Giethoorn Village Tour

Would you like a travel advice for those who are overwhelmed by today’s boring city life? Wait, it is not such a close place, but the peace you are looking for is not far away. The town of Giethoorn (Carob), also known as the Hobbit Village in the north of the Netherlands, is just for you. Places to visit in Giethoorn Town, which does not allow modernism with its water channels, unique traditional village houses and living Dutch culture.

Giethoorn Village Tour
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Visitors from almost all over the world to the town of Giethoorn are accompanied by local Dutch guides. If you don’t get guidance, they get a little offended, but they don’t turn it into a problem, thank you. The first word used by the guides to introduce Giethoorn is “North Venice“, which is “Venice of the North“.

In fact, they use a similar description for the water canals in Bruges, Belgium, the Sein River Water Channels passing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and even the water channels in Amsterdam city center. I guess it would not be wrong if we say that Venice has become a terminology on this subject.

Where is Giethoorn?

It was founded around the Beulakerwijde Lake, which is formed by the branches of the Zwarte Meer river, which flows into the inner sea of the land of waters, the Netherlands. It is located within the boundaries of the town of Steenwijk in Overijssel State, the northeastern state of the country. In fact, there are not many alternatives to go to Fairy Tale Village Giethoorn Village.

Giethoorn Ulaşım Krokisi
Giethoorn Map

It is very easy to get to Giethoorn using public transport. You can reach Steenwijk in 1 and a half hours by Intercity train from Centraal Train Station in Amsterdam city. From there you reach the village of Giethoorn by the Zwartsluis Bus with line number 70. You can arrive in 2 hours and 10 minutes in total.

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There are other means of transportation to Giethoorn Hobbit Village. For example, you can use your personal vehicle, rental car or tour bus, and use the A6 and A7 highways. I recommend taking the A7 motorway from Amsterdam to Giethoorn. Because you can get the chance to see the 30 km long Afsluitdijk bridge between the Inner Sea and the North Sea of the Netherlands.

After arriving in Giethoorn, you can park your car in the paid parking lot at the entrance and enter the village. You can use your bicycle or on foot in the village, and you can use their boats in the water canals. It is strictly forbidden to use a motorcycle or any other fossil fuel powered vehicle.

How to get from Turkey in Giethoorn?

From Istanbul and Ankara, you can first reach Amsterdam with THY Amsterdam flights and then to Giethoorn by train and public transport. Your flight journey between Istanbul and Amsterdam takes approximately 3 and a half hours, and Amsterdam-Giethoorn transportation takes 2 hours. Under these conditions, you will reach Giethoorn approximately 5-6 hours after departure in Istanbul.

German cities such as Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen are also close to Giethoorn, so you can reach here by road in a very short time.

Information About Giethoorn

I’d like to share a few life-saving facts and tips about the Dutch dream town of Giethoorn.

Time difference

Giethoorn with the time difference between Turkey: +1 hour
In other words, it will be at 16:00 in Istanbul and 15:00 in Giethoorn.


Euro (€) is used as the official currency in Giethoorn. However, you can also use US Dollars ($) for your purchases. You can also use credit cards with the Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress logo.

Official language

The official language of the town of Giethoorn is Dutch. They speak the same language as the Netherlands. However, since the second official language is English, you will never have any problems communicating during the Giethoorn trip.

Contact Information of the Turkish Consulate in Amsterdam

The closest Turkish Consulate to Giethoorn is located in the city of Amsterdam. Consular contact information is as follows:

Address: Museumplein 17, 1071DJ Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 3050333 (15:00-17:00)
7/24: +31 6 87242060

Giethoorn Visa and Passport Information

Go to Giethoorn, the Netherlands town of the Republic of Turkey implemented the visa regime for citizens varies according to the type of your passport.

Green Passport – Gray Passport – Diplomatic Passports: Visa is exempt from the tourist Netherlands travels that do not exceed 90 days in total within 6 months.

General (Bordeaux) Passports: you can log in to the Netherlands with Schengen Visa receivables from the Netherlands Foreign Representative in the Republic of Turkey.

Giethoorn History and Discovery Story

Giethoorn was discovered around the same time as the discovery of the Netherlands, the last representative of the European continent in the northwest. At the beginning of the 1200s, Mediterranean explorers found Giethoorn, the fairy-tale land. However, his appearance at that time was not as fabulous as it is today. Due to the abundance of swamps and puddles, it was very difficult to find a habitable piece of land.

Mediterranean refugees – themselves known as Dutch. The Dutch, who also have a maritime culture, have managed to tame the water and have managed to build new land islets for themselves.

Giethoorn Gölü
Giethoorn Lakes

In history, a great flood has been experienced due to the sea waters overflowing into the Inland Sea over the North Sea. All efforts were wasted, so to speak. During the floods and floods that occurred after the storm, the goats raised by the settlers perished. Later, a large number of goat horns emerged from the mud gold. For this reason, the village was named “Giet Hoorn“, which means “Goat Horn“. There was a lot of loss of life during the deadly flood.

New stronger water dams have been built in order to prevent it from happening again. Windmills, examples of which we will see on our next trip, Zaanze Schans, have been used as much as possible to purify the waters. As a result of the widespread use of electricity after the industrial revolution, modern machines replaced windmills.

How to Read Giethoorn?

The Dutch pronunciation is “ĞHethoorn“. It is very difficult to pronounce the letters “” and “-H” from the throat like a local. It even gets very funny when you insist on trying it. It is fixed by experience 🙂

Architectural Features

The discovery of Giethoorn as a Hobbit Village was recently realized. The movie Fanfare, directed by the famous Dutch producer Bert Haanstra, was shot in Giethorn. For this reason, the film has had a worldwide advertising effect. As a result, Giethoorn has gained a touristic value. It has become a center of attraction by attracting people from almost every part of the world.

I Love

In the beginning there were no roads in the village. All transportation was done by boats on water channels. However, in the late 1970s, bicycle and pedestrian paths were built on the sides of water channels. These roads consist of soil and, in places, key stones. In addition, wooden bridges were built on the water channels to allow pedestrians to cross. Thus, the specific style of Giethoorn Village was not affected either.

The village of Giethoorn has not changed much during its historical development. The architecture of the traditional style village houses built on earthen islets has always been preserved. The most important features of these houses are the natural materials used in their roofs and walls.

On the roofs, the material formed by drying the reeds that grow in the lake and swamp areas is piled and compressed.

Hollanda Mantar Kömürü

Compressed dry grass and wood mixture (cork) material is used for the interior and exterior. Since this material is also flammable, it is used for heating like coal.

Places to visit in Giethoorn Village

The most important places to visit in Giethoorn Town, known as Masal village or Hobbit village of the Netherlands, are as follows;

Histomobil (Automobile Museum)

Histomobil is a museum where old cars and car parts are exhibited and can be visited in a short time. In addition to a few historical cars, you can also see old bicycles used by the public in the Netherlands. It was the old car license plates that caught my attention the most. There is also a cave-like pub within the Histomobil museum. You can order a refreshing drink if you wish.

Histomobil Müzesi
Histomobil – Automobile Museum

Histomobil Museum Entrance Fee

Designed as a boutique museum, Histomobil museum entrance fee is € 3 per person. For this fee, you are allowed to take a picnic, snack or photograph in the entire museum and in the front garden.

De Weerribben-Wieden National Park (Giethoorn Water Park)

Giethoorn Village is home to the largest swamp in Northern Europe. One of the must-see places in Giethoorn is De Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

Giethoorn Milli Parkı
De Weerribben-Wieden National Park

You can explore nature with collective boat tours or individual boat tours in Weerribben National Park. You will see the bird and fish species unique to the region closely. In addition to the natural beauties, we dive into the lake, which was once a swamp, and the fairy tale houses around it for hours. I am sure that you will spend pleasant hours in the national park, which has an area of approximately 100 square kilometers.

Giethoorn Museum (Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus)

Live museum displaying local Dutch dress employees, Giethoorn-specific items and dresses. In addition, there are 3 women and 1 old man who produce waffle-like food in front of the entrance door of the Museum. They are like real actors, and you should see this museum, which I thought was a movie shoot when I first saw it.

Giethoorn Müzesi

In the museum garden, there are sculptures of the characters playing in the movie Fanfare as well as sculptures of a few local characters. In addition, in the glass showcase in front of the Museum, a few items and tools specific to the local culture are exhibited.

Museum Entrance Fee: 4 € for adults and 1 € for children

Museum of the Ancient World (Museum De Oude Aarde)

It is one of the most extraordinary places during a trip to Giethoorn. You can see an exhibition of eye-catching natural stones and minerals in the Ancient World Museum. In addition, if you wish, you can buy natural stones that you like and are sold for yourself or as a gift.

Giethoorn History Museum
Museum of the Ancient World (Museum De Oude Aarde)

Museum Entrance Fee: 5 € for adults and 2.50 € for children

Shell Museum (Gloria Maris Schelpen Galerie)

A museum where you can see interesting dried sea creatures and shells. In addition, the ocean and sea-related items, clothes and materials are exhibited in the Shell Museum. If you want, you can buy souvenirs from the Gift Shop section of the museum.

Giethoorn Kabuk Müzesi
Shell Museum (Gloria Maris Schelpen Galerie)

Museum Entry is free for all visitors.

Molengat Lake

The next stop on the Giethoorn trip, where you can stop and think “I am a dream” from time to time, is Lake Molengat. If you can find the opportunity from Chinese tourists, I recommend you to take a tour around Molengat Lake on foot. It is a rather shallow lake in the middle of the water channels. In fact, the depth does not exceed waistline in most areas.

As far as I can see from the children who entered the lake for the game, I say. Nevertheless, do not try to enter the lake by referring to me. Because there may be places with swamps at the bottom.

Molengat Gölü
Molengat Lake

If you participated in the Giethoorn Water Canals Boat Tour, it is located in Molengat Lake on the sightseeing route. If you have time, I recommend you to visit both the footpaths around and a boat tour. But if you do not have time, I recommend you to see Molengat lake only with a Boat Tour.

Wildeboer Shipyard (Punter Yard Wildeboer)

The water-rich Giethoorn, who has lived with craftsmanship and a love of the sea for generations, once had about twenty shipyard sites. Small but evolving craft businesses. Ships and boats were regarded as a freight horse in the village. However, even today, almost all transportation is done by water. Cattle transport, transportation, weddings, even at funerals, was carried out by simple water vehicles.

Of all these shipyard companies, only two remain today. Punterwerf Wildeboer is one of them. Thomas Vos laid the foundation for the current company in the 1890s. The travelers, boats, rafts allowed farmers and even goat traders to find their way. For centuries the shipyard was inherited from father to son. There is even a bronze statue of Punterwerf in its garden.


Access to this location and associated facilities are subject to a number of rules due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It is not possible to enter without the HES (Life is Home) code. It also has a maximum number of visitors.

If you want to see the shipyard, where raft and boat production is still carried out today, it is allowed. The only difference of today’s boats is that they have electrically powered engines. Because engines that run on fossil fuels are banned in the entire village of Giethoorn.

Giethoorn Primary School

Right on the shore of the lake away from the noise. “This is my dream school!” the kind of school you can call. This is the only school in the town of Giethoorn. The “lucky children” of the town reach their schools every day after a pleasant journey by using the water channels. Some go to this beautiful school by private boat, some by shuttle boat.

Hollanda Giethoorn Köy Okulu
Giethoorn Town water canals and a village school

The school seems to be in the middle of the lake in terms of location. In addition, it must be the only school in the world with such an impressive view. How happy are the teachers and students of this school. Undoubtedly, this school was the place that struck me during my Giethoorn trip and wanted to be the most.

When to Go Giethoorn?

Giethoorn has a rainy climate throughout the year due to its location close to the ocean and having a wetland structure. Therefore, it is not even sincere to be caught in the rain even in the middle of summer. In the characteristic Dutch climate, the weather is mildly rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.

Temperatures in summer are on average 16-23 degrees. In winter, the lowest temperatures in January are around 0 degrees. Snowfall is rarely seen and the general type of precipitation is rain and drizzle. A few days before going to Giethoorn, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.

Annual Weather and Average Temperatures for Giethoorn

MonthAverage temperature (°C)Weather
JANUARY1-511 days Rainly
FEBRUARY1-69 days Rainly
MARCH3-109 days Rainly
APRIL5-147 days Rainly
MAY8-189 days Rainly
JUNE11-2010 days Rainly
JULY13-2311 days Rainly
AUGUST12-2210 days Rainly
SEPTEMBER10-199 days Rainly
OCTOBER7-1410 days Rainly
NOVEMBER4-911 days Rainly
DECEMBER1-612 days Rainly
Giethoorn Annual Weather Chart

Giethoorn Hotel and Accommodation

There are 25 hotels and hostels in the Dutch village of Masal if you want to stay in a yacht rather than just a day trip. There is even a camping area right opposite the area at the entrance of Giethoorn and used as a parking lot. If you wish, you can find more affordable accommodation with your own caravan or rental caravans.

Giethoorn Karavan Parkı
Caravan Camping Area and Parking

Giethoorn hotels are the ones with the most four stars. It does not exceed the finger of a hand either. However, they have similar facilities with European hotels in terms of hygiene and quality. Even though it changes seasonally, the rates per person per night range from € 75 to € 200.

What to Eat in Giethoorn?

Giethoorn does not have a wide variety of cuisine and food like the Netherlands. For this reason, one should not wait for such a long food and beverage recommendation list. Wherever you are in the village of Masal, even if you eat a piece of dry bread (they call it croissant here), this view will be worth it. Giethoorn dishes are shaped under 3 main headings: seafood, vegetarian and meat. In order not to stay hungry, I can recommend some famous food and restaurants.

Famous Giethoorn Dishes

  • Vegetarian and Classic Pizza Types
  • Grilled Steak and Ribs
  • Grilled Fish and Seafood
  • Pasta and Salad varieties
  • Breakfast and snacks.

Main Giethoorn Cafe and Food Restaurants

  • De Dames Van De Jonge Hotel Restaurant (+31 521 361 360)
  • The Landije van Giethoorn (+31 521 362 332)
  • Farmer on tour (+31 521 361 436)
  • La Piccola Venezia (+31 521 360 925)
  • Café-Restaurant ‘t Vonder (+31 521 361 244)
  • Smit’s Pavilion (+31 521 361 215)
  • Recreation company Geythorn (+31 521 361 954)
  • The Coat of arms of Giethoorn (+31 521 853 577)
  • S.H. Geertsma (+31 6 13693979)
  • The Dining Room (+31 521 361 708)
  • De Lindenhof (+31 521 361 444)
  • Restaurant & Canal Cruise Company Hollands Venice Giethoorn (+31 521 361 231)
  • Hotel / Restaurant d’Olde Smidse (+31 521 361 331)
  • Restaurant Giethoorn (+31 521 725 855)
  • Café-Restaurant Smit (+31 521 361 625)
  • Restaurant De Sloothaak (+31 521 361 888)
  • De Grachthof Restaurant Boat Rental (+31 521 361 270)
  • Ristorante Fratelli (+31 521 360 767)
  • Grand Café Fanfare (+31 521 361 600)

Giethoorn Shopping and Souvenir Shops

In Giethoorn, a very small Dutch town, the number of stores will be sufficient despite the small number of stores. In fact, museums, supermarkets and some restaurants meet your needs to buy souvenirs. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, you can find many shops for shopping in the city of Steenwijk, about 10 km from Giethoorn.

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We turn every gap we find into a holiday and use all the opportunities we catch to the full. Sometimes we traveled for kilometers on the stony mountain road (Adrasan) with our vehicle, sometimes we walked for hours on narrow paths with children on lap (Gelidonya Lighthouse). We were very tired but we had no regrets.

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