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Winter Fun in Kartalkaya Ski Center

Bolu Kartalkaya Ski Center is one of the leading winter tourism centers of Turkey and Europe. It hosts local tourists from many cities, especially Istanbul and Ankara. Here are the answers to your questions about Kartalkaya, where snowboarding, skiing and other professional winter sports are held.

Winter Fun in Kartalkaya Ski Center
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Kartalkaya Ski Center

Kartalkaya Ski Center manages to provide snow pleasure to many local and foreign visitors every year in the winter season. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, it provides service with special ski tracks for those who want to do winter sports. We have answered the most frequently asked questions about Bolu Kartalkaya Ski Center for you.

• Winter Fun in Kartalkaya Ski Center
Kartalkaya Ski Center

Hotels, Tracks and Facilities in Bolu Kartalkaya

Kartalkaya is located within the borders of Bolu province. For this reason, it is preferred by ski lovers from many cities, especially Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir and even İzmir. In addition to domestic visitors, there are also many tourists from European countries, the Middle East and Arab countries.

Almost all of the hotels have sauna, hammam, spa, pool and rooms with fireplace. If you are planning an unforgettable winter holiday, we definitely recommend Kartalkaya.

Kartalkaya Hotels

There are 5 hotels in total in Bolu Kartalkaya Winter Sports Center. You can have a wonderful winter holiday by staying in these 4-star and 5-star hotels.

1. Kartal Hotel

It is one of the first facilities built in Kartalkaya. It is located at the end of the wide square where you first enter the ski resort. Visitors using the hotel do not pay the Skipass fee.

1 night full board room fee is between 3,000 – 4,500₺.

For information and reservation, you can call +90 374 234 50 05.

Kartal Otel
Kartal Hotel

2. Kaya Palazzo Ski and Mountain Resort

At the first entrance, follow the road on the right and pass the Gendarmerie Station and you will see the Dorukkaya Swiss Hotel, the most modern and newest hotel in Kartalkaya, on the right. Skipass is free for guests staying at the hotel.

Overnight accommodation has different prices on weekdays and weekends. The average nightly room rate for 1 person varies between 4.000 – 6.000₺.

For information and reservation +90 374 234 51 00

3. Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort (Swiss)

It is the hotel you see on the left at the first entrance. Free Skipass service is offered to hotel guests.

For 1-night accommodation, a fee is charged between 3.000 – 4.000₺ per person during the season.

For Information and Reservation +90 374 234 50 26

4. Golden Key Kartalkaya

Customers staying at the hotel are exempt from the Skipass fee.

One night bed and breakfast accommodation fee at the hotel is between 3,500 – 4,500₺. This hotel takes reservations for a minimum stay of two nights.

For hotel reservation and information +90 374 234 50 59

5. Grand Kartal Hotel

Skipass is offered free of charge for hotel guests.

Room rates per person per night are between 2.000 – 3.000₺ and they accept reservations for a minimum of 2 nights.

To inquire about accommodation and availability at this hotel +90 374 234 50 50

If Kartalkaya Hotels are expensive in terms of price, you can also choose the hotels located in the center of Bolu. You can choose pensions, 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels located in the city center of Bolu. In addition to these, you can use the army house, teacher’s house, police house, forest guest house and guest houses belonging to various public institutions in Bolu center at more economical prices.

Cafe, Bar and Restaurants

In the ski center, you can use the public restaurants and cafes of the hotels, even if you do not stay at the hotel. In addition, you can benefit from the Cafe & Bar located right next to the Kartal Hotel.

Kartalkaya Cafe & Bar
Kartalakaya bar & cafe.

Kartalkaya Ski Tracks and Tracks

There are areas where you can do many winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. There are a total of 5 large ski slopes with different slopes and lengths. However, if we include the small-scale tracks, their number reaches about 1 dozen.

Some of the Track and Track Names:

  1. Nazlı Track
  2. Çanak Track
  3. General education track
  4. Paris Track
  5. Yaman Track
  6. Nazar Track
  7. Luxury Chalest
  8. Burhanettin Kaya Track
  9. Telesiyej Area
  10. Children’s Education and Activity Track
  11. Sled Activity Area

Kartalkaya Entrance Fee

There is no application such as an entrance fee to Bolu Kartalkaya Ski Center. So the Ski Center entrance is free. However, services such as ski slopes, ski pass (lift), cable car, equipment rental and accommodation are paid. In other words, you do not pay an entrance fee like Abant or Yedigöller National Park.

Parking Fee

Kartalkaya Ski Center and the open car parks of the hotels are free and open to all visitors. When you come to Kartalkaya Winter Sports Center with your car, you do not pay any fee. However, if you are not a hotel customer, you cannot use the indoor car parks of the hotels.

Kartalkaya Skipass Fee

Skipass is a cable car-like vehicle on ski slopes that takes you back up when you slide to the lowest point of the track. Skipass, which has many types, is widely used with the feet on the ground (leaning) or sitting completely in the air. You can see both in Kartalkaya.

Kartalkaya Skipass Fees vary according to the hotel, the length of the track and the slope of the track. There are also different prices for weekdays, weekends and public holidays.

2022 Kartalkaya Skipass Fees determined for this year:

Since the ski pass fee also covers the usage fee of the ski tracks, you are not allowed to use the ski tracks and tracks without paying.

Kartalkaya Skipass Ücretleri
Kartalkaya Winter Sports Center Skipass Fee

You can use your own ski equipment on the tracks. If you do not have a ski suit, snowboard, skiboard or ski wear, you can rent it at Kartalkaya hotels. In addition to the hotels, there are businesses along the way where you can rent ski clothes and equipment at more economical prices.

When you go to the tracks with the missing equipment, your risk of encountering a possible accident and injury is quite high. Therefore, make sure that your ski equipment is robust and of good quality.

Kartalkaya Cable Car and Chairlift Fees

If you want to fully enjoy the view of snow in Kartalkaya in winter, the cable car activity is just for you. Cable car activity fees for a wonderful winter holiday alone with nature are as follows;

Weekday Cable Car & Chairlift Usage Fee: 300.00 ₺
Weekend Cable Car and Chairlift Usage Fee: 350.00 ₺

Ski Equipment and Equipment Rental Fees at the Ski Center

EquipmentPenguen TepeEsenler Equipmentin Hotels
Ski Rental175.00 ₺150.00 ₺200.00 ₺
Snowboard Rental175.00 ₺150.00 ₺200.00 ₺
Sled Rental50.00 ₺45.00 ₺75.00 ₺
Ski Wear Rental100.00 ₺100.00 ₺240.00 ₺
Ski Goggles Rental40.00 ₺30.00 ₺50.00 ₺
Ski Glove Rental25.00 ₺20.00 ₺40.00 ₺
Ski Helmet Rental25.00 ₺20.00 ₺40.00 ₺
All Equipment Rental275.00 ₺250.00 ₺450.00 ₺
Kartalkaya Ski Center Equipment Rental Fees valid for 2022

If you have adjusted your equipment, now it’s time to enjoy the snow. If you have made a reservation at the hotels in Kartalkaya, the hotel will provide you with detailed information and guidance about the environment and winter sports. If you will not stay at the hotel and have planned as a daily activity, the things we will write next will interest you more.

Ski and Snowboard Training in Kartalkaya

In order to complete winter sports in a fun way, non-skiing and amateur-level visitors must take lessons from a professional ski instructor or ski guides who can help you in this regard. It is not compulsory to take a course to ski. However, we recommend you to take ski training for your health.

There are licensed ski instructors serving in the hotel in Kartalkaya. Whether for snowboarding or skiing, they provide a satisfying training in a short time. After receiving the training, skiing becomes much more enjoyable.

So how much is Ski & Snowboard Training in Kartalkaya?

There are several different packages for professional winter sports training. Pricing is made with options such as how many people will receive training or on which day the training will be given. We researched the current Ski Training fees for the year 2022.

Kartalkaya Professional Ski Training Fees:

  • Minimum 1-4 people Ski Training Fee: 400-750 ₺
  • Ski Training for groups of 10 or more: 250-450 ₺/person

Snowboard Training Fee:

  • Minimum 1-4 people Snowboard Training Fee: 500-800 ₺/person
  • Snowboard Training for groups of 10 or more: 350-750 ₺/person

Search and Rescue Teams

Despite all warnings, Kartalkaya Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Teams intervene immediately and transfer them to the infirmary for those who go to the piste without ski training and have an accident during sports. In addition to accidents, in case of possible disasters such as avalanches and blizzards, Gendarmerie personnel work diligently 24/7 for the safety of visitors.

Kartal Otel
Kartal hotel’s ski slopes

Where is Kartalkaya?

Where is Kartalkaya, one of the few ski centers in Turkey and the world, and where almost all winter sports can be done, and how to get there?

Kartalkaya Ski Center is almost equidistant from both Istanbul and Ankara. Anyone who wants to go to Kartalkaya from Ankara or Istanbul can arrive in approximately 2.5 hours. However, in case of heavy snowfall in winter, your arrival time may be slightly longer.

Is Kartalkaya Road Open in Winter?

Bolu Kartalkaya road can be closed to traffic for a short time due to heavy snowfall in the winter season. However, with the rapid intervention of snow plow teams, the road opens to traffic very soon. The most important thing to consider when going to Kartalkaya in winter is to have your winter tires or snow chains with you. All season tires do not work at high altitudes and cannot be driven without chains.

• Winter Fun in Kartalkaya Ski Center
Kartalkaya Road in Winter

And don’t be fooled by the chainmen who cut you off by jumping on the road along the way. Be the first to give a chance to these opportunists until the Gendarmerie checkpoint. If the road is in a very bad condition, the Gendarmerie teams do not allow vehicles without winter tires or chains to Kartalkaya.

How to go to Kartalkaya?

Those coming from the surrounding cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir and Bursa can easily come by using the TEM highway and the D-100 highway. Those coming from the TEM highway can take the Bolu-East (Yeniçağa) exit and connect to the D-100 highway and then to the Kartalkaya road after a short drive.

Kartalkaya Ski Center map:

Daily Trip to Kartalkaya

Is it possible to make a daily Kartalkaya tour? A question came from our Instagram channel. For those who are wondering, we felt the need to explain it here. Visitors who want to come to the Ski Center in Bolu from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Eskişehir for one day need to set off very early in the morning.

You must be at the summit before noon. It is known that in winter the days are short and winter sports activities should not be left to the evening hours. In this way, you can make full use of it by making a daily planning. In the remaining time, you can visit Bolu City Center and spend time shopping.

Weather and Snow Thickness

The area where Kartalkaya Ski Center is located starts to snow in mid-November. There is snow on the tracks at the end of March and even until the middle of April in some periods. Even if it does not snow as much as the weather permits, artificial snow is found on the small tracks where it is produced.

Snow thickness varies between 70 cm and 150 cm per season. From time to time, the runways may be closed due to heavy snowfall and its type. However, skiing is possible almost throughout the season.

Kartalkaya ile İlgili Merak Edilen Sorular

In which city is Kartalkaya?

Bolu is located in the southeast of our province. It is 3 hours away from Sabiha Gökçen (İstanbul) Airport and Esenboğa (Ankara) Airport.

Is Kartalkaya Open in Summer? Can you go?

Kartalkaya Ski Center, which is open only in the winter season, is closed to visitors in other seasons when it does not snow. I went in the summer just out of curiosity. All hotels and facilities were closed. Only the security guards of the businesses were there.

What to wear in Kartalkaya?

If you are not going to ski, your own winter sweaters, coats, boots and berets will do. However, if you are going to ski, you should wear complementary clothes suitable for the ski equipment. If you do not have a ski suit, you can buy it or solve this problem by renting ski equipment.

What to eat in Kartalkaya? What to drink?

You can find almost every type of food and drink in the restaurants, cafes and bars inside the hotels. A cup of coffee or hot chocolate will be enough to warm you up at the Fireplace Cafe&Bar next to the Kartal Hotel.

Is there a Bungalow Mountain House in Kartalkaya?

There are only five-star hotels on the summit where the ski center is located. However, there are plateaus in the immediate vicinity of Kartalkaya. It is possible to see bungalow houses made in log house style here. There are even families who rent their homes through Airbnb.

Is it possible to camp in Kartalkaya?

Kış sezonunda hava sıcaklıklarının çok düşük olması sebebiyle kamp yapmak için pek elverişli bir ortam olmuyor. Ancak macera arayan kamp severleri ara sıra görmek mümkün oluyor. Kış sezonu dışındaki dönemlerde oldukça sakin olan Kartalkaya bölgesi çadır ve karavan kampı için çok daha uygun bir ortam sağlıyor.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.
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