Telephone Usage Abroad

What do you need to know before using your mobile phone abroad? We answered the most up-to-date questions such as the most suitable tariffs to be able to speak by phone abroad, settings to enter the internet from the phone abroad. Also, how to get disposable telephone lines in a foreign country? We answered all these questions one by one.

Telephone Usage Abroad

Telephone Roaming

Using mobile phone calls and your mobile internet for traveling abroad, business or traveling abroad, was very difficult and troublesome in the past. Now it’s child’s play. As a result of the infrastructure arrangements and technological improvements made by mobile network operators, you can make your phone ready for use abroad in seconds. All these transactions related to mobile phones are of vital importance while you are abroad. Since the use of telephones is a very sensitive subject abroad, we will include a lot of explanatory, up-to-date and satisfying information.

Telephone Conversation Abroad

When talking about phone communication abroad, mobile phone services that you will use over your mobile phone conversation, sms and 3.5G (H +), 4.5G (LTE) or 5G come to mind. 3 realizes GSM mobile telephony infrastructure and service companies as it is known in Turkey. These are Turkcell, Türk Telekom (formerly Avea) and Vodafone mobile communication operators. How do you talk to your mobile phone abroad and what are the settings to be made on the phone abroad to go online? At the end of the day, you will be able to use the phone abroad without any problems.

Telephone Line Applicable in All European Countries

Which line is valid in all European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Netherlands through our social media accounts? We had a few followers asking. We answered this question face to face with them. However, considering that it was a curious subject, we needed to open a topic on this subject.

in European countries with GSM operators in Turkey you have used all the operators roaming agreement düşünenlerdenim door to door search of the current line to where it is inappropriate. Turkey’s foreign operator that you use in conversation or you can search the internet package prices if it came another expensive domestic operators. operators in Turkey does not lie in your mind while European operators such as Vodafone and Orangedisposable sim card” I suggest you use.

When Turkcell fell in love with the international tariff on my trip to Spain, I bought a use at Orange telephone line in Seville. A voice conversation cannot be made on this line, which is defined as 10 Gb internet package valid for 1 month. But its price was a funny figure of 10 €. Voice and video can be spoken over the internet with applications such as Whatsapp, Facetime (for Iphone phones) or Hangouts (for Android phones). Frankly, I didn’t need the speech pack a lot.

In fact, I can recommend in Northern countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova and Slovenia outside Europe. There is no line I can say. You can purchase a mobile telephone line at almost all airports in the world where you land.

Frequency Ask Questions About International Phones

What is Roaming Service?

It is the necessary permit for your mobile phone line, which has a communication license within the borders of your country, to serve you by participating in the communication network of foreign companies abroad. Unless you open the International Roaming Permit on your mobile phone line, there will be no communication over this line outside your country. For this reason, the Roaming Service must be activated before going abroad to avoid problems.

How Much Are Mobile Phone Call Costs Abroad?

The answer to this question may vary for each GSM operator or even for each country. Speaking fees are a bit more expensive abroad according to tariffs in Turkey. Phone voice and internet tariffs abroad will be broadly given below.

How Can I Open My Line Abroad While Abroad?

Although our recommendation is to open your line to the roaming international roaming without leaving our country, let’s say you forgot this process and came to your mind abroad. No problem. Go to the Internet with your phone from a place with internet access or from a wifi internet sharing point abroad. You can easily activate it from the Roaming – Foreign Transactions menu under the online transactions menu via the application or website of the operator you are connected to. In addition, you can open your line to international services by reaching your own customer services even abroad, via the BIP application special to Turkcell.

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Opening the Phone Abroad

Opening the Mobile Phone Abroad

The settings required to use the mobile phone you are using in Turkey and abroad can easily in 3 steps.

1 • Before you go abroad, order the opening of your line for international circulation by visiting the Communication Offices of the GSM operator you are using or by contacting the Call Center by phone. You can also open your mobile line abroad by dialing codes like * 121 # or * 150 # on your phone’s call screen.

2 • After the Roaming service is opened for international use on your line, visit the operator’s official website to find out the international packages and tariff fees of your Mobile GSM operator. After reviewing the price and international phone tariffs, decide on the most suitable package for you. If you wish, you can visit the Communication Support Offices of your GSM operator and get an offer from them. After making your decision, contact the Customer Service representative to purchase the “best available international rate plan” for you. While this two step needs to be done in Turkey.

3 • As soon as you turn on your phone in the country you are traveling abroad, your Mobile Line Operator will be registered to the network of the foreign GSM operator with which it has an agreement. Following the informative message you receive, you will be able to speak and enter the internet according to the international mobile phone tariff you have previously selected.

Is My Phone Open To Abroad?

You can activate International Roaming services by dialing * 121 # or * 150 # on the search screen and pressing the call button to find out if your mobile phone line is open to talk and internet use abroad. These codes may be different for each operator. You can easily perform the Roaming Settings from the official website of the mobile operator you use, through the Android or IOS application.

Turkcell and BimCell
to make your line roam abroad * 121 #

Türk Telekom and Pttcell to make your line roam abroad
* 150 #

to make your line roam abroad * 121 #

Using the Internet from the Phone Abroad

Your line must be open to Roaming and your device’s Mobile Cellular Data (3G, 4G or LTE) feature must be turned on in order to be able to access the internet over the phone when traveling abroad. If you have not bought an international internet package, be careful. Because even if you do not go to the Internet, you may encounter an installed invoice even if the Mobile Data feature is turned on. If you want to use internet abroad, it would be wiser to purchase the most suitable internet tariff from your mobile operator.

When searching a tariff for phone use abroad, the price should be cheap and it should be suitable for your purpose in minutes and megabytes. The fact that your line is invoiced or not prepaid can also affect the prices of international tariffs.

What is International Telephone Usage Limit?

When purchasing international mobile phone tariffs, do not forget to set a Usage Limit. You can get help from the Customer Service representative when determining this limit. Otherwise, remaining at home because of a background application open on your phone or outside the update process of no return when you come to Turkey can lead to property damage.

International Telephone Tariffs

To talk with your foreign mobile phone you are using in Turkey travels and if you want to go on the internet you need to purchase one of the foreign tariffs offered by your mobile operator. However, not all tariffs are available in all countries. Therefore, make sure that the tariff offered to you covers the countries and cities you will travel to. The relevant operators write the necessary explanations on their websites and mobile applications. You should also pay attention to this detail.

Which is the Most Convenient International Mobile Phone Plan?

The biggest nightmare travel return you can experience in overseas travel will be a fluffy bill resulting from misuse. In order to avoid this nightmare, it is necessary to choose the cheapest international telephone tariff and the best international telephone package. 3 Large serving in Turkey and other Old Telephone Operator Service Provider overseas, we investigated the operator telephone tariffs for you. It is up to you to choose the most suitable and cheapest price among the campaigns and tariff packages of the domestic mobile operators for the use of the phone with the appropriate tariff abroad. You talk to foreign tariffs of GSM operators in Turkey and compared to investigate the internet package.

TURKCELL International Tariff Packages and Campaigns

Turkcell’s most used Current International Speech Packages and Cheapest Turkcell International Internet Tariffs. Please note that you can activate Turkcell International Roaming service by dialing * 121 #. Inexpensive telephone tariffs, Turkcell international packages and current international campaigns offered abroad for postpaid or prepaid lines are as follows.

Turkcell Faturalı Hat Yurtdışı Tarifeleri
• Turkcell Tarifen Yurt Dışında Geçerli (88 ülke)39 TL/Günlük
• Turkcell Akıllı Yurt Dışı Tarifesi (88 ülke)45 TL/25dk
• Turkcell Tablet-VINN Yurt Dışı İnternet Tarifesi (88 ülke)89 TL/250mb
• BİP Yurt Dışı Kampanyası (88 ülke) (31.12.2019’a kadar)Ücretsiz
• Turkcell Tablet ve Bilgisayarda Tarifen Yurtdışında Geçerli (49 ülke)39 TL/Günlük
Turkcell Hazırkart Faturasız Hat Yurt Dışı Tarifeleri
• Turkcell Yurtdışı Avantaj-90 Paketi (88 ülke)80 TL/90dk
• Turkcell Yurtdışı Avantaj-180 Paketi (88 ülke)150 TL/180dk
• Turkcell Yurtdışı SMS-100 paketi (88 ülke)(100 SMS)35 TL/Aylık

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