Yedigoller and Abant Lakes Appointment System

Due to Covid-19 measures, access to these facilities was prohibited in the city Bolu, famous for its lakes and national parks. As of June 1, the entrance to Yedigöller, Abant and Gölcük National Parks has been opened limitedly. With the new system, if there is a density in the national parks, a series of measures will be taken by the Governorate. At the beginning of these measures, it is planned to accept visitors to Yedigöller, Abant and Gölcük by Appointment Application.

Yedigoller and Abant Lakes Appointment System

All over the world, and that leads to a significant number of casualties due to the outbreak in Turkey Covid-19 we wait for the danger by staying in our home for a long time. Meanwhile, he took a breath in nature. Almost the entire industrial industry has come to a standstill. Our damages to nature have been minimized and they had the opportunity to renew themselves. As of June 1, pandemic measures were stretched and steps were taken to bring the society back to normal life. Since the risk continues, a number of measures and measures have been developed.

New Rules in National Parks

Bolu National Parks, which is a natural wonder where local and foreign visitors come and breathe every year, opened its doors to us to support the normalization process. Abant, Golcuk, Yedigoller, Sülüklü Lake, Golkoy and Seben Lake National Parks are opened to nature lovers in Bolu. Let’s share this good news for now. However, there are a number of precautions and measures that visitors should pay attention to.

Rules to be followed in National Parks

  • Paying attention to social distance rules,
  • Obligation to wear a mask regardless of open or closed areas,
  • Not touching with others as much as possible,
  • Using contactless credit cards instead of cash during purchases,
  • Cleaning hands frequently with disinfectants in the national park,
  • Not to leave room for a second warning considering the warnings of the officers,
  • To comply with visual and audio warnings.

Precautions and Measures Taken in National Parks

Regarding the density, especially in Abant and Yedigoller, Bolu Governorship prepared a precautionary package. With the announcements made by Bolu Governor Ahmet ÜMİT‘s social media account, Yedigoller explained what should be known before coming to Abant and Golcuk.

Since the number of vehicles and visitors entering and exiting the National Park after the pandemic is constantly recorded, some limitations will be applied.

For example, Yedigoller would normally accept over 10,000 visitors daily. However, even half of this number is not allowed now. It seems that both the limited number of parking areas and the less open area (the area that can be visited) compared to other Bolu National Parks are effective in this decision.

National parks visitors “Turkey Science Committee” prepared by “social distance and hygiene” rules will be applied to the individual if they comply with the Administrative Monetary Penalty in the National Park if the increase in the number of such events will be partially closed or completely on arrival.

Appointment Entry System to National Parks

In the case of failure to comply with the rules and measures announced by the Scientific Committee and Provincial Hygiene Boards in the National Parks and Recreation Areas, the entrance to the Governor’s Office may be restricted or closed to visitors.

How are National Parks, Promenade Areas and Lakes within the borders of Bolu affected by the Appointment System?

Yedigoller Appointment System

With the statement made by Bolu Governor Ahmet ÜMİT in the past days, Yedigoller National Park, which has an area of 120-130K square meters, will be closed to the entrances when it is thought that it will trigger the risk of epidemic with the increase in the number of visitors in the Yedigoller National Park.

Colors of Yedigoller

If there is a medium risk of outbreak, visitors will be asked to make an online appointment on the Bolu Governorate official website before coming to Yedigoller. Visitors arriving without an appointment will not be allowed to enter the Yedigoller National Park. For now, the Governorate, who stated that the appointment system has not been put into practice for Yedigoller, says that there will be no problems if the rules are followed.

Abant Appointment Process

Abant Lake National Park, which has a larger open area and car park than Yedigoller, is also home to 3 big tourist hotels. The density is predicted as it is closer to Bolu than Yedigoller. In cases where the pandemic rules are not followed or the density of people increases, the Appointment System for Abant will be activated and only the entries of the citizens who have made appointments will be allowed.

If needed, you may be asked to make an appointment before visiting your Bolu Governorate website. You can follow the most reliable current news on this matter from the Bolu Governorate Website and Social Media Accounts.

The Bolu Governorate


Golcuk Appointment

Golcuk National Park, which is located very close to Bolu compared to Yedigoller and Abant, has always been featured in books and magazines with its unique nature view and even inspired painters. Important measures were taken after the quarantine for Golcuk, where many visitors came in four seasons of the year.

At the beginning of these measures, the measures announced by the Governorate, the Bolu Hygiene Committee and the National Scientific Committee are the measures. With the system placed at the entrance of Golcuk Nature Park, the number of visitors and number of vehicles are monitored instantly. In addition, visitors inside the park are constantly checked by the Gendarmerie teams and the National Park officials.

Administrative Fines will be applied to citizens who do not care about the measures in the Golcuk nature park, do not comply with the social distance rules and do not pay attention to hygiene. In addition, in case of need, visitors will be allowed to enter through the online appointment system through the Governorate channel.

How to Make an Appointment for Entry to the National Parks?

Citizens coming to Yedigoller, Abant and Golcuk must read the current announcements on the Bolu Governorate Website before making a plan. This is very important in order not to come back to the national park entrance and return empty-handed. If the governorship deems it necessary, visits can only be made through the Appointment System. So how does the appointment system work? In case of question and answer, we investigated this “entrance to the national park with appointments”.

  1. How to apply to the Yedigoller Appointment System?

    It can be applied not only for the Yedigoller nature park but also for the Abant and Golcuk national parks on the website of the Bolu Governorate. It may be an electronic barcode, data matrix QR Code or printed document to be produced by the system. There may even be an appointment that will only take place via the TC ID number or license plate. The technical features of the appointment system are not yet clear.

  2. Is Abant open to visitors?

    Abant National Park was reopened as of June 1. For now, there are no obstacles as long as you pay attention to social distance rules and hygiene. If you have a plan for Abant or Yedigoller, it is useful to check the website and social media accounts of the Bolu Governorate before coming.

  3. How much is the National Park Entry Fee in the Appointment System?

    Standard entry fees continue to apply in the same way. Abant entrance fees, Yedigoller entrance fees did not change. In addition, no fee will be charged for making an appointment.

  4. Is Yedigoller open on Weekends after quarantine?

    Yedigoller, Abant and Golcuk nature parks are open to visitors, regardless of weekdays and weekends. However, before you go, it is useful to read the announcements on the Governorship's page for the current situation.

  5. Is Abant Hotels Open?

    After quarantine measures, the most frequently asked question was whether 5-star hotels and restaurants in Abant Lake nature park were opened. Domestic and foreign tourists, who are booked under control, are accepted separately. For now, customers are not accepted to hotels without reservation. You can get the most up-to-date information from the hotel you have booked.

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