieces are located. After our trip here, we took a canal tour on the Paris Seine River for about 1 hour. After the canal tour, our last stop was Paris Notre Dame Church. From here we returned to our hotel by tour bus. You can read the rest of our article on the Most Popular Places to Visit in Paris.

Day – IV Paris Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum (Abstract)

La Tour Eiffel

We are on the 3rd day of our 4th stop in Paris of our tour. This day is a free day, meaning we can freely go wherever we want. We did not enjoy it yesterday in the Eiffel Tower due to rain and weather. For this reason, we asked our tour guide and he told us on the map how to get to the Eiffel Tower from our hotel by metro. We found it like we put it with our hands, without getting lost. I say without getting lost because there are exactly 14 subway and suburban lines in Paris.

We got off at the “Bir Hekim” stop closest to the Eiffel Tower and went towards the area where the tower was located. In the space in front of the tower, we took the famous “holding eiffel” photographs on the grass. Frankly, it was not as easy as it seems, it pushed me a little.

Louvre Museum

We passed the Pont Dlena bridge in the northwest of the Eiffel tower to the National Maritime Museum. After getting enough of the view of Eifel from the Maritime Museum, we took the metro and set off towards the Louvre Museum. The Louvre Museum is what most people know as the “Louvre Pyramid” or “Glass Pyramid“. Unfortunately, the day we visited, we found out that the Museum was closed and we had to settle for external shots.

Louvre Müzesi - Cam Piramit
Louvre Müzesi – Cam Piramit

After leaving the Louvre museum, we walked to the area where Notre Dame church is located, and we ended the Paris part of our tour by returning to our hotel with the help of the metro. For this day, we have made a note in our notes as “the day we are most tired“.

Day – V Luxembourg City Tour and Remich Schengen Trip (Summary)


Our Luxembourg trip started in the early morning. Although he greeted us with the heavy rain, he saw us off with its sunny scenery. Be sure to check out our article “Preparations Before Going to Luxembourg“. For Luxembourg, which is located between Germany-France-Belgium, we can say that the most interesting feature is the Money Box of the European Union. Luxembourg is in the capital city of Luxembourg. It would not be wrong to say Switzerland of the EU. Because there are exactly 141 Banks. Yes, you did not hear it wrong, it does not have a Bank Branch, it has 141 independent banks.

Lüksemburg Kent Meydanı
Lüksemburg Kent Meydanı

We saw the castles told in fairy tales in our childhood. The most magnificent of these castles, whose dome parts have pointed towers, is home to a famous bank. In addition to the fabulous castles, we saw historical bridges in the arch structure built on the valley where the deep Alzette River, which you can rarely find in Europe.

Historically, Luxembourg was not ruled by a King or Emperor, but by the Duchy. He appointed the Duke as King of Belgium. The Duchy system continues today, albeit symbolically, but the country is governed by the Parliamentary System. Let’s count the important works of Luxembourg and leave the details to our article called “Places to Visit in Luxembourg“. Major attractions in Luxembourg; The Duke’s Palace, the City Museum, Notre Damme Cathedral, Passerelle Bridge, Pont Adolph Bridge and just after the National Bank Museum, Constitutional Court Building, Petrusse Valley, Luxembourg Train Station.


After saying goodbye to Luxembourg, we continued towards Remich-Schengen zone. As the name suggests, Remich-Schengen is where the Schengen Border Agreement is made. You can be in the Remich-Schengen area within 20 minutes on the territory of 3 countries. In a pedestrian way. The places you will see here are the Schengen 3 Star Monument, the Schengen Member Countries Monument, the imutation boat that the Schengen Agreement was signed, the European Museum, the Eiffel tower miniature, the Moselle River that draws the border between Germany and Luxembourg and Remich Shopping Stores where you can shop very cheaply and with almost zero tax.

You can follow the details about our Remich-Schengen trip in our blog post “☞ Remich-Schengen Attractions ☜”. From here, we move to the hotel where we will stay in Luxembourg.

Day – VI A Few Hours in Cologne and Amsterdam City Tour, Germany (Summary)

Cologne, GERMANY

We are on the 6th day of the Benelux European Tour. Right after breakfast at our Luxembourg hotel, we set off for Cologne, Germany. We reached Cologne with a road where departures and arrivals are provided on a single lane via Bitburg. Crossing the bridges over the Rhine, we arrived at the Cologne Train Station and the Dom Cathedral, one of the largest and oldest cathedrals in the world. Cologne is the industrial capital of Germany and even Europe. It is a very rich city in terms of economy.

Köln Dom Katedrali Ön Taraf
Köln Dom Katedrali Ön Taraftan Görünüm

In addition, Cologne is a city famous for its cologne. We would not be mistaken if we call it the city that gives the word cologne. (Cologne = Cologne). Dome cathedral is one of the rare historical monuments that survived after the bombardment of World War II. After visiting the inside of the Cologne Dom Cathedral, we hung out for some shopping and went back to our tour bus to go to the Netherlands. You can read our wide impressions about this stop of our trip in our blog post titled “☞ Places to Visit in Cologne Tour in Germany“.

Köln Almanya
Almanya Köln


The Benelux European Tour continues on the 5th day at full speed. The last station of our 5th day and our tour in general was Holland Amsterdam. Firstly, after visiting Dam Square and the Historical Royal Palace, the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Amsterdam Water Channels, Dancing Houses, Cafes selling Cannabis Cakes, Redlight district, Amsterdam Catholic Church and Amsterdam Train Station, we returned to our hotel. If you are curious about our Amsterdam adventures, you can continue with our “I Love Amsterdam” article.

Amsterdam Kraliyet Sarayı
Amsterdam Kraliyet Sarayı
Dam Meydanı Amsterdam
Dam Meydanı Amsterdam
Amsterdam Su Kanalları
Amsterdam Su Kanalları
Amsterdam Dans Eden Evler
Amsterdam Dans Eden Evler
Amsterdam Caddeleri
Amsterdam Caddeleri

Day – VII Dutch Masterpieces, Marken, Volendam and Delft Trip to the Netherlands (Summary)

On the 7th day of the Benelux European Tour, we will take a dream tour through the Netherlands’ natural wonders and seaside towns. We are now going to Dutch villages famous for their mills.


Marken is an island on Lake IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. Although it was an island until recently, it has become a peninsula connected to North Holland due to the road built today. Its villas with unique wooden architecture are fascinating. There is also a yacht marina. You can read more detailed information in our article “Holland Marken Trip“.


Volendam, one of the northern Dutch cities, is located in the North West of Marken Island. A dreamy city where you can admire its fairytale wooden houses. You can do your gift shopping about the Netherlands here. In the gift shops, intros showing how Volendam, more precisely the Dutch mainland, were built centuries ago, are shown. You can find the things you wonder about Volendam in our travel notes titled “Netherlands Volendam Trip“.

Volendam Şehri
Volendam Giriş Yolu
Volendam Hediyelik Eşya
Volendam Hediyelik Mazağalar
Volendam Mağazalar
Volendam Mağazalar
Volendam Yiyecek İçecek
Volendam Yiyecek İçecek
Volendam Göl Kenarı
Volendam Göl Sahili

City of Delft, NETHERLANDS

Delft is one of the southern cities of the Netherlands. It is a city famous for its porcelain. It is also famous for its handmade bamboo and furniture. Niuewe Church located in the Historical Market Square surrounded by water channels and the Hugo GROTIUS statue in front of it are the main places worth seeing. It is also possible to see shops selling Dutch cheese and porcelain here. We should not forget to take photos in front of the heart made of blue porcelain. Everything you wonder about Delft city is in our article “Holland Delft Trip“. Tomorrow, the last day of our tour, we will go to Giethoorn Village, known as the Hobbit Village, and we will make the Benelux European Tour final.

Delft Mavi Porselen Kalp
Delft Mavi Porselen Kalp
Delft Çini Porselen
Delft Çini Porselen Mağazası
Delft Nieuwe Kilisesi
Delft Nieuwe Kilisesi
Delft Hollanda Peyniri
Delft Hollanda Peyniri

Masterpieces Tour

After our trip to the north of the Netherlands, we continue our way south to see the Dutch Masterpieces. First in the Dutch Masterpieces, the Dutch Parliament Building and the flag embankment in front of it, the Koning WILLEM monument, the Dutch King’s Office, Mesdag Panorama Art Museum, The Hague City and the International Court of Justice, Scheveningen Beach and the Blue Lagoon Beach, and then to the last stop of the day with its porcelain We are passing to the famous Delft City. I am sharing the link of our article called “Netherlands Masterpieces” where you can find the details of this trip.

Hollanda Parlamento Binası
Hollanda Parlamento Binası
Hollanda Kralı Çalışma Ofisi
Hollanda Kralı Çalışma Ofisi
Mesdag Panorama Müzesi
Mesdag Panoramik Müzesi
Lahey Adalet Divanı
Lahey Adalet Divanı
Scheveningen Plajı
Scheveningen Kumsalı
Delft Su Kanalları
Delft Su Kanalları

Day – VIII Giethoorn Hobbit Village Trip and Zaanse Schans Windmills (Summary)

On the last day of our Benelux Tour, we will visit two wonderful villages of the Netherlands.

Giethoorn Hobbit Village, NETHERLANDS

Giethoorn is a town in the North of the Netherlands, famous for “Hobbit Houses“, which resemble a movie set. Giethoorn, located within the province of Overijssel, increased the number of visitors especially after the Dutch director Bert Haanstra’s film Fanfare was shot here in 1958. With its distinctive triangular-roofed villas and narrow water channels made of reeds on the dried swamp, it definitely stole the hearts of both us and other tour participants among the places we visited during the 8-days Benelux European Tour. There is a lot to say about Giethoorn, so you can read the rest of our article in our blog post “The Netherlands Giethoorn Trip“.

Hobbit Köyü – Giethoorn, HOLLANDA
Giethoorn Konaklama
Giethoorn, HOLLANDA
Giethoorn Gezisi
Giethorn Evleri
Giethoorn Hobbit Evleri
Giethoorn Su Kanalı Evleri
Hollanda Giethoorn Turu
Hollanda Giethoorn Turu

Zaanse Schans, NETHERLANDS

On the last day of the Benelux European Tour, our afternoon route is Zanse Schans, famous for its historic windmills. A town in Zaandam State between the North Sea and IJsselmeer, the Dutch Inland Sea: Zaanse Schans. Famous for its traditional Dutch Windmills, Cheese and wooden shoes unique to Holland, this town was the last stop of the Netherlands tour. If you are curious about historical windmills, we recommend you to read our article named “Netherlands Windmills – Zaanse Schans“.

Amsterdam Takunya
Hollanda Ahşap Takunya
Hollanda Yel Değirmeni Evleri
Yel Değirmeni Evleri Hollanda
Hollanda Yel Değirmenleri
Hollanda Yel Değirmenleri
Zaan Nehri
Zaan Nehri ve Yel Değirmenleri
Zaanse Schans Windmills
Zaanse Schans Yel Değirmenleri

Benelux European Tour” adlı bu yazı en son 16.03.2021 tarihinde güncellenmiştir.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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