Delft City

The city of Delft in Southern Holland, which stands out with its porcelain housewares, traditional Dutch cheese and renaissance-style historic buildings. Delft, where the famous painter Vermeer also lived, is a boutique art city. Places to Visit in Delft City with many museums, sculptures, art galleries, churches and palaces.

Delft City
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Delft is a Dutch city that has recently become one of the popular places to visit in Europe. In addition to traditional water channels, historical cathedrals, chapels and churches, there is also an interesting porcelain story. We shared this interesting story with porcelain in the historical part of the city of Delft.

What You Need to Know Before Going to Delft

Let’s talk briefly about what you need to know before going to this cute city of the Netherlands called Delft. I hope this small but life-saving information will be helpful.

Delft Su Kanalları
Delft Water Canal

Where is Delft and How to Get There?

The city of Delft is located between The Hague and Rotterdam. It is located in the South Holland region. You can go from Turkey by plane or by road. However, more airlines are preferred.

There are Netherlands-based flights from many cities in Turkey, especially Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Since there are no direct flights to Delft from Turkey, we prefer connecting flights to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. The flight from Istanbul to Amsterdam takes approximately 3 and a half hours. The distance between Amsterdam and Delft is about 70 km and can be reached after a 1-hour journey.

After arriving in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, we reach the city of Delft by road, rail or airline vehicles. The road is mostly preferred, so I arrived in Delft by road.

For Amsterdam Ticket:

Delft Haritası


The weather in Delft is similar to the Netherlands. Compared to our country, the winters are slightly milder and the summers are cooler and rainier. It does not easily go below 0 degrees in winter. The highest temperature value in summer is measured between 20-25 degrees in the July-August period.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Delft, be sure to take long-sleeved and slightly thick clothes with you. Even if you are going in summer or winter, make sure to have it with you.

Amsterdam Su Kanalları

List of Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Hotels, Hostels, Airbnb and Accommodation Facilities

While planning a trip to the Dutch city of Delft, which is famous for its porcelain, you can plan a day trip here as well as a trip with accommodation. There are many accommodation possibilities. You can choose from a wide range of accommodation options, from a 5-star hotel to Airbnb rentals.

You can even stay in the cities of Rotterdam or The Hague, which are larger than Delft and very close to here. I recommend Airbnb solutions as a form of accommodation in Delft.

In addition to accommodation solutions such as hotels and Airbnb, there are also campsites called Delftse Hout. A little more economical in price.

Delft History

Although it is a small city with a population of 100 thousand, it has witnessed important developments in history due to its location. Being close to the two biggest cities of the Netherlands, The Hague and Rotterdam, makes its location more valuable.

Interestingly, the Dutch, who started commercial voyages to China by sea in the 17th century, showed interest in porcelain and tiled products after a while. The Dutch King of the period made a breakthrough and brought masters and craftsmen from China to the city of Delft. Porcelain and china products, which were highly appreciated by the Dutch and other Europeans (Gauls), began to generate a large commercial income.

Having learned this craft in a few years, the Dutch no longer needed the Chinese. For this reason, if it is true, they drive Chinese artists out of the country. The Dutch, who further advanced this art in the field of porcelain decoration, fully embraced this art and branded it as “Delft Blue” and brought it to the present day.

Delft Şehrinin Sembolü Mavi Kalp
Blue Heart Symbol of Delft City

In terms of art history, the famous painter Vermeer lived and performed art in these lands. The most characteristic feature of Vermeer’s works is that they deal with daily home life. In this respect, he differs from other painters.

Another interesting information! Delft, which has been declared a sister city with Adapazarı, is also a sister city with Esteli (Nicaragua), Pretoria (South Africa), Aarau (Switzerland), Freiberg (Germany), Kfar Sava (Israel) and Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

List of Places to Visit in Delft City

Since Delft is a small city, if you start early in the morning, you will have visited almost all of the places to visit before the end of the day. If you do not have a problem in terms of time, you can stay one night and spread it over 2 days.

Prinsenhof Museum

It was built in the medieval period. Although it was used as a monastery in the beginning, it was later used as a royal palace and has recently become a museum that sheds light on the history of Delft.

• Delft City

Old Church (Oude Kerk Church)

It is the church located in Delft Town square and also has a clock tower. The tower of the cathedral can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The brick tower of the church, which was built in 1246, is about 75 meters high. It was renovated in 2017 with restoration work.

Oude Kerk Katedrali
Delft Oude Kerk Church

Stadhuis Delft

Known as the Old Town Hall, Stadhuis Delft impresses with its renaissance style architecture. It is located directly opposite the Old Church, that is, the clock tower. It was used for the Administrative administration of the city for a while, then it turned into a favorite wedding palace preferred for civil wedding ceremonies.

Stadhuis Delft
Delft Town Hall

Royal Delft (Porcelain Factory and Museum)

Guided tours are organized at the Pottery Factory, which is still operating today and was built in the 1600s. If you are interested and curious about Blue Delft Tile and Porcelain, you can join these tours.

Delft Blue
Delft Blue Tile and Pottery Shop

Delft Water Canals

Water channels, similar to which we come across in Amsterdam and Bruges, are also frequently encountered here. I haven’t seen a canal tour held, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If you are wondering about the Delft canal tour, you should definitely consult the tourism points.

Delft Şehrinde Gezilecek Diğer Yerler

  1. Vermeer Centrum Delft Müzesi (Ünlü Ressam Vermeer’in Sanat Galerisi)
  2. Locus Publicus
  3. Chocolaterie De Leile (Dondurma ve Çikolata Müzesi)
  4. Maria van Jessekerk Kilisesi
  5. Paul Tetar van Elven Müzesi
  6. New Church (Modern Kilise)
  7. Delft Windmill de Roos (Yel Değirmenleri)
  8. Delft Bilim Merkezi

We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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