When you go west on the European continent, the last country you will see is Portugal. Traveling in the historical climate of the land of explorers is quite exciting. It is possible to see the Portuguese-specific tones of yellow and orange in almost all historical works.

Portugal Attractions

If you are planning a trip to Portugal in the near future, we definitely recommend that you start your trip from Lisbon. You can take a look at our article “Places to Visit in Portugal” which will draw your attention about the Portuguese route you should travel after the capital.

Curious information about Portugal, which hosts the adventures of explorers and paves the way for geographical discoveries, leading to the discovery of new places.


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is at the top of the list of famous world cities. Lisbon, which can be considered a summary of the country about Portugal, is also a city adjacent to the ocean.

Its neo-architecture works made in ancient times, bridges, castles, palaces, monuments and wide streets and boulevards with limestone stones are really worth seeing. Famous Lisbon Elevator, Explorers Monument and Yellow Tram are also important works that are identified with Lisbon.

Important Information About Portugal

  1. In terms of per capita fish consumption, Portugal comes first in Europe and right after Asian countries in the world ranking.
  2. He played an important role in the discovery of America and India. Expedition ships sailed to the ocean from Portuguese and Spanish ports.
  3. Most of the historical buildings in the country are religious temples and castles and palaces built for defense purposes.
  4. Portugal is also the world’s largest producer of oak cork. There is a 90-95% chance that the cork you have in your home comes from Portugal.
  5. It is the first country to generate renewable electricity from ocean waves. In addition, they use other renewable resources in the most efficient way. (See: Portuguese Climate Conditions)

Major Crops Grown or Produced in Portugal

Although it is located on the European continent, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate. Weather conditions very similar to Morocco in the south. For this reason, the products grown are agricultural products unique to the Mediterranean.

The main agricultural products grown in Portugal are;

  1. Olive
  2. Oak Tree (Oak Mushroom)
  3. Almond
  4. Citrus (Mandarin, Orange, Lemon, etc.)


Portugal, an ocean country, has a rich variety of seafood. There is a considerable amount of export of canned sardines to the world. It is also reflected in Portuguese cuisine. Fish dishes are sold at very attractive prices throughout the country.

You can consume plenty of fish and other seafood special to both the Mediterranean and the Ocean at very economical prices.