Antalya – Kas

Vacation Paradise in the west of Turkey’s most popular tourist region of Antalya Kas peninsula, forest, sea, from the beaches and night entertainment are woos. Besides Kas, the world famous Kaputaş Beach and Kalkan Town are worth seeing.

Antalya – Kas
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Antalya Kas Travel Guide

Antalya Kas is the last western district of the city. With its ancient city ruins, sunken cities, roadside beaches, peninsula, unlimited sea and nature view, historical bazaars and old pavements, it is a holiday center that has become a favorite of local and foreign tourists. Neither sentences, paragraphs nor blogs are enough to explain Kaş. It is necessary to live in Kas, as well as in the deepest way. Although it took days, maybe weeks, unfortunately we could only spare 1 day.

However, full and I can even say that we toured in one breath without resting. Now we share our impressions with you. We have planned to spare longer time for Antalya Kaş among our vacation plans next year.

• Antalya - Kas

How to Get to Kas?

You can reach Kaş, which is the favorite tourism center of Antalya, by taking 2 different routes from Istanbul by road. You can reach it via Izmir – Bodrum – Marmaris – Fethiye (West – East Route) or Isparta – Antalya (east west route) If you say it makes more sense for me to come to Antalya Kaş by plane, you can use Antalya Airport. You can reach Kaş, which is about 190 km west of Antalya, in 3 hours by using the D-400 highway.

Antalya Kas Maps:

What to Eat in Kas? What to drink?

We set off right after our Antalya Adrasan trip and arrived in Antalya Kaş in the evening. I can say that we did not feel too unfamiliar since we came here again in previous years. First of all, we fed our stomachs with “Kiremit Köfte” in a popular restaurant.

I can’t tell a lie, we had the last opportunity to taste such a delicious tile meatball in Aydin. While having this wonderful dinner with my wife, the little member of our team preferred to sleep in the stroller. Naturally, the road is tiring.

Kaş Hotels and Accommodation Opportunities

Which hotel to stay in Kaş, Antalya? If you ask, there are many options as accommodation. In addition to 5-star Kaş Hotels, 4-star hotels and 3-star Kaş Pension, there are also camping areas in Antalya Kaş. It is especially great to camp on Çukurbağ Peninsula of Kaş. Moreover, it is free to set up camping tents in many places in Kaş.

Since Kaş hotels reach their maximum occupancy rate during the summer season, if you cannot make a hotel reservation, tents are allowed to be set up on the Çukurbag Peninsula along the way.

After dinner, we visited Kaş square, historical Kaş Bazaar and entertainment venues. At the end of the night, we set up our tent in the camping area on the “Çukurbağ Peninsula” in the west of Kaş and made a camping type accommodation. In the morning, we woke up in the early hours with those sweet waves that caress the Mediterranean and peninsula shores.

Although camping accommodation is adventurous for us, I cannot say that the little princess agrees with us. I slept face down and he slept on my back all night. In the morning he greeted us with a dissatisfied expression. When the effect of sleep wears off, Antalya said Kaş for the first time. (Original: “Atta Kaaaş“).

We had our breakfast buffet style at the picnic table right in front of our tent. We gathered our tent and left the peninsula and came to Kaş district center again. After parking our vehicle, we continued on foot to see the historical buildings in the bazaar with daylight.

Around 10:30 in the morning, when there was nobody else, we both walked comfortably and captured pure photos that were not polluted by the crowd of people. Using the photographer’s computer in the square, we transferred the filled memory card of our camera to a portable disk.

Where is Kaputaş Beach?

Although the temperature in Antalya Kaş center before noon was very positive, we continued to tour, and we also tasted the famous iced almond. Then we got on our vehicle and set off towards Kalkan town in Kaş district. Can you pass without visiting Kaputaş beach, which is 7 km away from Kalkana.

Although Kaputaş Beach was not a popular beach until recently, it has turned into a beautiful touristic facility as a result of great interest. When we arrived a few years ago, it was a place where you just had no dressing cabins and makeshift shower heads, where you took a shower with a hose, but now it has turned into a wonderful place with recreational areas such as bars and cafes. It will be very nice if the Kaputaş Parking problem is solved.

• Antalya - Kas

One of the most important things to remember about Kaputaş beach is the shower you will take with ice cold natural spring water when you come to shower to take a shower after enjoying the sea and the beach. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience.

Another unforgettable thing will be about 200-step stairs where you will descend and worse, have to climb to the place where the vehicles are on the way back. But believe it all, Kaputaş beach is worth it. In the road construction here, 5 road workers lost their lives 40-50 years ago. You can also see their names on the sign riveted to the rocks on the roadside.

As seen in the picture, Kaputaş beach has a sandy and sandy shore. Although the sea water temperature is fine, it is cloudy. This is because the beach is open to intense waves. It actually happened during our underwater shots. We will be adding these shots to both our blog and our Youtube channel as soon as possible.

Accommodation Opportunity in Kaputaş

Kaputaş Beach is the most exclusive and highly visited beach in Antalya, and it is one of the Best Beaches in the World. For this reason, there is no accommodation opportunity in Kaputaş. The closest hotel to Kaputaş is in Kalkan Town, about 7 km west. In Kalkan, you can find 4 and 5 star hotels as well as many boutique pensions.

Kas Kalkan Town

Our adventure at Kaputaş beach ended with the sunset and we moved towards Kalkan. After about 7-8 km, we reached Kalkan and completed the reservation at a 4-star hotel in Kalkan center and went to our room to stay. It is possible to see the night view of Kalkan from the balcony of the hotel. After a short rest, we threw ourselves out.

The fact that the weather was cool was a big plus for us. After watching the memorial programs in front of the Kalkan Government House, as it was the anniversary of July 15, we toured the street where the venues run parallel to the sea and Kalkan beach.

• Antalya - Kas

We went to the end of the street that runs along the Kalkan coast and we sipped something in a place overlooking the sea, and after playing the little princess in the playground, we passed through the white lime-covered (basement houses) apart hotels and houses and climbed the colorful stairs and returned to the hotel. We ended our first day in.

Among the places on the coastline we visited, the coolest place at night was undoubtedly Kalkan. However, let’s also say that it gets hot during the day. But no matter how hot Antalya is at work, it always leaves good memories.

• Antalya - Kas

We planned to stay for 2 nights in Kalkan due to both Kaputaş beach and the good view and conditions of the hotel. We got up early in the morning, had an open buffet breakfast at the poolside and used the hotel pool for about 2-3 hours.

Our hotel makes you more than satisfied with its location and its hygiene & friendly staff. Now let’s not share the name, but let’s give a clue: There is only one 4 star hotel in Kalkan center. If you happen to be in Kalkan, we recommend an ideal hotel for accommodation 🙂

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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