Cologne Trip

List of Places to Visit in Cologne; Cologne Cathedral, Chocolate Museum, North Gate, Cologne Travel Guide are some of the points on our Travel Route.

Cologne Trip

Cologne, a West German city at the junction of the arms of the Rhine River, which has been the subject of stories and tales that used to be told to children and has a mysterious reputation, is divided into two. The other side of the Rhine, just behind the world famous Cologne Cathedral, is Deutz, another part of the state of Cologne. There are 6 road bridges and 2 railway bridges across the state of Cologne on the Rhine.

Information About Cologne

The city of Cologne, through which the Rhine, Europe’s largest river, flows, is Germany’s 4th largest city in terms of area. With the industrial power fueled by industrialization, the city of Cologne is the 4th largest wealthy city in the world economically. Last year, Cologne’s GNP (Gross National Product) rate was around 800 Billion Dollars. Cologne, the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, has a population of 4.5 million. Nearly 1 million of this population live in the “Regierungsbezirk” region, the administrative center of Cologne, a Benelux city.

It is the second city with the largest Turkish population living in Germany. The city with the highest population of Turkish citizens is Berlin. Located in the city center as well as Turkey through Ziraat Bank and the Vakifbank‘s branches operating in the food and beverage business for yourself you will feel almost in Turkey.

Almanya Köln Eyalet Bayrağı

What Does Cologne Mean?

Cologne’s English means “Cologne“, meaning “Colony“. Another interesting information about Cologne is that it is the homeland of colony. In fact, it is known that the word “cologne” originated from here. Just across the Dom Cathedral, you can see the shops selling Cologne souvenirs.

Visa to Germany (Schengen Visa)

Living passport from Turkey to Cologne (Bordeaux) to go with the German Consulate General “Germany Schengen Visa” You need to obtain. If you are a Green Passport holder, you can travel to Cologne without a Schengen visa or any other type of visa. No visa is required for Service Passport (gray) or Diplomatic Passports either. The only condition is that no matter what your passport is, it is valid for at least 6 months. In this way, with the Green Passport, you are allowed to reside in Germany for 90 days in 180 days.

Where is Cologne? How to go?

There are many ways and means of transportation to Cologne, which is among the top 10 in the world in terms of annual income per capita. You can go to Cologne by air, road and rail. If we take into account the cruise tours on the Rhine, you can even go to Cologne by sea. If you have a travel plan for Cologne, it is easiest and most practical to travel by air via Cologne Bonn Airport. Thanks to Cologne’s developed urban transportation network, you can go anywhere you want to go using the subway and other public transport systems.

Cologne Map

Distance of Istanbul – Cologne

You can reach the city of Cologne, which is approximately 2500 km away by road, by plane from Istanbul in 3 hours by car in 25 hours.
Almanya Köln Eyalet Bayrağı

Distance of Berlin – Cologne

To go from Berlin to Cologne, it is approximately 575 km and 6 and a half hours by A2 motorway. You can also reach Cologne from Berlin in 7 hours by using the FLX-ICE train line.

Distance of Frankfurt – Cologne

It is about 184 km from Cologne to Frankfurt by the A3 motorway and takes 2 hours. You can also reach Cologne in 1 hour and 20 minutes with the IC-ICE train line, which is organized every 30 minutes.

Distance of Dusseldorf – Cologne

It is about 45 km from Cologne to Düsseldorf via the A57 motorway and 40 minutes away. You can also reach Cologne in 20 minutes with the IC-ICE-RE-RE1 train line, which is held every 20 minutes, and in 50 minutes with the RE1-RE6-S6 train line.

Distance of Hamburg – Cologne

It is approximately 440 km from Cologne to Hamburg by the A1 motorway and 4 and a half hours. You can also reach it in 6 and a half hours by the ICE train line. You can arrive in about 1 hour by plane between Cologne and Hamburg.

Distance of Paris – Cologne

It is 500 km from Cologne to Paris by the E42 motorway and 5 hours away. You can also take the IC-ICE train line from Cologne to Paris in 9 and a half hours.

Distance of Amsterdam – Cologne

From Cologne to Amsterdam, it is 265 km by A3 motorway and 2 and a half hours away. It is also 4 hours away by the RE1-Intercity train line.

Distance of Rotterdam – Cologne

The distance between Cologne and Rotterdam is 255 km by the A58 motorway and 2 and a half hours away. It is also 3 hours and 45 minutes away by the RE5-IC-ICE-RE1 Intercity train line.

Cologne History

The foundation of the cosmopolitan city of Cologne dates back to the Roman period. The city was named “Colonia“, after the mother of the Great Emperor Nero. As time passed, it changed as Colonia – Cologne and reached today. The economic size of the city of Cologne, which was rapidly industrialized after the industrial revolution, is aching.

Köln Dom Katedrali Önü
Cologne Dom Cathedral Front

The city of Cologne was devastated by the World War I and mostly during the World War II. In the city, where tons of bombs were dropped by Britain and the Allied Forces, there was no stone left on the stone. In fact, only the Dom Cathedral and a few historical buildings have survived to this day from Cologne, which is home to the masterpieces of Gothic Architecture. Even without any injuries. Many of the Roman antiquities and Gothic artifacts of recent European history were not as lucky as Cologne Cathedral. Unfortunately, they were all the targets of bombs dropped during the war.

After the Second World War, Germany was divided into East and West Germany. Later, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was attached to the Federal Republic of Germany. Since Cologne has rich lignite coal deposits, it has taken a great mission for Germany in the Industrial Revolution.

Cologne Travel Guide – Top 10

  • 1. Cologne Dom Cathedral (Kölner Dom)
  • 2. North Gate (Roman’s Northern Gate)
  • 3. Chocolate Museum
  • 4. St. Andrew’s Dominican Church
  • 5. Cologne Art Museum
  • 6. Kein Trinkwasser Artistic Designs
  • 7. Cologne Japanese Garden
  • 8. Cologne Zoo
  • 9. Cologne Fantasyland
  • 10. Cologne Cologne Museum

1. Cologne Dom Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Although the Cologne Cathedral, which was built in 1248, was sometimes interrupted due to economic crises, it was completed 600 years later in the late 19th century and was opened to the worship of Catholic Christians. Considering the height of the dome (157 meters) and the area it covers, it holds the title of the world’s tallest cathedral. Designed in the Gothic style, Cologne Cathedral is also known as the Dom Church (Kölner Dom) and is the highest Gothic Architecture work built in Europe. The largest Gothic architectural work in the European continent is the “La Sagrada Familia” cathedral in Barcelona, the capital of Spain.

Dom Katedrali Köln Almanya
Dom Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral has witnessed many wars throughout history and even managed to survive to the present day, even by chance, protected from thousands of tons of bombs of the Allied forces during the Second World War. During the World War II, bombs fell very close to them, but not a single bomb hit the cathedral. For this reason, the Cathedral has been given a spiritual meaning in the eyes of the Catholic Christian community. You can see Baroque-style architecture of the kind that we can find in Belgium and even Bruges in almost all works in Cologne, from flagstone to churches.

The Cologne Cathedral, visited by thousands of people every day, has no entrance fee. You can visit for free. Cologne Cathedral has no specific visiting hours. Except for a few rituals that are important for Christians, you can visit most of the cathedral, excluding the places where they are worshiped, throughout the day.

Cologne Cathedral Photo Gallery:

2. North Gate (Roman’s Northern Gate)

Our next stop in the Cologne Travel Guide, this place, which was known as the northern entrance gate of the city of Cologne centuries ago in Roman times, could only survive as a ruin since it was not as well preserved as the cathedral. You can see Roman’s Northern Gate in the square on the North West side of Cologne Cathedral.

Köln Gezi Rehberi Roma Kuzey Kapısı Köln
Rome North Gate – Historic City of Cologne

When you look carefully at the manhole cover on the right in front of the North Gate in the picture above, you will see that a sketch of this area is embossed on cast brass. In the streets of Cologne, this practice continues today as a historical tradition. So even if you don’t have a navigation or a smartphone, you will never get lost in Cologne.

Köln Rögar Kapağındaki Şehir Krokisi
City Map of Cologne Manhole Cover

3. Chocolate Museum

You will need high tempo and lots of energy during the Germany Cologne tour. Who can say no to a sweet break at the Cologne Chocolate Museum. The quality of German chocolates is unquestionable. Who doesn’t remember the taste of German Chocolate that relatives brought as a child? I can say that I went back to my childhood in Cologne Chocolate Museum in Germany. The historical development of not only Germany but also the world chocolate culture is discussed in the museum. I came across similar Waffles and handmade chocolates here in Brussels. Chocolate waterfall, chocolate cauldron, botanical garden where cocoa beans are grown are the most interesting points.

Cologne Chocolate Museum

In the Chocolate Museum, which is the most delicious part of our Cologne Travel Guide article, all stages from cocoa beans to chocolate chips are explained thematically. In fact, the unique smell and taste of chocolate will never be missing from your nose during your visit to the museum. Established on a very large area, the German Chocolate Museum occasionally hosts confectionery and mainly chocolate fairs. The chocolate museum has been recorded as the sweetest spot on our Cologne Travel Guide list.

4. Dominican Church of St Andrew (Dominikanerkirche St. Andreas)

It is a Romanesque-style church built in the mid-10th century in Cologne, Germany. 300 years after it was built, it was heavily destroyed in a fire in Cologne and was restored to its original form. Located in the North West of Cologne Cathedral, directly opposite the Ziraat Bank, St. Andrew’s Dominican Church is within walking distance. Another church with the same name in the world is the St. Andrew’s Church in Lviv, Ukraine.

Köln Aziz Andrew Dominik Kilisesi
Dominican Church of St Andrew

5. Cologne Art Museum (Museum of Applied Art Cologne)

I recommend you to see the Cologne Applied Art Museum. In Cologne Art Museum, located close to Cologne Cathedral, you will see many artistic and industrial works, from car design, vase and interior decoration to industrial designs. Museum entrance is paid and it is forbidden to take pictures inside. For this reason, what we saw in the interior remained only in our minds and we could not show you: (We had to make do with a photo from the entrance of the Cologne Art Museum.

Köln Uygulamalı Sanat Müzesi
Cologne Applied Art Museum

6. Kein Trinkwasser Artistic Designs

In this work designed by Kein Trinkwasser, whose works are found in several different regions of Cologne, you see the flowing water flowing along the spiral and being drawn towards the central drain. It is certain that watching the flow of water has a relaxing effect. Around this work made of cast iron, you will see hexagonal ceramics made of triangles in brown, black, turquoise and beige.

Köln Kein Trinkwasser Tasarımları
Kein Trinkwasser Artistic Designs

7. Cologne Japanese Garden Leverkusen (Japanischer Garten)

You should definitely see the Japanese Garden, which I recommend you to visit in Leverkusen, which is located very close to Cologne and on the other side of the Rhine. You should visit the Japanese Garden with the theme of Botanic Park, which consists of plants unique to Japan, around the palaces and small ponds with Japanese architecture.

If you are lucky, you can see the bird species nicknamed “Cologne Nightingale” in the Japanese Botanical Park. Also, if you visit in spring, you can witness the blossoming ceremony of famous Sakura trees. An analogue of the Cologne Japanese Garden is also located in Istanbul. Ertuğrul Island in Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Park and Baltalimanı Japanese Garden contains plants unique to Japanese botanical culture.

Almanya Köln Japon Bahçesi
Almanya Köln Japon Bahçesi

8. Cologne Zoo

If you have time, one of the Cologne Travel Guide stops is the Cologne Zoo, which is located on the north side of the Cologne Dom Cathedral, right next to the Rhine River and is almost within walking distance.

9. Cologne Fantasyland (Phantasialand)

If you have the energy and time left to have fun in Cologne, you can visit Fantasyland, Cologne’s largest Theme Amusement Park. You can spend time full of action and adventure in Fantasyland, which is located on a very large area that we can call the Disneyland of Germany and has fun sections. Fantasyland, which has approximately 1 and a half million visitors a year, has been entertaining people since 1967.

Köln Fantasyland Tema Parkı
Cologne Fantasyland Theme Park

10. Cologne Museum

Cologne Museum, which is about the historical development and story of the famous Cologne Colony, which gave its name to the city of Cologne, is also known as the “Fragrance Museum“. You can also see the unique cologne bottle designs in the museum where you can find hundreds of different types of cologne and what you wonder about cologne. Cologne Museum Tour will be a nice and fragrant activity in Cologne. Cologne city tour ends with the cologne museum. Of course, the places to visit in Cologne are not limited to these, but we could only fit them in 1 day and we have listed the top 10 places to visit in Cologne, which we prepared in the form of a Cologne guide.

Cologne Hotel Prices and Accommodation

You have visited 10 Places to Visit in Cologne and you are tired. Where to stay in Cologne? It is the most natural right of everyone to have a relaxing shower and sleep in a feather-like bed to relax and relieve the tiredness of the day. Which hotel to stay in Cologne, let’s talk about the cheapest Cologne accommodation options. Accommodation options such as Cologne hotels, hostels and pensions and nightly rates are as follows according to the regions on the map;

Cologne Weekly Weather

It should not be forgotten that Cologne, with the highest temperature in the summer season around 32-33 degrees, has a changeable weather. There was heavy wind during our visit to Cologne. It was even so strong that it prevented us from getting quality sound in our video shootings. For this reason, we recommend that you have long sleeved clothing with you when planning a trip to Cologne.

Köln Hava Durumu
Cologne Weather

Cheap Flight Ticket to Cologne

Germany’s daily direct flights from Turkey to the city of Cologne.
– There are 4 flights a day between Istanbul THY and Cologne during the summer season. Istanbul – Cologne tickets are on sale between 1.100 ₺ and 1.700 ₺ on average. The earlier you buy it on the flight date, the cheaper you have the chance to buy tickets. You can use direct flights of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Cologne with flights TK1671, TK1673, TK1675 and TK1677.

– There is no direct flight from Izmir to Cologne, Germany. You can fly with a connecting flight from Istanbul.

– There is no direct flight between Ankara and THY Cologne. You can choose connecting flights from Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

– There are no direct flights from Antalya to THY Cologne, but you can take advantage of connecting flights from Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

What to do in Cologne?

Cologne Bazaars and Shopping in Cologne

While visiting Cologne, Germany, the birthplace of cologne, one should not forget about shopping. The Chinese market is located in the immediate vicinity of the church in Cologne. You can buy souvenirs and local German clothes here. Also, there are boutique shops selling famous Cologne cologne from the historical bazaar opposite the Dom cathedral.

What to Eat in Cologne?

There is a large patisserie shop on the street that runs along the eastern part of Cologne cathedral. German “Berliner” and “German Pie” are sold here. I recommend you to taste it.

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