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Flight Nightmare

Do you have a fear of flying in domestic or international travels? We researched worst case scenarios and solutions for you. Travel tips that will relax you on your airline journeys and accompany you safely to where you want to go.

Flight Nightmare

Fear of Flying, Who’s Afraid of Flying!

Let’s start with an introduction like a slogan. It is not known whether flying in the sky is completely against the human anatomy, but for those who do not travel often, there is always a rush and fear in this process. If your fears get in the way of your idea of traveling, that flight will most likely be over before it even begins. At least this way it will turn into a nightmare for you.

Due to information pollution, many travel problems that can be easily solved cause confusion and may turn into a taboo for travelers. Lots of hearsay and untrue useless information.

fear of flying

With the blog post we prepared for you, we thought about the worst-case scenarios that could happen to you before or during your trip and shared the solution suggestions.

İçindekiler / Index

Is Air Travel Safe?

Contrary to popular belief, airline travel is the safest form of travel that can be preferred today, both statistically and with the support of modern technology. If you also have a fear of flying, after reading this blog post, you will think how out of place it is.

In terms of transportation safety, unfortunately, the most unsafe mode of transportation is the highway. The death and disability rates on the highways are tens of times more risky than air transportation, even by large or small vehicles or even on foot. Research has proven that large airplanes make passengers feel safer.

When you look at it from this perspective, we have no choice but to say that the safest means of transportation is the plane, that is, the airline. Then this state of fear and panic is meaningless.

Things to Do Before Flight

What are the things to do before your domestic or international flights? Let’s make a list of preparation for the flight one by one without skipping any steps. You can actually think of it this way. As it is known, the pilots make a checklist before taking off the plane. Let’s create our own checklist similar to this list.

1. Flight Ticket Purchase Process

You have decided on the domestic or international location you want to travel to and you have chosen the airline because it is safer than other transportation methods. You will have multiple airline options to purchase airline tickets. Naturally, you will have to choose the best quality and economically priced one.

  1. At this stage, from websites or offices selling comparative tickets such as cheapabilet, enuygun app,
  2. Online ticket websites or official liaison offices of airline companies such as THY, Pegasus or Anadolujet,
  3. From kiosks and wall computers at the airports of airline companies,
  4. You can even buy tickets from different airline companies by comparing them on Google Travel.

You have bought the most suitable flight ticket for you and you have actually completed 50% of the job. The fact that you have purchased your flight ticket is the stage where your travel planning goes from the planning stage to the realization stage.

An important sub-title here will be Bag and Suitcase Preparation. Because the items that should or should not be in your suitcase are very important. In fact, we have answered questions such as how much your total baggage weight should be in our article called What Should Be In Your Suitcase Before Traveling.

2. What to Have in Your Pre-Flight Bag

As the flight ticket date approaches, the fear of flying may decrease and a little excitement may increase. If it is the first flight, there will be some anxiety as well. Stay on the page and witness for yourself how out of place all these feelings are.

a. Processing Time at the Airport

If your trip will be abroad, try to be at the airport at least 3 hours before. I recommend that you pay maximum attention to the 3-hour rule when going abroad or returning to your country. Air travel is always full of surprises. Don’t leave your job to chance.

Check-in queue, body and baggage search (X-ray) queue, Passport control queue and finally the time you will spend waiting at the gate (Gate) even takes 1 hour when you add up.

b. Airport Transportation

Airports are generally located outside the city in all countries in terms of location. You can come to the airport with your personal vehicle. However, let us warn that if you do not have a parking membership, you may be charged a hefty parking fee when you return.

It will be more economical to provide transportation by taxi, Metro, Shuttle or similar vehicles to Havaist buses as in Istanbul Airport.

c. How is the flight ticket number selected?

Large-size (Jumbo) airplanes with double rows of seats are generally preferred because they are more comfortable in terms of travel comfort. Passengers who want to feel safe mostly prefer seat numbers such as window side, wing front and wing top.

You can use A330, 340, 747, 767, 777, Dreamliner type planes since A380 class planes do not serve on flights located in Turkey.

3. Things to Consider After Boarding the Plane

a. Sleep Problem and Jetlag Effect

You should avoid extra sleep before your trip. If you have a fear of flying, plan your sleep according to the travel time. For example, if you are going on a long-term trip to the USA, you should definitely plan your sleep.

Due to the time difference between countries, it is not even sincere that you will be caught in the jet lag effect when you land in California, USA, while your biological clock is accustomed to the daylight hours here. When you add the hustle and bustle at the airport and the small amount of radiation you get while on the plane, your job is quite difficult.

You may need to sleep during travel for certain periods. The plan for this may vary from flight to flight, as well as from person to person.

b. Air Gap (Turbulence) Effect

Airplanes produced with today’s advanced technology have been designed and manufactured in a way that can combat many negativities. Turbulence is the large and small tremors caused by the density difference on the air corridors of the aircraft due to completely natural conditions.

Aircraft aerodynamics are capable of dealing with these jolts. Therefore, there is no need to worry. Imagine that a speeding car suddenly enters a puddle. With the same logic, the difference in air density causes temporary tremors.

Turbulence is the weather event that passengers fear and worry the most in airline travels. Thanks to the advanced technology in the aircraft and the skill of the pilots, any accident is avoided without allowing.

c. Fear of Getting Lost or Losing Items

It is an unwarranted problem, especially for passengers who will board the plane for the first time. Just like people’s passports, baggage delivered to the airline company during check-in also has a tracking barcode. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the other side of the world. This system is used in common by all countries in the world.

Some passengers may also be concerned about possible theft on board. I have heard that there are thieves gangs especially based in China. These people usually steal in Business or First Class sections. Even if the airline companies have taken the necessary precautions for these, you should not give up.

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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