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Telephone Abroad Usage

What do you need to know before using your mobile phone abroad? We answered the most up-to-date questions such as the most suitable tariffs to be able to speak by phone abroad, settings to enter the internet from the phone abroad. Also, how to get disposable telephone lines in a foreign country? We answered all these questions one by one.

Telephone Abroad Usage
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Mobile Telephone Usage Abroad

Using international telephone abroad calls and the internet during vacation, business or leisure trips was a very difficult task in the past. Today, even children can easily do it.

As a result of infrastructure arrangements and technological improvements made by mobile network operators, you can make your phone ready for use abroad in seconds.

All these mobile phone related transactions are vital during your stay abroad. Since the use of a telephone in a foreign country is a very sensitive issue, we will include explanatory, up-to-date and satisfactory information in our article.

Voice Talking by Phone Abroad

When talking about telephone communication abroad, the talk you will make with your mobile phone, sms and mobile internet services that you will use over 3.5G (H+), 4.5G (LTE) or 5G come to mind. As it is known, 3 different GSM companies perform the mobile phone infrastructure and services in Turkey. These are Turkcell, Turk Telekom (formerly Avea) and Vodafone mobile communication operators.

How can I talk on a mobile phone abroad? or
What settings are made to access the internet abroad?

Telephone Line Valid in All European Countries

Which line is valid in all European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain through our social media accounts? We had followers who asked questions such as: We answered this question with them face to face. However, considering that it is a frequently asked subject, we felt the need to open a topic about it.

Which Telephone Line Is Valid In Europe?

Since all the operators you have used in Turkey have a roaming agreement with the GSM operators in European countries, I am one of those who think that door-to-door valid line calling is frankly pointless.

If the international call or internet package prices of the operator you use in Turkey are expensive for you, you can search for another domestic operator. If you don’t mind the operators in Turkey, I recommend you to use the “disposable sim cards” of European Mobile Telephone Operators such as Vodafone and Orange.

You can make calls in all EU countries with a valid telephone line that you will purchase in European Union countries. At the same time, you can use the internet in all European countries with these lines. In other words, you do not need to take any extra action while traveling between European countries.

During my trip to Spain, I bought a disposable Orange phone line in Seville when I fell victim to the Turkcell international tariff. It is not possible to send voice calls or SMS on this line, which includes a 10 Gb internet package valid for 1 month. You can use it in all EU countries at the same time with the Orange telephone line, which is valid within the borders of Spain.

However, the price of this phone line was a ridiculous 10 €. With applications such as Whatsapp, Facetime (for Iphone phones) or Hangouts (for Android phones), it is already possible to talk voice and video over the internet. In fact, I didn’t really need the speech package or SMS sending.

Apart from Central and Western Europe, what I can recommend in countries such as England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Slovenia is more precisely “..this!” I don’t have a line. You can purchase a mobile disposable phone line at all airports where you land.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Telephones

I am going abroad, how can I use my mobile phone line abroad? Let’s write what you need to do step by step in the form of question and answer, starting from the question.

What is Roaming (International Roaming) Service?

It is the necessary permission for your mobile phone line, which has a communication license within the borders of your country, to be able to serve you by joining the communication network of foreign companies abroad. Unless you open the International Roaming Permit on your mobile phone line, no communication will be made over this line outside the borders of your country. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems, the Roaming Service must be activated before going abroad.

How Much Are Mobile Phone Calls Abroad?

The answer to this question may vary according to each GSM operator and even to each country. Call fees abroad are slightly more expensive than tariffs in Turkey. We will cover the telephone voice and internet tariffs abroad in detail below.

How can I open my line abroad while abroad?

Although our recommendation is to open your line to roaming, which is international roaming, before leaving our country, let’s say you forgot this process and you thought of it abroad. No problem. Access the internet with your phone from a place with internet access, or from a wifi internet sharing point abroad. You can easily activate it from the Roaming – International Transactions menu under the online transactions menu through the application or website of the operator you are connected to. In addition, you can open your line to international services by reaching your own customer services, even abroad, via the BIP application exclusive to Turkcell.

Telephone Abroad Usage and Calls
Unlocking the Phone Abroad

Mobile Phone International Opening Process

You can easily make the necessary settings in 3 steps to use the mobile phone you are using in Turkey abroad.

1 • Before you go abroad, instruct your line to be opened to international roaming by visiting the Communication Offices of the GSM operator you are using or by calling the Call Center. Or, you can open your mobile line for international use by dialing codes such as *121# or *150# on the dialing screen of your phone. You can also open your line for international use through the phone applications of Mobile Line operators.

2 • After the Roaming service is activated for international use on your line, visit the operator’s official website to learn about the international packages and tariff rates of your Mobile GSM operator. After reviewing the price and international telephone tariffs, decide on the most suitable package for you.
If you wish, you can visit the Communication Support Offices of the GSM operator you are connected to and get an offer from them. After you have made your decision, contact the Customer Service representative to purchase the “Most suitable international telephone tariff” for you. Both steps need to be done while in Turkey.

3 • As soon as you turn on your phone in the country you are traveling to abroad, your Mobile Line Operator you are using will be registered to the network of the foreign GSM operator with which you have a contract in that country. After the notification message you receive, you will be able to talk and access the Internet, charged according to the international telephone tariff you have previously selected.

Is My Phone Open Abroad?

To find out whether your mobile phone line is available for international calls and internet use, you can activate International Roaming services by dialing *121# or *150# on the dialing screen and pressing the call button. These codes may be different for each operator. You can easily perform Roaming Settings from the official website of the mobile operator you use, via the Android or IOS application.

Turkcell and BimCell
to open your telephone line for international roaming

Türk Telekom, Pttcell and Vestelcell
to open your line for international roaming

to open your line for international roaming

Making the Phone Use Abroad While Abroad

Although it is not impossible to activate the phone settings while abroad, we recommend that you complete these procedures before your trip. But let’s say you somehow forgot or overlooked it. You went to another country without making the international settings of your mobile line you use in Turkey, and you wanted to use your line here.

We can suggest a solution for this issue. Call your operator in Turkey, starting with +90 from the landlines in your country (hotel phone number, pay phone, etc.) and request that your Roaming service be activated. Also, choose one of the international telephone tariffs that the Customer Service will offer you.

After a few minutes, turn your phone off and then back on. When your phone line is abroad, it starts to receive a signal from a contracted foreign operator that is open for international use. Afterwards, you can use your line with peace of mind according to the international tariff you have chosen.

Internet Usage Over the Phone Abroad

In order to access the internet over the phone during international travels and trips, your line must be enabled for Roaming and the Mobile Cellular Data (3G, 4G, 5G or LTE) feature of your device must be turned on. If you have not purchased an international internet package, be careful.

Because even if you do not have access to the internet, you may encounter a large bill even if the Mobile Data feature is turned on. If you want to use internet in a foreign country, it would be wiser to purchase the most suitable internet tariff from your mobile operator before you go abroad.

When searching for tariffs for telephone use abroad, the price must be cheap and the minute and megabyte limits must be suitable for your intended use. Whether your line is postpaid or unpaid also affects the prices of international tariffs.

What is the International Telephone Usage Limit?

When purchasing mobile phone tariffs abroad, do not forget to set a Usage Limit. You can get help from Customer Service or Communication Office officials while determining this limit. Otherwise, it is not even sincere to encounter irreversible surprises when you come to Turkey due to a background application or update process that remains open on your phone while you are abroad.

International Telephone Tariffs

If you want to be able to talk with the mobile phone you are using in Turkey and to access the internet while traveling abroad, you need to purchase one of the international tariffs offered by your GSM operator.

However, not all tariffs are valid in all countries. For this reason, make sure that the tariff offered to you covers the countries and cities you will travel to. Related operators write the necessary explanations on their websites and mobile applications. You should also pay attention to this detail.

Which is the Most Affordable International Mobile Phone Plan?

The biggest nightmare that can be experienced in your travels abroad will be a high bill due to incorrect use. In order not to experience this nightmare, it is necessary to choose the “cheapest international telephone plan” and “best international telephone package“. We have researched the international telephone tariffs of the 3 Big Telephone Operators and other Sub-Service Provider Operators serving in Turkey for you and present them comparatively in tables.

It is up to you to choose the most suitable and cheapest price among the campaign and international tariff packages of domestic mobile operators. We searched and compared the international internet packages and call tariffs of GSM operators operating in Turkey.

TURKCELL International Tariff Packages and Campaigns

En ucuz Turkcell yurtdışı paketleri

How can a Turkcell line phone be used abroad?
On your phone’s call screen;
Turkcell users can dial *121#,
Prepaid card users can dial *111#,
By typing “ROAM” in the SMS section and sending it to 2200,
Via Roaming Services page from Turkcell Online Transactions Menu,
Via Turkcell Mobile application,
0532 532 00 00 You can use your telephone line abroad via Turkcell Customer Services.

How to open Turkcell line abroad?

Turkcell’s most used Current International Call Packages and Cheapest Turkcell International Internet Tariffs:

Turkcell Postpaid Line International Call TariffsFee
• Turkcell Tariff Valid Abroad-1 (26 countries)49.90 ₺/Day
• Turkcell Tariff Valid Abroad-2 (38 countries)59.90 ₺/Day
• Turkcell Tariff Valid Abroad-3 (21 countries)79.90 ₺/Day
• Corporate Tariff Valid Abroad110.90 ₺/Day
• Turkcell Smart International Tariff 1st Group (25 Minutes)60.00 ₺
• Turkcell Smart International Tariff 2nd Group (25 Minutes)90.00 ₺
• Standard World Tariff8.90 ₺/Min.
• Kopilot International Package (30 Mb)20.00 ₺
• Turkcell Albaraka Hajj Umrah Package (100 Mb + 150 Min.)59.65 ₺/Month
• Abroad Distances 30 Minutes85.94 ₺/Month
• Overseas Advantage 180 Minutes151.66 ₺/Month
• Overseas Advantage 100 Minutes180.98 ₺/Month
• Overseas Advantage 300 Minutes227.49 ₺/Month
• International SMS 100 Package35.39 ₺/Month
Turkcell International Simple Internet Packages
• Smart Overseas World Group 1 (100 Mb)60.00 ₺
• Smart Overseas World Group 2 (100 Mb)90.00 ₺
• Overseas Advantage Internet 120 MB89.99 ₺/Month
• Abroad Remote Internet 60 MB120.32 ₺/Month
• Turkcell Tablet and Computer Tariff Valid Abroad – 149.90 ₺/Day
• Turkcell Tablet and Computer Tariff Valid Abroad – 259.90 ₺/Day
• Turkcell Tablet and Computer Tariff Valid Abroad – 379.90 ₺/Day
Turkcell Hazirkart Prepaid Line International Call Tariffs
• Standard World Tariff (Hazirkart)8.90 ₺/Min.
• Turkcell International Advantage-90 Package (88 countries)80.00 ₺
• Turkcell International Advantage-180 Package (88 countries)150.00 ₺
Turkcell Hazirkart Prepaid Line International Internet Packages
• Abroad Distance 30 Package (Without Bill)85.00 ₺/Month
• Far Abroad 100 Package (Without Bill)179.00 ₺/Month
• Abroad Distances 180 Package (Without Bill)150.00 ₺/Month
• Turkcell International SMS-100 package (88 countries)(100 SMS)35.00 ₺/Month
Turkcell International Tariffs and Packages Table

Details Turkcell Online

Türk Telekom International Tariffs and Campaigns

En Uygun Turk Telekom Yurt Dışı Tarifeleri

How to activate Turk Telekom telephone line abroad service?
By dialing *150# on your phone’s call screen,
By typing “AC” in the SMS section and sending it to 5555,
Via Roaming Services page from TT Online Transactions Menu,
Via Türk Telekom Mobile application,
You can use your telephone line abroad via 444 1 444 Türk Telekom Customer Services.

How to turn on Türk Telekom’s roaming abroad feature when abroad?

Known as Avea a few years ago and later Türk Telekom A.Ş. Türk Telekom Abroad Tariffs and Campaigns, Turkey’s new Mobile Operator by joining the family.

Türk Telekom Postpaid Line International Call TariffsFee
• Türk Telekom Tariff Abroad (80 countries)39.78 ₺/Day
• Türk Telekom Abroad 30 Min. Monthly.29.58 ₺/Month
• Türk Telekom Abroad 90 Min. Monthly.56.10 ₺/Month
• Türk Telekom Abroad 120 Minutes Monthly.66.29 ₺/Month
• Türk Telekom Abroad Worldwide 60 Minutes Monthly.60.18 ₺/Month
• Türk Telekom Abroad Monthly Call Only6.12 ₺/Month
Türk Telekom Postpaid Line International Internet Packages
• Türk Telekom Abroad 1 Gb Weekly (34 countries)45.90 ₺/Week
• Türk Telekom Abroad 500 Mb. Internet (phase-1 countries)25.90 ₺/Week
• Türk Telekom Abroad Monthly Whole World Internet (50 Mb)127.49 ₺/Month
Türk Telekom Prepaid Line International Internet Packages
• Türk Telekom Prepaid Foreign 1 Gb. Weekly Internet Package (34 countries)46.00 ₺/Week
• Türk Telekom Prepaid Overseas 500 Mb Weekly Internet Package (34 countries)26.00 ₺/Week
• Türk Telekom Prepaid Overseas 50 Mb Monthly129.00 ₺/Month
Türk Telekom Prepaid Line International Internet Packages
• Türk Telekom Prepaid Overseas Monthly 30 Min. (phase-1 countries)30.00 ₺/Month
• Türk Telekom Prepaid Abroad 90 Min. Monthly. (phase-1 countries)59.00 ₺/Month
• Türk Telekom Prepaid Whole World Package 60 Min.62.00 ₺/Month
Türk Telekom Current International Tariffs Table

Details Türk Telekom

Vodafone International Tariffs and Campaigns

en ucuz vodafone yurt dışı tarifeleri

How to open Vodafone line abroad?
By dialing *121# on the dialing screen of your phone,
By typing “ROAM AC” in the SMS section and sending it to 7048,
Via Roaming Services page from Online Transactions Menu,
Via Vodafone Yanımda application,
0850 542 0 542 You can use your telephone line abroad through Vodafone Customer Services.

How to turn on Vodafone line international roaming feature while abroad?

Vodafone Overseas packages that can be used for international travel, tariff fees and international internet megabyte fees are as follows for postpaid and prepaid line owners.

Vodafone Postpaid – Prepaid Line International Refusal TariffsFee
• Vodafone Red All Inclusive Passport Tariff49,90 ₺/Day
• Vodafone Red All Inclusive Passport World Tariff59.90 ₺/Day
• Vodafone Daily Passport Tariff (30min. 100Mb. 30sms)32,90 ₺/Day
• Vodafone World Package 60min76.50 ₺/Month
• Vodafone World Package 120min90.00 ₺/Month
• Vodafone Europe, USA, Russia 30 min40.80 ₺/Month
• Vodafone Europe, USA, Russia 60 min45.90 ₺/Month
• Vodafone Europe, USA, Russia 120 min55.00 ₺/Month
• Vodafone Prepaid Line Internet 25 Mb per Month.75.00 ₺/Month
Vodafone Current International Tariffs and Packages

Details Vodafone

Pttcell International Tariffs and Campaigns

En ucuz Pttcell yurtdışı paket ve tarifeleri.

How to open a Pttcell line phone to international calls?
By dialing *150# on your phone’s call screen,
By typing “AC” in the SMS section and sending it to 5555,
Via Roaming Services page from Online Transactions Menu,
444 6 788 You can use your telephone line abroad via Pttcell Customer Services.

How to turn on the roaming feature of the Pttcell line abroad?

After this process, it will be enough to choose one of the most suitable Pttcell International tariffs and packages for you.

Pttcell Postpaid Line International TariffsFee
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly Umrah Package 300 Minutes Talk Package60.18 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly S. Arabia 500 Minute Talk Package86.69 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly TRNC Package 60 Minutes Talk Package40.80 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Weekly 1 Gb Internet Package (34 countries)45.90 ₺/Week
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly 1 Gb Internet Package (14 countries)19.00 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly 20 Mb Internet Package (34 countries)19.38 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly 50 Mb Internet Package (34 countries)45.90 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly 200 Mb Internet Package (34 countries)152.99 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly Worldwide 50 Mb. Internet Package (all countries)127.90 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly 15 SMS (86 countries)10.20 ₺/Month
• Pttcell Postpaid Monthly Call Package6.12 ₺/Month
Pttcell Prepaid Line International Tariffs
• Pttcell Prepaid Daily International Mixed Package (50min – 50sms – 250mb) (85 countries)19,90 ₺/Day
Pttcell International Tariffs and Packages Table

Details Pttcell

BİMcell International Tariffs and Campaigns

En ucuz Bimcell yurtdışı tarifeleri

In order to make calls or access the internet during your trips abroad, you must open the BİMcell line phones established by Bim Stores for International Roaming before you go abroad.

How to open a BIMcell line phone to international calls?
By dialing *121# on the dialing screen of your phone,
By writing “ACIKDOLASIM” in the SMS section and sending it to 4451,
Via the International Services page from the Bimcell Online Transactions Menu,
444 4 552 You can use your telephone line abroad through Bimcell Customer Services.

How can I open my BİMcell line for international roaming in a foreign country?

You can choose the most suitable BİMcell International Call and Internet Package from the table below.

BİMcell Prepaid Line International TariffsFee
• BİMcell Monthly 90 Minutes International Call Package (49 countries)55.00 ₺/Month
• BİMcell Monthly 60 Minutes Worldwide Call Package (all countries)59.00 ₺/Month
BİMcell International Internet Fees
• BİMcell Weekly 1 Gb Internet Package45.00 ₺/Week
Bimcell International Tariffs

Details BİMcell

Vestelcell International Tariffs and Campaigns

Vestelcell Logo görseli

In order to make calls or access the internet during your trips abroad, you must turn on Vestelcell, Turkey’s newest GSM operator, established by Vestel AŞ, to International Roaming before you go abroad.

How to open a Vestelcell line phone to international calls?
By dialing *150# on your phone’s call screen,
By typing “AC” in the SMS section and sending it to 5555,
Via the Overseas Settings page on the Vestelcell website,
444 6 888 You can use your telephone line abroad through Vestel Customer Services.

How can I open my Vestelcell line for international roaming in another country?

You can examine the Vestelcell International Call and Internet Packages most suitable for you in the table below.

Vestelcell Postpaid – Prepaid Line International TariffsFee
• Vestelcell Monthly 30 Minutes International Call Package29.58 ₺/Month
• Vestelcell Monthly 60 Minutes Whole World Talk Package60.18 ₺/Month
• Vestelcell Monthly 120 Minutes International Call Package66.29 ₺/Month
• Vestelcell Monthly 60 Minutes TRNC Talk Package40.80 ₺/Month
• Vestelcell Monthly 150 Minute Umrah/Hajj Speech Package29.58 ₺/Month
• Vestelcell Monthly 300 Minute Umrah/Hajj Speech Package60.18 ₺/Month
• Vestelcell Tariff International Call Package39.78 ₺/Day
• Vestelcell Weekly 15 SMS Abroad10.20 ₺/Week
• Vestelcell Monthly 60 Minutes International Call Package6.12 ₺/Month
Vestelcell International Internet Package Fees
• Vestelcell Weekly 500 Mb Internet Package25.50 ₺/Week
• Vestelcell Weekly 1 Gb Internet Package45.90 ₺/Week
• Vestelcell Monthly 50 Mb Worldwide Internet Package127.49 ₺/Month
Vestelcell International Tariffs and Packages

Details Vestelcell

Overseas Tariffs and Packages of Other GSM Operators

You can find out the international price tariffs of other sub GSM operators serving in Turkey on their official websites. For frequently asked questions such as the cheapest Avea talk packages and avea prepaid packages, visit Türk Telekom’s official website. To determine advantageous international telephone tariffs, examine the international packages of the above 6 GSM operators.

How to Call a Number in Another Country from a Foreign Country?

When you go to a country other than Turkey, if you want to call your own country or any country other than the country you are in, you should dial the phone number with 14 digits in the following format:

00 + Country Code + Phone Number

  • For example, you are in Germany and you will call Turkey:”00 90 532 111 22 33“.
  • Or vice versa, you are in Turkey and you will call a subscriber in Germany: “00 49 333 222 11 00“.

Do I Pay If My Phone Calls Abroad?

If you receive a call from outside during your stay in a foreign country and you answer the phone, this call will be charged and reflected on your bill. The tariff and unit durations for external calls may vary according to each operator.

Please visit the website of the GSM operator you use for calling prices abroad. If you do not answer the incoming call while abroad, you will not pay any fees.

Is It Free to Receive SMS in a Foreign Country?

If you receive an SMS text message while you are in any country abroad, this will not charge you in any way.

If you are using a line belonging to operators such as Turkcell, Türk Telekom, Vodafone, Pttcell, Avea, Bimcell and Vestelcell, you do not pay any fee for the SMS sent to your phone abroad. However, if you send an SMS to another number abroad, you will be charged according to the international tariff you use.

International Call Fee from Turkey

When you want to call a number abroad from a mobile or fixed line phone within the borders of Turkey, you will be charged according to the international calling rates of the Telephone Company you are using.

These types of calls are charged two-way. In other words, both the caller and the called are charged according to their own tariffs.

Cheap Talk with Disposable Telephone Lines

One way to talk cheaply on the phone during your short or long-term trips abroad would be to purchase a disposable sim card and use this line on your phone.

You can buy a “Disposable” sim card, which has the most suitable and cheapest phone tariff, from the Sales Offices of foreign GSM operators at the Airport where you get off the plane abroad, and you can talk temporarily and even access the Internet.

We have not tried this method so far, but those who have tried it say that it is more economical. Disposable internet packages are much cheaper, although they do not offer much different prices than local operators as a speech package.

Before we went to Spain, we experienced the Disposable sim card lines by not purchasing an international tariff. My advice to you is to use disposable phone lines during short or long-term stays abroad. We had such an experience when we had a nice invoice surprise with Turkcell during our trip to Spain.

Purchasing an Internet Package Abroad

If the overseas usage fees of domestic operator companies are too high for you when you go abroad from Turkey, you can apply for this method, which can be considered cheaper. Where and how to get disposable lines, which are valid in all European countries, for an average of 10-15 € per month?

You can buy disposable lines from the GSM store stores in the airport of that country, or you can buy them from the mobile line and telephone stores in the city center of foreign countries where you come by airport transportation vehicles.

The only document that will be requested from you is a valid passport issued in your name and used when entering that country. When you insert the sim card you just bought into your phone, they may ask you to fill out a form on the website or sms record to verify the imei number. At the end of the day, you have a brand new temporary international line.

It’s that easy to get a line abroad. In fact, the mobile line opens instantly, much less than the time it takes to purchase a line in Turkey and activate it.

Important reminder; If you are going to stay abroad for more than 3 months, you are not allowed to use the disposable phone lines all the time.

Receiving a Line in a Foreign Country

It is possible to buy a mobile line abroad by doing the same things as buying an internet package. The reason must be a sales tactic; Telephone lines and 4.5G internet packages abroad are sold at separate tariffs. In other words, you can buy a two-in-one international line, as well as Gigabyte-defined lines where you can only access the internet.

You can easily buy disposable mobile lines abroad with your passport or travel document that you enter the country you are in. It’s that simple to find a phone line in a foreign country you’re visiting.

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