Bolu Yedigoller

welcomes you all year round with different color dresses in Turkey’s 7 natural wonders of the Seven Lakes National Park consists of the lake. Yedigöller, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Bolu, is 42 km away from the city center.

Bolu Yedigoller
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How to go to Yedigoller?

In these days when Autumn is having a hard time chasing Summer, we have planned a trip to Yedi goller, taking advantage of the opportunity, and we wanted to share our impressions of the trip with you as soon as our language turns. We recommend you to watch the relaxing effect of the “Road” video, which is about half an hour long.

Yedigoller Road Video

In fact, although many of us have a shaky memory because of the bad roads a few years ago, as of 2016, Yedigöller has achieved a super road as a result of the work of the Special Provincial Administration with the Regional Directorate of Forestry.

It’s hard to decide whether this is good news or bad news. Because when the road was bad, the number of visitors was less than before and it was just as enjoyable to visit.

Now, one half of Yedigoller National Park is full of camping lovers, while the other half serves the insatiable tourists.

Yedigoller Road Landscape

Since our previous Yedigoller trips coincided with the spring or summer months, we were always deprived of the autumn scenery. This time we planned our trip to Yedigöller for autumn and decided to do it on a rainy day.

We set off with our vehicle from Bolu Center at noon. Actually, there are 3 different ways to reach Yedigöller. If you are coming from the direction of Istanbul, you can also use the connecting road to Düzce. However, this road is not preferred because it is long.

It will be both shorter and more comfortable to reach Yedigöller from the traffic signs in Bolu Center. Travel lovers coming from Ankara can reach Yedigoller either via Mengen or from Bolu Center. It is both high quality and equal distance on both roads.

In which season to go to Yedigöller?

Undoubtedly, every season welcomes us with different clothes. However, the Autumn view of Yedigöller is definitely worth seeing. Knowing that the weather was rainy and foggy, we decided to go to Yedigöller. So much so that we found ourselves in a misty fairy tale.

It is possible to see all shades of yellow, green and orange in Yedigöller in autumn. I always dream of going to Yedigöller in winter, but I have to go back halfway. Instead, we settle for the snow scene in Kartalkaya or Abant.

We climbed the steep slopes slowly, ignoring the pouring rain. We shot photos and videos at every point that appeals to the eye without getting lazy. In some shots, the rain got so heavy that we still completed the shooting of those wonderful forest landscapes swept away by the fog under the umbrella.

Even though my two coats were completely wet during the shoot, we took these wonderful shots by relying on the waterproofness of the camera.

Yedigoller Terraces

Gurbettaşı Terrace

After climbing about 20 km from the center of Bolu, you come to the Gurbettaşı pass. You may be surprised by the close interest of the locals selling local products here. Mushrooms, cranberries, rosehips, marmalade, jam, honey, tarhana and of course, a glass of freshly brewed hot tea will fascinate you.

In this region, you can go up Bayraklı Hill and take a selfie or enjoy the insatiable view for hours. Here, the altitude is 1650 meters and it feels cold, as it is right between the two straits. We recommend you, nature-loving travelers, to dress tight during these seasons.

While mobile phones could not receive a signal on most of the road in previous years, with the renewal of the road, the GSM coverage area has also expanded considerably, and since 4.5G internet connection can be provided at almost every kilometer, you can easily share snapshots and other media.

Gurbettaşı Yedigöller
Bolu Yedigöller Hometown Stone

After getting a little cold at the Gurbettaşı Pass and sipping our hot tea with the magnificent view, we climb the ramp for another 500 meters, after which the slope reverses and we go down the ramp for about 5 km, and another observation deck is waiting for us here.

“Ayı Kaya” Deck

Ayikayasi Deck; it’s like the window of a house overlooking the canyon covered with pine, fir and oak trees. There is also a place that sells local products and serves tea and coffee. After we ate the boiled milk corn that the youngest member of our team loved very much on the Bear Stone observation terrace, we completed our photo shoot and moved towards Yedigoller.

Ayıkaya Seyir Terası, Bolu Yedigöller
Ayikaya Terrace View

Kapankaya Terrace

After continuing on for another 6-7 km, we arrived at Kapankaya Observation Terrace. There is a parking lot for about 10 cars on the side of the road. When you arrive at Kapankaya pass, a 250-meter climbing path awaits you. It is a little easier to climb with the wooden stairs made by the Forestry Directorate, but believe me, a view worth the effort and effort awaits you at the summit.

When you reach the top, you can get the chance to see the most beautiful forest views from a two-storey wooden structure at the top and from the wooden balcony just below. Kapankaya is a cold and windy passage in all four seasons because of its strait structure. For this reason, I recommend that you have a coat with you when you go to Kapankaya Observation Terrace.

Kapankaya Seyir Terası
Yedigöller Yolu Kapankaya Seyir Terası

Atmaca Deck

When we leave Kapankaya Observation Terrace and go down a few kilometers, the asphalt ends and the cobblestone road begins. Afterwards, Atmaca Observation Terrace comes into view. I guess you will feel less cold here since it is lower in altitude than Kapankaya pass and the back part is mountainous.

When we reach the Atmaca terrace, the visibility decreases to 5-6 meters due to the heavy fog. For this reason, when we looked from the balcony part of the terrace, it consisted of a pure white image. As the fog slowly began to recede, that wonderful view began to show itself. A deep valley covered with forest stretches between the trees right in front of the balcony.

Atmaca Seyir Terası
Yedigoller Atmaca Deck

We brought together the promotional videos of the viewing terraces that we watched along the 45-kilometer road from Bolu city center to Yedigöller and shared them with you. We strongly recommend you to watch this video about Gurbettaşı, Ayıkaya, Kapankaya and Atmaca viewing terraces.

The best time to visit Yedigöller is Autumn season, that is, between the middle of September and the end of November. Every season is beautiful, but the perfect harmony of yellow and green can only be seen at these times. We wanted to do a snow adventure in Yedigöller, but the officials turned our vehicle back after the Gurbettaşı location because the road was closed.

How much is the Bolu Yedigöller Entrance Fee?

We crossed the observation decks, passes and straits and started descending to Bolu Yedigöller. After crossing the winding and winding roads, we reached the entrance gate of Yedigöller National Park, which has 7 lakes in total.

Here, after paying the 28 TL entrance fee for the cars, we continued to descend. By the way, let us remind you that there is no charge for entry to Yedigoller National Park from relatives of martyrs, veterans and disabled citizens.

After surviving the minor traffic jam caused by the vehicles that could not fit in the parking area, we arrived at the lakes region and parked our vehicle and started the second phase of the Yedigöller tour with Seringöl, which is at the bottom, that is, in the north.

In this part of our Yedigöller blog post, we will share our impressions of seven lakes from north to south: Seringöl, Büyük lake, Deringöl, Kuru lake, Nazlıgöl, İncegöl and Sazlıgöl, accompanied by photographs.

FAQ About Yedigoller

Yedigoller Lake Names


The northernmost lake is Seringöl. It covers an area of 1760 square meters. It is the first of 7 lakes formed by the volcanic sliding pieces blocking the basin front.

Serin Göl, Yedigöller
Serin Lake, Yedigoller


Going from north to south, the second lake is the Great Lake. Its deepest point is 15 meters. It is also the largest lake with an area of 24,900 square meters.

Büyük Göl
Great Lake, Yedigoller


It is located just north-east of the big lake. There is a transition between the Great Lake and Derin Lake (Deep Lake). There is a stone bridge on this crossing that vehicles can pass through. It has an area of 15,000 square meters and a depth of 20 meters.

Derin Göl, Yedigöller
Yedigoller Deep Lake


It is one of the two smallest lakes when you continue from the Yedigöller National Park region in the south direction, that is, upwards. It has a surface area of 2170 square meters. It is located just north of Nazlı Lake, where the Bolu Yedigöller Waterfall is. There is also a Wishing Fountain here. There is also a swamp in the east of this place.

Kuru Göl, Yedigöller
Yedigoller Kurugol


The road belonging to the National Park passes between the dry lake and the İnce Lake. This is the other small lake on the upper, western part of the road. İnce Lake is the smallest lake of Yedigöller with a surface area of 1030 square meters. There are pensions called Dagevleri, which are touristic bungalow type, right next to the İnce lake.

İnce Göl, Yedigöller
Yedigöller İnce Göl


It is located just west of the İnce lake. Sazlı lake has a surface area of 5950 square meters. There is a sheltered Deer Breeding Farm just ahead.

Sazlı Göl, Yedigöller
Yedigöller Sazlı Göl


Nazlı Lake is the lake below on the left as it moves down from the Bolu Yedigöller National Park. It is reached by stone and wooden stairs. It is surrounded by meadows and different kinds of trees. Nazlı Lake has a surface area of 15,780 square meters.

The most beautiful picnic areas are around Nazlı Lake. However, with the decision taken by the General Directorate of National Parks, it is forbidden to light barbecues, samovar or fires in the entire National Park for protection from forest fires. Citizens are warned in this direction with frequent audible and visual stimuli.

Nazlı Göl, Yedigöller
Yedigöller Nazlı Göl

Yedigoller Video

It is a unique opportunity to get rid of the stress of the city by taking a small getaway to find peace with its quiet and calm nature, where you can see every shade of green, yellow, orange and even brown.

We shared with you what we saw and visited in Bolu Yedigöller in two video-clips. We prepared this documentary-like promotional clip by bringing together the Full HD footage of our journey from the Bolu Tunnels to the Yedigöller Entrance, which was reflected on our in-car camera.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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