The Tale of Agva Sightseeing Between Two Streams

We are in Agva, which originated from Latin as our origin and means “the town between the two rivers”. As it is very close to Istanbul, it is an escape route preferred by young and old people. Agva is the place for those who are overwhelmed by the busy and crowded environment of Istanbul.

The Tale of Agva Sightseeing Between Two Streams

Ağva Travel Guide

As it is close to Istanbul, Agva is one of the routes frequented by many of us. My personal preference is to make a nice closing with Beykoz-Riva-Şile and Agva in the final. I use this route several times during the year. In fact, Agva is the starting point of the Western Black Sea and the escape route of Istanbul residents, located in the north east of Istanbul.

General Information for Agva

Agva, which has hosted many civilizations from the Hittites to the Phrygians and from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman State, has been the most strategic region of Istanbul on the Black Sea side. When we talk about the history of Agva, we should not forget the Genoese and Venetians, the famous Naval Empires of History.

Transportation for Agva

Today, more than its historical importance, the mega city has become a port where refugees escaped from Istanbul. Ağva, which is a frequent destination for those who want to breathe away from traffic, confusion and crowd, offers us a peaceful environment with its nature that we have not yet polluted.

Stress Free

Embracing its visitors with all ages with its nature integrated with the Black Sea, Agva is located between Goksu and Yesilcay (Kocadere) streams. This natural wonder seaside town, where calm streams are poured into the Black Sea, will come to you as medicine to get rid of the troubles and stresses. We wish you to read our Agva travel guide notes in one breath and visit Agva as soon as possible.

Where is Ağva?

There are several transportation methods to Agva, which is about 100 kilometers from Istanbul. I definitely recommend you to go to Agva with your own vehicle or a rental car. However, if you cannot go by car, it is not the end of the world. There are Agva Tours organized daily. Moreover, they show the places to visit in Agva, accompanied by a guide.

For those who do not have private vehicles other than these transportation methods, public transportation can be used. Departing from İett 139A line numbered buses from Üsküdar and vehicles belonging to Uskudar Tourism via Sile, it can be reached in about 3 hours. You can follow the departure times of Uskudar-Sile-Agva Bus Schedules at:

You can go to Agva by following the Sile Signs on the D100 (E5) and TEM (Q3) motorways, without needing directions.

Agva in Spring and Autumn

Although I am always in a dilemma about this, it is more attractive to go to Agva in the spring. With the sea, forest, butterfly, flower and birds after the winter, you witness the rebirth of nature with spring. Fragrant flowers from each other, even the wave of the sea hits another beach of Agva. As if he is massaging into the deepest of the human soul.

Although it is preferred by nature lovers in the spring, it is the choice of lovers, spouses and those seeking romance in the autumn months after summer. In the autumn season, Agva opens its doors to lovers of adventure as well as lovers of adventure.

Agva, which is a bridge in the transition from the Black Sea to the Marmara region, has the characteristics of both the Black Sea region and the Marmara region. It impresses itself with its natural richness and unique sea view.

I can cruise for hours at the beach of Agva, which is bordered by natural vegetation and rebellious waves of the Black Sea from almost any shade of green, but mostly in any color.

Hotel Advice and Accommodation Opportunities in Agva

In fact, this is a place that can be visited every season without restricting the season. Even if it does not offer a long holiday, I can recommend it for breathing for a few days short vacation. You can find out the current price information of Agva for hotels and pensions from the hotel reservation line.

There are many different possibilities for accommodation in Agva. You were able to prepare the suitcases and kick yourself out of Istanbul in a way. There are alternatives such as hotels, pensions, caravans and tent camps. Most of the local visitors from Istanbul, as well as foreign tourists (generally northern Europe and Arab countries) visit Agva.

Agva Hotels

Most of the touristic visits are those who come for a day trip. However, if you want to stay in Agva, you are offered an accommodation that appeals to almost every taste.

Recommended Agva Hotels

  • Ağva Mi Norte Boutique & Exclusive Hotel
  • Ağva Masal Evi Butik Hotel (Ağva, Yakuplu St.. No:260)
  • Assorite La Villa Hotel (3 Yıldız – Fındık St, NO: 3)
  • Ağva Orman Evleri – Forest Lodge (3 yıldız)
  • Ağva Sahil Yıldızı Pansiyon (Ağva Merkez, Akin St, No:3)
  • Antik River House
  • Şelale Hotel
  • Piazza Hotel
  • Aria Hotel
  • Deniz Yıldızı Hotel
  • Tartaruga Hotel
  • Agva Rex Hotel
  • Sapphire Hotel
  • Elrio Motel
  • Treetops Park Hotel
  • The Swan Park Hotel
  • Güneş Hotel
  • Mad Sea Beach Hotel
  • Agva Daily Apart Hotel
  • Beyaz Ev Ağva Butik Otel (Agva, Yakuplu St. No:256)
  • Piccolo Mondo Hotel
  • Hotel Mandalin
  • Club Pedalisa
  • Other Agva Hotels:

Some of the Agva hotels you can stay. Since I reside in Istanbul, I haven’t had the opportunity to stay in any of them yet. For this reason, I do not want to make a positive or negative comment about Agva hotels. The bungalow is located in apartments, pensions and 3-star hotels, as well as in places that provide private camping for camping activities.

Camping and Nature Activities in Agva

By setting up your camping equipment and tent, you can carry out camping activities that you can integrate with nature. There are areas suitable for tent or caravan camps in Agva. Some campgrounds;

  • Agva Green Camping ( for reservation)
  • Seferogulları Camping (For reservation
  • Gelesun Campland ( for reservation)
  • Woodwille Tree House and Covboy City
Agva tree house

Hiking Trails

There are nature trails called Hacilli, Kilimli and Kurfalli on 3 different routes close to Agva, where we can walk and trekking as nature activities. I especially recommend you to walk on the Kurfalli walking track. Kurfalli track, which is a candidate for the important trekking tracks of Istanbul, will be almost full of nature and sea. Recently, Orienteering routes, which are oriented to find directions, have started to attract attention. A mapped Kurfalli track, where you can do orienteering activities, is waiting for you in Agva.

Ağva’da Dere Üzerinde Kano ve Su Bisikleti

There is not yet a professional activity to be called water sports. Who can say no to an adventurous fun activity with motorized or non-motorized water vehicles in the calm waters of Yesilcay and Goksu (Kocadere) streams?

These activities organized by pedalo, boats or canoes that you can rent will almost rest your soul. Your body needs rest and renewal with natural therapies. Of course, these activities, which will contribute positively to the quality of life, in Agva near Istanbul, add a different color.

Beach Run and Sea Activities

In addition to swimming and sunbathing, Agva beach, which is a Black Sea coast, has areas reserved for playing Beach Run, Beach Volley (beach volleyball) and other beach games.

Agva Beach

The sea, sand, sun and forest quartet will penetrate you so much that you will never want to leave Agva. The chirping of birds in the forest and the smell of spring coming from flowers in thousands of colors on your nose as your eyes dive into the water.

Mushroom Expeditions

How about discovering world famous mushroom species, especially in autumn, with mushroom experts? We discover mushroom species in this activity full of adventure and fun every minute. It was an interesting activity that I experienced for the first time.

Other Activities

Other activities that can be done in Agva sightseeing tour are bird watching, fish hunting, Agva beach nights (moonlight dance party), sunset on the beach and safari tour on Goksu river.

Explore Agva Platform

While nature offers us all its blessings unconditionally, on the other hand, it is necessary to know and protect the value of these beauties. For this purpose, about 10 years ago, tourism-intensive companies and nature lovers operating in Agva have implemented the “Sustainable Environment Platform“. We support this struggle wholeheartedly.

Places to Visit in Agva

Agva district, which is a boutique town on the shore of the Black Sea, is within the provincial borders of Istanbul. It is located in a location that you can easily reach via Sile road. If we list the reminders in our Agva travel guide;

  • Agva district center (Agva Bazaar)
  • Agva Lighthouse
  • Beach and Coastal Road
  • Safari Tour in Goksu River and Yesilcay Creek
  • Kilimli Hill and Kilimli Bay
  • Kurfalli and Hacilli trekking tracks
  • Hacilli Hill and Waterfall Tour
  • Weeping Rocks (Aglayan Kayalar)

1. Agva District Center

It has its characteristic exterior painted with white paint in the buildings in Agva district center. Although it is not as prominent as the lime painted white Bodrum houses, it has a relatively smaller bazaar similar to Sile in the nearby area. The most you will see in the bazaar will be shops and shops selling clothes from “Şile Bezi“. Apart from this, there are boutique shops selling gift items such as handmade wind chimes, cupboard ornaments, key rings from bright seashells.

2. Agva Lighthouse

The Lighthouse, located on the coastline in the district center, is one of the most ancient works. The construction of the lighthouse built by Sultan Abdülaziz during the Ottoman period was undertaken by French architects but Turkish engineers. Although it was built recently with the lighthouse in Sile, Agva lighthouse is quite small and short compared to the Şile Lighthouse.

Agva Lighthouse

Briefly, the history was built to guide the Ottoman Navy against possible Russian attacks during the Crimean War, which broke out in the late 1800s. Even 120 years later, Agva Lighthouse, which is still in operation today, is the background in the selfie photos of the visitors rather than guiding the ships.

3. Ağva Beach & Coastal Road

You can use two different ways to go from Agva to Istanbul. If you use the coastal road when you come over Şile, you follow a more scenic route with the Black Sea and the forest compared to the other road. When you come from Agva coastline and coastal road, you reach Agva beaches. Kurfalli beach, Suayiplli beach are some of the beaches on the road. There is another beach in Kilimli Bay where you can go with your private car. Moreover, Kilimli Beach is also a beach suitable for camping. However, the best beach I can recommend in terms of beach transportation and facilities will be Agva Beach in the district center.

4. Goksu and Yesilcay Safari Tour

You can visit many of the places to visit in Agva, which is between the two branches of the Goksu river, with a safari tour. Safari tours in which nature addicts discover Agva with motorized and non-motorized water vehicles have been very popular in recent years. Even though I had a short river cruise, I did not have the opportunity to join the safari tour yet. But I am thinking of joining soon and this will undoubtedly be an interesting experience for me.

Agva rivers
Agva River

5. Kilimli Hill and Kilimli Bay (Beach)

This natural wonder region where you can see every shade of green is like a piece of paradise. However, this region was recently paid. They want a price range of 20 to 100 Turkish Liras from the beach entrance fee. There is also a paid camping area. However, this place is a very idle place, too. Do not expect much. Not to mention hygiene and cleanliness after seeing garbage that has not been collected. You do not pay for swimming in Kilimli beach. Because, according to the Coastal Law, seas and coasts are open to all citizens. You may be charged only if you use deck chairs, umbrellas and parking lots.

Since the other side of the bay is rocky, you cannot swim in the sea, but you can enjoy the nature-sea-sun trio on the Kilimli Hill Trekking Trail located here. Although the garbage that is not collected in this beautiful natural area is annoying, you should enjoy the nature. The magnificent view of the Black Sea from Kilimli hill and the sound of the hideous waves hitting the cliffs on the shore will leave a therapy effect on your soul.

Kilimli Maps:

6. Kurfallı Village Natural Forest Trail

In the village of Agva Kurfalli, which is located more inland than the sea and in the forest, there are camping activities and nature bungalow tree houses as well as natural trekking tracks.

  • Agva Forest Lodge
  • River Fairy Village House
  • Aria Hotel
  • Forest House

Kurfalli Village Maps:

7. Hacilli Village and Waterfall Campground

Hacilli Village, which is a village closer to Istanbul, although it is one of the villages close to Agva. The privilege of Hacilli village, which is 29 km from Agva and 110 km from Istanbul, is a waterfall on Goksu (Kocadere). Agva Hacilli Waterfall, which is the closest waterfall to Istanbul, is one of the places worth seeing. Reaching the waterfall sounds soothing from the noise of Istanbul awaits us in Hacilli Village, which is only 1.5 hours away.

In the camping area around the waterfall, you can find an opportunity to have a wonderful camping in touch with nature. It is useful to take a look at this map that will be useful for you to reach Hacilli Waterfall, one of the waterfalls of Istanbul:

What to Eat in Agva?

What to eat and drink when you come to Agva, which has the characteristics of a Black Sea coastal town? This section of the article appeals to you.

It is possible to find quite intimate and decent places by the coast or by the Agva stream. There are food menus unique to this region in restaurants and cafes that are suitable for Agva’s soul. This is entirely up to you. For breakfast, cafes and restaurants near the edge of Kocadere (Agva stream) are more preferred, while for lunch and dinner, places close to the beach and overlooking the sea are preferred.

In Agva, there will be several venue suggestions that I can recommend both in terms of taste and scenery.

As for the answer to the question of what to eat and drink in Ağva, there are too many varieties to fit in one sentence. I prepared a food menu according to the meals.


Spread Village Breakfast: Local jam varieties, honey, tahini, butter oil, scrambled eggs, sausage eggs, sausage, salami, cheese paste, cheddar cheese, knitted cheese, chickpea cheese, feta cheese, cream cheese, green olives, black saddle olives, tomato, cucumber, pepper, french fries, village bread, toast and unlimited brewing TEA.

Open Buffet Breakfast: Jam and marmalade varieties, cheese types, fries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, olives, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and coffee, tea and juice varieties.


The restaurants on the beach side have more fish and grilled meat menus. Ravioli, black sea pita, lahmacun and fast food restaurants predominate in the dining venues located in the center of Agva.


Dinner at Agva is more special than other meals. Because dinner is undoubtedly the most romantic meal, where emotions are more prominent, so feeding our stomachs is in the background. You can also choose to have dinner at the places on the coast of Agva, as well as restaurants and cafes with a warm and friendly atmosphere by the creek.

For dinner, there are fish restaurants for those who love seafood, where Alacarte menus are mostly served, as well as Grilled Steak meat dishes. My recommendations for places to eat in Agva are as follows;

Seaside Restaurants in Ağva

  • Ağva Liman Restaurant (reservation:
  • Club Grand Becassier (reservation:
  • Günay Restaurant (reservation:
  • Fener Fish Restaurant
  • Tokatlı’nin Yeri – Turkish Ravioli and Pancake (Manti) House

Agva Cafe, Restaurant and Recreation Venues

  • Aşıklar Cafe&Restaurant
  • Yakamoz Yalı Kafe & Restorant 
  • Meleksima Cafe
  • Ağva Gezi Kafe & Mola
  • Nehir Restaurant
  • Sardunya Restaurant
  • Antik River House Cafe&Restro
  • Ağva Küçük Ev (Small House) Restaurant
  • Gizli Bahçe (Secret Garden Resturant)
  • Ağva My Dream Cafe ve Restoran
  • Piccolo Mondo Ağva Otel & Restaurant

Barbecue Pleasure in Agva

Coming soon in Istanbul, it is forbidden to burn a barbecue where he wants. This ban is also valid in Agva. However, this does not prevent you from having a barbecue. Because the district municipality and private cafes and restaurants have grill and barbecue burning areas. It is not difficult to find self-catering places on the edge of Agva stream. You can even prepare and bring your butcher equipment yourself or buy it from the venue.

Goodbye Agva ;(

Whatever your purpose of escaping from Istanbul at the end of the day, listening to some head, seeing a few beautiful landscapes and spending time with nature in a few hours will make your soul and body free from all negativity. When you return to Istanbul, you can be sure that you will make plans to go to Agva again as soon as possible.

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