Things to Know Before Traveling to Spain

This is a guide to shed light on before the visit to Spain, home to Europe’s raging Bulls and Andalusia, one of the greatest civilizations in history.

Things to Know Before Traveling to Spain

What you need to know before visiting Spain, the southern European country that is home to historical Andalusian cities, where the bulls, the arch rivals of the matador, fight fiercely every year. We have prepared 9 important recommendations about Spain that will guide you before your visit by mentioning the touristic cities of Spain, which we can call the holiday region of the European continent, and its history, and before going to Spain.

How To Get To Spain?

If you are thinking of visiting Spain as a touristic, there are 2 ways. You can go to Spain individually or under the leadership of a tour company. There are a few serious tour companies for Spain sightseeing tours. No need to give names. I think it is not difficult to guess more or less.

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Advantages of Going on a Tour of Spain with Tour Packages

If you are going to Spain for a trip for the first time, try to go with a tour operator. For two reasons, we recommend that you go with the tour company for tours abroad.

The first reason is that they work with the all-inclusive system. The main advantages of tour packages:

  • Round trip flight tickets are included in the package.
  • Likewise, the hotels you will stay abroad have been booked on your behalf. These reservations are under the guarantee of the tour operator. In case the reservation is broken for any reason, the entire responsibility of the tour company will be. He will immediately transfer you to another hotel with which he has an agreement.
  • All city and intercity transportation to be made during the tour in Spain or another country abroad will be made by tour bus. In addition, when you need to use public transportation services as a group abroad, the tour guide covers the transportation fee on behalf of the company.
  • Although it varies according to the content of the tour package, breakfast is served as an open buffet at the hotel where the accommodation is made during the tour of Spain. However, there is no such option in most packages for lunch and dinner.
  • The tour operator covers the price of all paid services such as museums, historical sites, fairs that require paid entrance and are not otherwise specified in the tour package. Cases that the tour operator cannot meet, they can usually sell them as “single trip package” or “extra advantageous package“.
  • Apart from these, services such as guidance service, city – intercity bus transfers are included in the package. However, it is free to tip the guide or driver at the end of the tour, and we can say that it is now a tradition. This is a funny figure of 5 € per person for European tours. Fully optional.

How to make a Spain tour with flight ticket and hotel reservation?

I can easily say for a tour of Spain or any other abroad tour, I don’t think you will experience many positive things if you are going to that country for the first time. However, if you are going to the same country for the second time or if you have a friend who has been with you before, I can say that it can be much more adventurous.

We experienced this in the Benelux European Tour we attended last year. Especially if you own a tiny traveler like us, it will be the best choice to visit with the Tour Package.

In addition to being able to travel freely without taking a tour package, discovering new channels by experiencing different adventures, a little trouble you may experience in hotel reservations can make the whole trip unbearable. Also consider financial losses due to this.

What To Go To Spain?

Like many other European Union countries, Spain is one of the countries subject to the Schengen Visa system. Turkey taken from the Spanish Consulate to visit Spain for tourist purposes, you need to have a Schengen visa.

Can you go to Spain without a Visa with a Green Passport?

If you have a Green (Special) Passport or Gray (Service) Passport, you will not need a Schengen Visa or any other visa to go to Spain. You will not need any visa for touristic trips up to 90 days. However, if you have a Bordeaux (Public) Passport, you must obtain a Spanish Schengen (Spanish Tourist Visa) before the Spain Tour.

Can you go to Spain with a Schengen visa from another country?

You cannot enter Spain directly with a Schengen visa obtained from the consulate of Germany, France, the Netherlands or any other Schengen visa system. Maybe if it escapes the Passport Control officer. But there is no need to risk it. Therefore, try to get a valid Spanish Schengen from the Spanish consulate before your tour of Spain. Since the Schengen visa fees are updated according to years and periods, you can get the most accurate number by calling the consulate. For appointment and visa follow-up, it is useful to apply with the intermediary institution contracted by the consulate or with the intermediary visa company directed by your tour operator.

Spanish Consulate Contact Information – Istanbul
Address:Levent, Karanfil Aralığı St. No:16 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
Telefon: +90 212 270 74 10

Contact Information of the Spanish Embassy – Ankara
Address: Prof. Dr Aziz Sancar St. No:8 Çankaya/Ankara
Telefon: +90 312 438 03 92

For example, you have a valid German Schengen in your Passport. Using this, you can enter Spain only indirectly. So you can first go to any German city and then to any part of Spain. You cannot do this on tours as you cannot leave the group. However, it can be done for your own individual trips outside the tour. Also, there is no harm. Everything is law.

Time Difference Between Turkey and Spain

Spain uses the +1 time zone belonging to its capital Madrid. So there are + 2 uses the time difference between Turkey and time zone. It will be at 14:00 in Istanbul and 13:00 in Madrid. In addition, when you turn your mobile phone open for international roaming in Spain, you can talk and use the internet with your own phone’s international tariff in Spain.

Spanish Words and Sentences You Need

A few examples of everyday speaking of the Spanish language, which is very similar to Portuguese in terms of language structure and dialect;

Hola MerhabaBuenos días Günaydın
Buenas tardesİyi AkşamlarBuenas nochesİyi geceler
Cómo estásNasılsın? Bien, graciasTeşekkürler iyiyim.
Cómo te llamas?Adınız ne? Me llamo ErsinAdım Ersin
De qué país vienes?Nerelisin?Soy de İzmirİzmirliyim
Cuántos años tienes?Kaç yaşındasın?Tengo 21 años.21 yaşındayım.
Por favorLütfenGraciasTeşekkür ederim
Lo sientoÜzgünüm. Está bienHerşey yolunda
Most common phrases in Spanish

Packing Suitcase Before Traveling to Spain

One of the important things to do before going on a tour of Spain is the preparation of luggage and goods. Since it is an important and detailed job, let’s examine it in a few subtitles. Before moving on to the subtitles, you should definitely take a look at our blog post, where we have written important tips on packing and practical suitcase preparation while on vacation.

What Should I Take With Me When I Go To Spain?

How to choose the clothes you should take with you before the Spain tour? The season and even the date you will go is the most important point for this. For this reason, do not complete your clothes shopping without learning the weather reports of the cities you will visit in Spain. Since Spain is a Mediterranean country, it generally has a warm and temperate climate. However, you should also be prepared for the sudden climate changes that occur as a result of global warming.

Can you go to Spain in winter?

Even if you are going to Spain in summer, be sure to bring protective clothing such as long-sleeved thin raincoats with you. In winter, the weather is the coldest as the temperature in Istanbul. But don’t take any chances. Whatever season you go in summer or winter, be sure to check Spain’s 1-month weather forecast. However, the best season to visit Spain is summer and June and July. However, many of the local tour operators in Turkey have had to tighten their tour of Spain in August.

Choosing Clothes Before Going to Spain?

Follow the current fashion trends in Spain and it’s cities before the trip to Spain. The best way to follow this will be the online sales sites of Spanish fashion and clothing stores. Bestsellers section to filter by age, gender and even by your outfit that you can list the style trends before heading to Spain and in Turkey you can put your luggage in clothing store buying the like.

Guide Service for Spain Tour

If you buy a tour package before the tour of Spain, the Tour Guide, which will be allocated by the tour company, will handle many transactions for you. There are travel assistant duties before the tour.

Duties and Responsibilities of Tour Guides

One of the important things you need to know before the Spain tour will be the guide service provided throughout the tour. The tour guide’s job begins with calling you 1 week before the tour to confirm the information. During this meeting, information about the time of the flight and where you will meet at the airport is shared.

When the flight day arrives, it waits for you behind the passport control counters. Sometimes, a meeting can be arranged on the gate side. From this point on, the guide is responsible for almost everything about you. If someone is bleeding, the guide has to take care of it or at least guide it.

After the show all the locations and places mentioned in the tour package contents all the way back again the responsibility of the guided tour ends in the luggage belt at the airport in Turkey.

Should I Buy Extra Packages in Overseas Tour Packages?

Are the “Extra Package Options“, which are mostly included in international tour and travel packages and which are also priced, advantageous? Since extra travel packages are not included in the tour price, participating in them is a bit related to your budget. I recommend that you participate as far as the budget you allocate for the trip allows.

However, in the Extra trip packages, the sufficient number of participation of 10 people is required. Your guide will explain this in detail at the beginning of the tour on the tour bus. If it finds sufficient numbers of participation, it will organize extra trips for those who pay fees. Other guests can enjoy free time on that day or at that time. Believe it or not, free-time can turn into an opportunity. You can visit a place that is not included in the tour content and in the extra package. Or if you are very tired, you can rest at the hotel and take a short break for the tour.

Currency Buying and Saving Before Spain Tour

One of the important issues before going to Spain is to be able to save foreign currency. Although the US dollar can be used in European countries, there is no need for currency conversion. The official currency used in Spain is Euro, and therefore all price tags are set in Euro. For this reason, before going to a city in Europe, convert your Turkish Lira or Dollar budget to Euro and go abroad in that way.

Exchange offices at airports are not preferred because they charge high commission rates. The rates of banks and especially PTT Bank are much more affordable.

How to Shop in Spain Where Is It Made From?

I would like to start by reminding the words of Tour Guide Mr. Mehmet during the Paris Tour in August last year.

Never multiply the price tag of the product you will buy in European Tours by 7. Or shopping can and can return empty-handed to Turkey. 🙂

Mr Mehmet

for food on an issue you need to know before you go is that Spain’s chain of markets such as Turkey. You can choose these places. Spain is the homeland of Bershka, Mango and ZARA, a world-famous brand for clothing and clothing shopping. I do not think you will have a problem in this regard. If you want to get a product in other technology areas do not have too much price difference with Turkey. Moreover, as it is covered by the Global Warranty, the warranty period will be 1 year.

You can find any brand of products at Primark Shopping Malls in Madrid and Malaga. Likewise, you have the chance to buy many products from food to clothing, from shoes to technology from shopping centers called El Corte Ingles in Barcelona. Especially original Perfumes and Cosmetics sector product prices in Turkey’s possible to buy two-thirds of the price. If you add the tax-free amount to it, it comes at a much more affordable price. For example, we received a tax-free refund of 240 TL for only clothes and perfumes that we bought in Barcelona.

Where to Take a Summer Vacation in Spain?

I always think of Spain as the Mediterranean region of Europe and I dream of Barcelona as Antalya. Especially those living in Central and Northern European Countries prefer Barcelona, Spain for summer vacation. Other sea tourism preferences of Europeans are Italy and Greece. But the density mostly prefers Spain.

In recent years, the people of Barcelona demanded very serious sanctions from the Spanish Government. European Tourists coming from abroad organized a protest in the touristic southern cities such as Berselona and Sevilla.

Spain Places To Visit

When you go to Spain, let’s include the places to visit as the title in this article. For the next, we have a trip plan to Spain and Portugal in August this year. After the Great Spain Tour, we will be describing Spain in a richer article both in visual and textual content.

  • Granada,
  • Seville,
  • Madrid,
  • Barcelona,
  • Valencia,
  • Cordoba,
  • Malaga.

It is among the top cities to visit. The keyhole-shaped Andalusian architecture will be the most memorable during the Great Tour of Spain, starting from Seville, the southernmost of Spain, to Barcelona. You will see the world’s leading masterpieces such as the Plaza de Espana, the Alcazar palace, the Alhambra palace, and the La Sagrada Familia cathedral.

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