Most Popular Places to Visit in Paris

Most Popular Places to Visit in Paris

How To Get To Paris?

By turning our route to the city where you will feel the most romantic, historical and love in your veins, we rolled up our sleeves for the list of the most popular places to visit in Paris. We visited the stunning Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Sein-river surrounding Paris, the Napoleon Memorial Tomb, the Painters Hill and many other must-see places in Paris and we wrote this article that will be useful for you, such as the Paris City Guide.

Paris Canal Tour Video

It is possible to reach Paris, the capital of France and the center of the Ile-de-France region, by plane, train or road. Turkey only from the Paris Tour or European Tour organizers Benelux tour companies as you can come with going to Paris-trip airfare and possible to come up with a hotel reservation.

Getting to Paris by Plane

Located in the north east of Paris, “Charles De Gaulle Airport” is open to visitors from almost anywhere in the world. Paris airport is approximately 35-40 km from the city center. If you wish, you can quickly reach Paris city center by taking a taxi or by taking the “Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 2 – TGV” train line every 8 minutes.

It will be enough to get on the Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 2 stop and get off at Paris North Station. For ticket information and Paris High Speed Train TGV departure times, be sure to check the SNCF website. Since Paris has the oldest metro network in the world, you can go anywhere from this point by metro.

From Turkey to Paris to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya direct flights are available from Turkish Airlines. There are 12 flights in total, 10 from Istanbul Airport and 2 from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, each day from Istanbul to Paris.

Paris Train Station

How to get to Paris by train?

It is possible to reach Paris by train from any country in Europe. The high speed train of France, known as the TGV, is world famous and works integrated with all the surrounding countries. For this reason, just like in Spain, you can reach Paris both comfortably and extra safe thanks to national train transportation. For this, you should examine the SNCF and STIF internet ticket pages.

Paris Otoban Gişeleri
Highway in France

How to Get to Paris by Bus or Car?

It is possible to go to Paris with your own car, rental car or bus. France is also a country with a fast transportation infrastructure with its highways and highways. I can even give a detail like this. Toilets are free in Europe only on French highways. The toilet fee is around € 1 in the Netherlands and around € 0.50 in Germany. Fuel prices are almost the same in Central European Countries.

You will see many Wind Turbines and Solar Energy Panels as you move on the highway. Although France has the most Nuclear Power Plants in Europe, it supports clean energy to the fullest. In addition, the famous French High Speed Train TGVs that run parallel to the road will accompany you along the way.

History of Paris and France

Who are the Gauls?

Before we go to our list of the most popular places to visit in Paris, let’s take a short trip to the history of France. In France in the pre-Christ period, when the Romans dominated Europe, those who lived around France and Paris were called the Gauls. Asterix, one of the historical heroes of this region, Jül Caesar, the month of July, is named after Julius Caesar. Agustus, another name of Julius Caesar, gave its name to August. Julius Caesar Agustus, the first Emperor of the Roman Empire, is also known as the character who lifted the 30th day in February.

Paris' te gezilecek en popüler yerler listesi
Paris III. Napoleon Memorial Tomb

When we look at the recent history of France, we see that it has gone through quite turbulent phases. Today’s French State is governed by the 5th Republic. France today is France that matured after World War II.

Architect of Paris: Georges-Eugéne Haussmann

It would not be possible to understand and tour Paris without knowing Haussmann. Georges-Eugéne Haussmann, also known as Baron Haussmann, was appointed governor of the city of Sein, which is today’s Paris, in 1853. Many of the magnificent buildings, bridges, cathedrals and other artifacts were built in III. It was built in the Napoleonic era. Haussmann, who was the founder and architect of the city of Paris today, was appointed as the governor of the city of Paris by the 3rd Napoleon, and took very radical decisions to renovate the city from the ground up and became the father of today’s city of Paris. So much so that the French use the name Haussmann instead of the word Bay. Haussmann writes even on the door of the men’s restroom at gas stations. It must be a very surprising information.

Paris Sein Valisi Haussmann
Father of the City of Paris Georges Eugene Haussmann

You will see the signature of the Governor of Paris Baron Haussmann almost everywhere, from paving stones that you will see and say wow, to street lamps, from magnificent historical buildings to stone bridges over the Sein river. The works designed by Haussman. Since it was built in the III. Napoleonic period, you will see two “NN” symbols placed back to back on these works.

Paris Cadde ve Sokakları
Paris Streets

Haussmann has made Paris a more elegant and livable city by dividing it into wide streets and avenues. Moreover, it is said that while doing this, he destroyed about 15 thousand old buildings and structures, including his own house. Today, when you look at Paris from a satellite map, the Triumphal Arch and the roads that reach the depths of Paris with the Champs Elysees and other streets symmetrically exiting the Etoil (Etual) Square in front of it are the work of Haussmann. While reconstructing Paris, Haussmann moved all the cemeteries in the city center 15-20 meters below the ground and turned them into sarcophagi. He designed public buildings, metro stations and wide boulevards to replace cemeteries.

Paris Metor İstasyonu
Paris Metro Station

Haussmann Style Architecture

He designed 6 metro lines by dividing Paris into regions. While Haussmann was reshaping Paris, he imprisoned the rich bourgeois class in the city, but the working class and lower classes gathered in the crowded suburbs outside the city. Therefore, although it is criticized, Haussmann’s projects are not uncommon in the world. Even today, the reason why real estate values of Paris are at very low levels is again Haussmann.

General architectural characteristics of apartments built in Haussmann style; arched architectural design dominates, with mini balconies, giant fireplaces, high-ceilinged rooms, ornate ceilings and high windows.

It is known that Haussman, the man who redesigned Paris from scratch, was invited by the Ottoman Empire to do a similar work to Istanbul, but the project was shelved due to economic insufficiency.

State Government in France

In France, just like Germany, it is administered by the Monarchic Management System. At the same time, it has adopted the principles of the Republic. It is even said that the strictest form of secularism is in France. Although the political administration of France is the same as Germany, the Administrative Administration has a Unitary State structure. That is, the country is not divided into states, but cities with local governments. The cities are divided into sub-regions called Arrondissement (Arondisman). An arc was drawn, taking Notre Dame Cathedral to the center and Paris was divided into 20 regions. Each region is called the Arrondissement.

What Languages Are Spoken in France?

At the same time, the official languages of the French State, which is the most powerful military member of the European Union, are French and English. However, it is not possible to understand the English spoken by the French. Because the dominant dialect of French prevents them from speaking English fluently and clearly. They don’t understand you, They can’t tell you. You Don’t Understand Them. Here is such an impasse. Anyway, now let’s move on to the Most Popular Places to Visit in Paris.

List of Most Popular Places to Visit in Paris

1. Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel)

Paris Eiffel Kulesi
Paris’s Iron Tower Eiffel Tower

Many people think of the Eiffel Tower when it comes to Paris. For this reason, the Eiffel Tower is at the top of the “Places to Visit in Paris List“. Even though its past does not go back to old times, Paris and the Eiffel Tower are identified with Paris today. This iron tower has become the symbol of Paris, even France. Eiffel tower has the same meaning for France.

It is necessary to see the Eiffel Tower, which is about 300 meters high and consists of 3 independent floors, from the eyes of a woman and listen from her pen. For this reason, I leave the description of the Eiffel Tower, which is at the top of our list of popular places to visit in Paris, to my dear wife. Just click on the link below. >> La tour Eiffel

2. Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most important cultural heritage of Paris with its gothic architecture and its historical texture defying years. It also holds the distinction of being the oldest religious place of worship in Paris.

Paris Notre Dame Katedrali
Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

During the restoration works in April 2019, it suffered great damage as a result of an unfortunate big fire. The fire that broke out in Notre Dame cathedral was taken under control after 8.5 hours and was extinguished. Since the eastern part and side walls of the cathedral, whose parts such as the central roof and bell tower are completely damaged, are not damaged, it is thought that it will be rebuilt in accordance with the original in 5 years and regained to Paris and the Unesco World Cultural Heritage.

Notre Dame Cathedral, located right by the river Seine, has a history of 850 years. It is possible to see examples of Notre Dame Cathedrals and Churches in many cities of Europe. There are a few examples even in Istanbul. We add Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most magnificent works of Gothic style, to the second row of Paris of our dreams and move on to our next sightseeing point.

3. Paris Louvre Museum – Glass Pyramid

The third place in our list of places to visit in Paris is the world famous Louvre Museum and the Glass Pyramid in its courtyard. The Paris Louvre Museum, which is the world’s largest indoor museum, is one of the important places to visit. Moreover, you will need to allocate at least 1 full day here. The entrance fee to the Louvre Museum built in 1793 is 17 € per person.

Paris Louvre Müzesi Cam Piramit
Louvre Museum – Glass Pyramid

The famous Louvre Museum, located right on the banks of the Seine River, exhibits collections and pieces of historical significance from the history before Christ to the present day.

Louvre Museum Sections

Each block that makes up the Louvre Museum is called a “Pavilion” and these Pavilions are named after important French characters. Pavillon Mollien, Pavillon Richelieu, Pavillon Denon, Pavillon Sully.

>> Paris Louvre Museum

In the wide open area between the pavilions, there are pools built in futuristic style and artifacts exhibited in glass pyramids.

4. Seine River Canal Tour

The Sein river or its French equivalent, the Sein river, surrounds Paris with its arms like a bow. For this reason, there are many large and small bridges and passages in the city center. Be sure to join the Seine River Canal Tour, which takes about 1-1.5 hours. You will see almost all of Paris’s attractions during the water canal tour.

Paris Su Kanalları Turu
Seine River Canal Tour

Most of the stone bridges you will see along the Paris Canal Tour were built using the stones of the great Paris prison that was destroyed. While the bridges built during the 3rd Napoleonic period bear the traces of the arch structure, the bridges built after the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s bear the lines of Modern Age architecture.

Paris Napolyon Köprüleri
Paris Napolyon Bridges

Look carefully at the reliefs on bridges and historical buildings during the Paris Canal Tour.

  • The symbol NN marks the III. Napoleonic Period.
  • The letters RF indicate that this structure in Paris was built in the Republic period.
  • The LL symbol symbolizes the Emperor II. Loui Period.

5. Montmartre (Painters Hill)

It is located in the 18th part of the city of Paris (Arrondissement – 18) and has the highest altitude in the city. We go to its neighborhood, famous for its painters and contemporary arts, which can be easily seen even from the Eiffel Tower. Montmartre Painters can be climbed to the top by a rail lift or by stairs. You can have your charcoal or oil paintings made by the painters in the artists park located on the top of the painters hill. The price of getting your own painting done on top of the painters ranges from 50 € to 200 €.

Paris Ressamlar Tepesi - Montmartre
Paris Montmartre

Fish (onion) soup and mussels are the most famous foods in the area where the Painters Hill is located. You can also buy souvenirs about Paris at the best price here. I also recommend you to taste the distinctive Waffles and hot chocolate.

Paris Ressamlar Tepesi - Montmartre Le Consulat Binası
Montmartre Le Consulat Buildings

6. Sacre Coeur (Sacré-cœur) Basilica

The Sacre Coeur Basilica, designed by the famous French architect Paul Abadie and bearing the lines of Roman and Byzantine architecture, which was restored in 1914, is the most visited religious place of worship after Paris Notre Dame Cathedral. It is an important temple for Christians.

Paris Sacre Coeur Bazilikası
Paris Sacre Coeur Basilica

The Sacre Coeur Basilica is located in the Montmartre quarter known as the Painters Hill. Next to it is the stone building that was used as a prison before the 17th century.

Paris Sacre Coeur Bazilikası
Paris Sacre Coeur Basilica

The most important feature that distinguishes the Sacre Coeur Basilica from other basilicas and Christian places of worship is that the Father, or God, is depicted in the “Father-Son-Holy Spirittrilogy in the Christian faith. On the dome of the Sacre Coeur Basilica, there are gilded figures of Son (Jesus Christ) – Holy Spirit (Dove) – Father (God). According to Christian tradition, it is not uncommon to have a picture of God in churches, cathedrals or basilicas. Therefore, God is only present in the world in this basilica.

7. Paris Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is located in Charles De Gaulle square, at the western end of the famous Champs Elysees. Paris is located in the 8th Arondissia.

Paris Zafer Takı ve Şanzelize Bulvarı Gece Manzarası
Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees Avenue

There is a circular road around the Victory Arch and junction points opening to the streets by equally separating from these roads. This part is known as Etual Junction, in French, Etoile Square. It is the place with the busiest traffic in France. In order not to spoil the historical texture, traffic accidents occur frequently because the traffic signaling system is not established. In fact, many motor own damage and insurance companies do not even undertake to pay the material damage in the accidents here.

If you are watching a movie made in Paris, the first scene you will see after the Eiffel Tower will be Etoile Square and the Triumphal Arch.

Zafer Takı ve Charles De Gaulle Meydanı
Etoile Square and the Triumphal Arch.

8. Champs Elysees Avenue

It is the most beautiful street in Paris. Did you know that the French among themselves call the Champs Elysees “The Most Beautiful Boulevard in the World“? We had the opportunity to see the Champs-Elysées both day and night. Although there are some constructions for pavement and pedestrianization, it is a truly eye-catching boulevard in general. Both the road used by the vehicles and the bilateral pedestrian sidewalk is a very wide boulevard and therefore rare in the world. The trees planted in rows on both sides of the road along the Champs-Elysées are equal to one to one even in height. In fact, Baron Hausmann‘s genius lies in a complete symmetrical architecture.

Paris Champs Elysees Bulvarı ve Zafer Takı
Paris Champs Elysees Avenue

Champs Elysees Avenue starts from the Triumphal Arch and ends at Concorde Square. There is no doubt that the most beautiful street in Paris is the Champs Elysées. We descended from Charles De Gaulle Square on the right side of the Champs-Elysées and turned back from the opposite side of the boulevard. While there are entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels and cafes on the right side of the street, on the other hand, there are dazzling shops of world famous brands on the opposite side.

Paris Champs Elysees Bulvarı Yaya Kaldırımı
Paris Champs Elysees Avenue Sidewalk

Some of the brands that have stores on the Champs-Elysées are: Loreal Paris, H&M, Zara, Lacoste, Mc Donalds, Nike, Adidas, GAP, Rolex and QuickSilver. You can buy perfumes of famous brands, new season dresses and shoes, and make-up materials such as Loreal Paris Mascara from the stores here. In addition, Turkish Airlines THY has a ticket sales and coordination office at 102 Champs-Elysées Avenue. Moreover, the building is now our flag waving people walking on the boulevard on the giant screen at the entrance showing the documentary presentation accompanied by Turkey.

The world famous Lido Cabaret Show, Opera, Dance and Ballet Performance Center, is one of the artistic venues that can be visited on Champs-Elysées Boulevard.

9. Napoleon Memorial Tomb – Les Invalides

It is a monument of Military and Historical importance, which is located in the tomb of the III. Napoleon. When you look at the Eiffel tower, you can see its gilded dome. It is surrounded by water channels. However, today there is no water in these channels. In Les Invalides Memorial Tomb built by XIV. Louis in the 17th century, the graves of military commanders, Heads of State and heroic patriots who died for the French Monarchy are found in the sarcophagi in this monument.

Les Invalides Anıt Mezarı
Les Invalides Anıt Mezarı

It is said that while designing the Mausoleum, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s tomb is located, was inspired by the Les Invalides Mausoleum. While walking to the Mausoleum, the tile stones on the road known as the Lion Road are so indented that it is almost impossible to walk without looking at your feet. In this way, everyone takes a position of respect with their heads lowered while standing before the ancestor. As a result, it symbolizes the respect for Atatürk. Similar to these tile stones are also found in Les Invalides Memorial Tomb for the same purpose.

10. Paris Concorde Square and Obelisk

It is located in the 8th Arondissia of Paris and is one of the largest areas of the city. “Place De La Concorde“, in other words Concorde Square, starts where the Champs-Elysées Boulevard goes down from the Triumphal Arch. From here it is possible to see the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. When you turn your back to the Champs Elysées, the West Entrance of the World Famous Louvre Museum will be right in front of you.

Paris Concorde Meydanı
Paris Concorde Square

In addition, there is an Obelisk in the middle of Concorde Square. During the French Revolution, guillotines and death tables were set up in this area and the French who opposed enlightenment were executed here. However, about 50 years later, a 20-meter-long obelisk was brought from a temple and erected here in order to prevent Concorde Square from being remembered for such a bad event. Later, fountains, pools, fountains and sculptures of famous French were placed in various parts of the square.

11. Disneyland

Our last stop on the list of the most popular places to visit in Paris is Disneyland. Let’s end our article by talking about the Disneyland Paris trip, which is full of adventure not only for young visitors but also for adults, which will return you to your childhood.

Paris Disneyland Tema Park
Paris Disneyland Theme Park

Disneyland, whose real name is Euro Disney Resort, is located in Marne La Valle in the eastern part of Paris. You can come to Disneyland, where you can not get enough of fun, by using the Metro from the center of Paris, or you can come with Disneyland tour services. Located in Paris, Disneyland opened in 1992 as the world’s third Disneyland Entertainment Center. The first one was Disneyland located in California, USA, and the second was opened in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Disneyland Theme Park was opened in Paris after Tokyo.

Paris Disneyland Bileti
Paris Disneyland Ticket

You can buy Disneyland tickets from the booths or online at using secure shopping methods with your credit card. Paris Disneyland Tickets, on the other hand, are sold in the form of daily entry, entrance on different days, no waiting for FastPass, entrance including Shuttle (+ Service) or entrance for visitors staying at Disneyland partnered hotels, so the prices vary.

Disneyland Ticket Fees are on sale from $ 105 for adults and $ 96 for children 3-11 years old.

We came to the end of the list of the most popular places to visit in Paris. However, Paris is of course not just what we wrote. After visiting the places on this list, get lost in the streets of Paris designed by Haussmann. Because the best way to discover a city is to get lost in that city.

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We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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